Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Forty-Fifth Visitation of Our Lady

December 28, 2002     Priest's Saturday     Last Saturday of December
A Priest's Summary of the 45th Visitation of Our Lady in Theriot, LA. Look on Homepage
Forty-Fifth Visitation of Our Lady

December 29, 2002 Priest's Saturday Theriot, Louisiana 
Claire Rose wrote: Today is a most beautiful day! The sun is shining the air is clear and cool. My husband blessed our home and all around outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims arrive early. I see many familiar faces and many new ones. Many Consecrated brides are present some from other states. We are blessed by the presence of two holy priests, a Brother and two nuns. One of the priests hears Confessions. This is a most blessed Sacrament that reconciles us to God and fills our soul with Heavenly Peace, a Peace not to be found in the world. In this Holy Sacrament the priest represents Jesus and it is to Jesus we come, seeking healing and forgiveness of our sins and faults. It is to Jesus that we open our heart and soul. It is Jesus, in and through the priest who forgives, who absolves our sins and it is Jesus who guides us. Many times while in Confession I have seen Jesus sitting before me within the priest. The first time this happened to me was at my first Confession, when I was 7 years old (1948). Thirteen years ago in the early spring of 1990 I spent a whole day alone in prayer in a local church. I was praying the Stations of the Cross and at each Station each one "came alive." I do not know how else to describe this. The Confessional was just past the 7th Station and I felt that I needed to go to Confession. On an impulse I opened the door of the Confessional and walked in. You can about imagine my surprise when I saw Jesus life-size sitting in the chair where the priest normally sits. His Eyes were filled with so much Love that I was overwhelmed. I knew that He could see into my soul and all I saw was overwhelming Love coming from Him drawing me into Himself. I cannot describe this encounter or the immense Love in human words. In obedience to Our Mother I share this with you today.
Today 4 more made the victim soul for priests Consecration. A priest received and blessed their vow. 

1:45p.m. At the Cross with the children. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. We say the Sign of the Cross very slowly because we call on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to hear our prayers and to bless us. Our Lady is with us. She is all in white and She is surrounded by many angels. They have beautiful wings. I see their wings today more clearly than usual, a lot of light, a lot of white. Now, suddenly, Baby Jesus appears in Our Mother's arms. "My precious, precious little children. I love you with My whole Heart. Today is a special day, for I bring My Baby, My Jesus and Your Jesus to you. Today He is smiling. He is happy. He is happy to see you, My little ones. He loves you very, very much." Our Mother is looking at each one here. She sees each one's soul. "My precious little ones, I love you. I love you. I love you. I thank you for coming. I thank you for remembering to pray for Our priests. Only when you are in Heaven with Me one day will you know the fruit of your prayers." 

Our Mother is holding out to us a beautiful Rosary of Light, a very long Rosary. "Yes, My daughter, I bring to you the Rosary, the Rosary of Light. Pray the Rosary, My beloved children. Pray the Rosary. It is twenty decades now My children, twenty. I bless the gift that Our Holy Father has given to My Church, My children. I bless this beautiful Rosary. It is the life of My Son. Pray and meditate upon its mysteries. I love you. I love you. I long to love you more. Give Me your hearts. Give Me your hurts. I love you. I love you." I see many white doves. They are flying, but they seem to be floating around Our Mother. I see many roses of all colors falling from Heaven all around Her. "Keep your hearts open to Me, My children, for I bring you to My Son. I love you. Many will see Me today. Some will hear My Voice. Some will feel My Touch." Can we pray three Hail Mary's now at Our Mother's request for Our Priests at this Holy Cross?

2p.m. I blessed myself, the rooms and everyone present with Holy Water. At the First Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation Our Mother asks that I announce that She is present with us. Our Mother came all in white with a gold edge on Her Mantle. She came as Queen of Divine Love with Her Crown. I see a gold Chalice with jewels on Her Crown (this is the first time I saw jewels on Her Crown), and floating above the Chalice is a pure white Host. Rays of Light emanate from Jesus on Her Crown. Next, I see Our Mother in the same dress, but without Her Crown. All of a sudden, I see Newborn Baby Jesus in Her Arms next to Her Heart. Our Mother is totally absorbed in just gazing into Jesus' Face. Much Light comes from Baby Jesus' Face. I see His little white dress and His Hands and Feet. He is barefoot. Then, Our Mother holds Baby Jesus out to us. His little Arms are wide open and He is moving. I see His Arms and Legs moving. I suddenly become aware of other babies all around Our Mother. I see stains of red appear along the bottom edge of Our Mother's Dress and Mantle. "My beloved children, these are the Holy Innocents who accompany Me today. The First Martyrs. They were killed in an attempt to kill My Son and Our Savior, Jesus. Many innocents are dying every moment, killed in silence in their own Mother's womb, in their own Mother's blood. My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus are pierced by this terrible, terrible scourge that is rampant all over the earth. Much atonement will be required, My Children. If a sword had pierced the Heart of My Newborn Son just after His Birth, it would be no greater offense against God than the slaughter of the innocents that is taking place today in every country." (I understood that Our Mother meant it is the same offense against God whether you kill a child in the womb or one that is already born.)
The Fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. I then see Our Mother again. Her dress is soaked in innocent blood. Her dress is bright red. I hesitate to write this. Our Mother says, "Write what you see My Child."
A message to one of the priests who is present: "My precious, Beloved Son, I love you. I love you. I thank you for your faithful heart. I enfold you in My Mantle of Protection and of Peace, My Mantle of Divine Love. I give you a new gift today, My son. You will know what it is. Fear not! Fear not! Fear not, for I am with you. If I am with you, what does it matter who is against? Walk in Peace. Thank you for all you do for Me, My treasure. You please Me. Do not concern yourself with those things you have no control over. Trust Me. I am at work. Though you cannot see, I see. As a special gift to you today, I encircle you with many angels. Some are warriors. Their swords are drawn as they protect you. Others are ministering angels to keep you safe in your soul within My Immaculate Heart." I saw a circle of angels around Father. The warrior angels were facing out and the ministering angels were facing towards Father. The angels were alternating between one warrior, then ministering, then warrior and so on. "I love you, My own son. Do not ever doubt My Love for you. My Love is constant and ever true. Trust Your Mother, My son. I am with you. I love you."
A message to the other priest who is present: "My beloved little E...., I love you. I have missed your visits here. I know you have been busy working for My Son and for Me, Your Immaculate Mother. I thank you. I need you My son, I love you. I thank you for coming today. My children need you. Your presence encourages them in their lives of trial and suffering. Peace, My son. Walk in Peace, for you walk along with Me, your gentle tenderhearted Mother. Lady of the Bayou, Mother of your heart, your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love. I love you; do you hear My voice speaking to you? Await My son." (I think Our Mother is telling Father that She will soon speak to him, or maybe She already is.)
"A priest is here today. He is not dressed as a priest."
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries His Cross. "My beloved children, you are very close to a terrible war. Only prayer can avert this war. Pray, pray, pray, pray with hope and trust in your hearts. I am with you at all times. I hear the cries of your hearts. I know that many of you have heavy crosses and much suffering at this time. Offer your trials and your suffering My children for Our priests. Today I give them to you." I saw the priests as little ants in Her Hands, as She was holding them out to us. "Your prayers and your offerings will be the means that God will use to bring about the renewal and restoration of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This will come about through the restoration to holiness, the renewal of the holy priesthood. All will become One in My Son Jesus. I love you and I entrust the healing of My-Our priests into your hearts and into your hands of prayer and peace. All begins with love, My children. Love one another. Love Our priests with all your hearts. If you love and forgive, all will be renewed and restored to holiness and to wholeness. I am with you in these times of trial. Tremendous Grace is being poured out all over the world because My Son and Our Father are generous and filled with Love for you. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray more. Your prayers release showers and storms of Grace from the Sacred Heart of Love of My Divine Son, Jesus."
The first Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection. Our Lady says, "Sit, My child. It's okay, his soul is safe in My Heart." I had knelt for the last two Sorrowful Mysteries in much suffering for a priest. "My Child, My sons will support and defend you. Fear nothing. Fear no one. I am with you. In this new year, you are to spend more time in prayer. I will make this possible. You will soon have a private chapel. I am taking care of this."
The second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension. "My Precious and Beloved sons. Oh My sons, where are you? Can you not hear My Call to you? A community of Love has been formed by My Immaculate Hands. A community of Love that nearly covers the earth." (I took this to mean all communities praying for priests, not just our mission). "All praying daily for you, My own sons. Do you hear Your Mother calling you? Many of you, My Sons, are already consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. Some of you suffer even from rejection from your brother priests who do not know Me. I love you all My own sons. I long to love you more and more. Open your hearts to Your Mother. My sons, I will help you all. I desire that none of you be lost. Again, I say to you, you are My Hands and My Heart in this world. My Hands are broken. I need you My sons. My children need you. All that is needed is your conversion of heart. Clean up your lives. I long to help you because I love you. Your hands are anointed for holiness. I love you. I love you. I love you. I come in love to you, to bring you love, to bring you peace. Open your hearts and your souls that I might fill you. I intercede for you at all times. This is a crucial time My sons. The tribulation is upon you. The war is waged daily against you. The evil one desires your souls My sons. Be alert. Be alert. Be awake. Be cleansed and filled with Divine Love."
The fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption, Our Mother continued: "To the world you are a Shepherd. To Me, Your Mother, you are My little lambs. I love you. I need you. Come home to Your Mother. I am here for you."

"My beloved children, I love you. I thank you that you have come here today to pray with Me for your brothers, Our priests. Each one of you is so very precious to Me. I love you. I give you hope today. I bring to you My Son Jesus. He is the Greatest Gift you could ever receive." (I understood Our Mother meant Jesus in Holy Eucharist.) "Place all your trust in Him. Love one another My children. Love one another enough to forgive one another. Let go of past hurts, even those of today. Live each moment as if it were your last, in awe always and in love. In awe and in love with Our God as I am in all Three Persons: Our Father, My Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Blessed Trinity." (I saw a glimmer of the Trinity.) Our Mother continued:
"I leave you, thanking you and blessing you. Worship God. Adore God. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. And love one another as I love you. Your own Mother, Mother of Divine Love. Divine Love will cause Divine Order to reign. Here is your hope, My children."
A man and a woman came to me separately and shared that they saw Our Mother holding Baby Jesus. These two people do not know one another. 
End of Claire Rose______

December 28, 2002 Priest's Saturday Last Saturday of December
Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
This last Saturday I am in California. Our group traveled to another group of brides in another area of California. The sky was very threatening as a storm was almost upon us. We left at 9:30 a.m. in a big van. I was elected to drive. I asked Our Lady for help as we traveled about two hours to the other brides prayer group in northern California. We arrived at our destination early enough to eat our sack lunches and visit. People put in their petitions in the prayer box. We blessed ourselves with holy water. We started the Rosary around 2:00 p.m. We invited the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests. We invited Our Lady to pray with us and for us under all her titles.
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady said, "I am here. Announce that I am here My child." I did. Our Lady continued, "My children I love you. Thank you for coming together today to pray for priests at My request. I join you to all those all over the world who have come together today to pray for priests at My request. My child, thank you for visiting this group to pray for priests. There is someone in the room who has much anger. My child tell them I am healing them and have put them in My Son Jesus' Heart. Tell them to forgive whoever hurt them. Seek out one of My priest sons to help you through the Sacrament of Confession. Much healing comes through this Sacrament."
I am very aware of everyone around me praying.
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My priest sons, Oh how I love you. I thank you for your yes to My Son Jesus. Continue to have conversion of heart on a daily basis."
Our Lady is above us. She is hovering just above us. She is Our Lady of Divine Love. She is all in white. Her garments move in the breeze. She does not have her crown on. She is most beautiful. She is smiling as we pray the Rosary. I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary. As we continue to pray the Rosary he leaves completely. Our Lady says, "Continue to pray My child. Thank you for your obedience in writing My child."
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, Our Lady says, "My child there are many prayer warriors here. Oh! How I love you My children. All My prayer warriors all over the world! You are making the difference in the graces released by your prayers from the heart. Oh! How I love the Ave's in song. My children I love you."
I see much suffering. It is in a prison cell in China. It is all dark. All of a sudden I see a small light. It is getting bigger and bigger. Our Lady says, "My child the light is your prayers. Continue to pray, fast and do penance for priests, Our priests. Your prayers are needed so badly. They are so powerful My children. If you only knew how powerful they are. I love you My children. I love you. Encourage others to pray for their priest brothers. Your example will help others. Many people are indifferent and don't think their prayers count. Tell them the truth My children and love them with My Son Jesus' love and give them a good example. My priest sons give good example to your flocks. They need the example of holy priests to keep them on track. Do not be afraid to preach the truth about My Son Jesus, My priest sons. I love you. Oh! How I love you. Continue to write My child, you are being harassed. Continue to write. We, Jesus and I are in charge. All of Heaven prays with you My children. Your prayers are incense rising before the throne of the Most Blessed Trinity. They are most offensive to the devil. That is why you are being harassed."
Our Lady is going by each person here and touching them ever so gently and lovingly. Her garments move in the breeze softly. She is in white and blue. It is Our Lady of Lourdes. She is now herself under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is most beautiful. Her love and grace pour out of Her Hands to each and every one here. Love beyond our understanding. Grace beyond our understanding. She says, "Oh! My children, Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in different languages. I come to you under all My Titles. I am your Mother, Queen of Divine Love. You cannot fully understand how much love and grace comes to you at this time and how much grace goes out to all the priesthood. Rest now My child."
Our Lady continues, "Much healing is happening here today." At this point a person praying received the gift of tears and much, much healing. Our Lady says, "Some people here will doubt My presence at this time. Rest assured My children that I am here. Thank My Son Jesus for letting Me come to you to request His wishes for you to pray for priests and for the priesthood. My children your prayers bring My Son Jesus' light to others in the world. My Son is the way, the Truth and the Light. Stay close to Him. Do as He tells you. My priest sons teach your flocks of the great, great value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the great, great value of the Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of My Son Jesus. He is the healing of souls through these most precious Sacraments. My priest sons teach My children to turn back to My Son Jesus through these most beautiful Sacraments. My Son Jesus is waiting for them to have conversion of heart and turn back to Him. Only if you are holy My priest sons and show good example will you attract them to do this. Your flocks are hungry for My Son Jesus, who is Love, pure Love. Feed them My priest sons, feed them with My Son Jesus! Teach them how to be holy and pleasing to My Son Jesus. Oh! My children thank you for responding to My call to come together today and pray for your brother priests. I love you My children, Oh How I love you. 
Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
My prayer warriors, I am with you. I pray with you for priests. Many saints are praying with you. Many Holy Angels are praying with you. I love you. You are Mine."
End of bride from another area, Lin___________

December 28, 2002 Last Saturday Theriot, Louisiana

Leslie Therese` wrote:

Our Mother spoke to me at the beginning of the rosary:
"Every month I come here for you My children. Every moment of every day I carry you in My Heart. I love you My children. Thank you My children for coming here again today in faith. Your faith is growing stronger today for I bless you with the will to resist temptations. Come to Me My children in prayer daily for My priest sons. 
Today I come, the lowly handmaid of God. I said yes when HE asked Me to bear to the world a Savior, His only Son, Jesus. I said yes when as a man Jesus My Son was given as a sacrifice for the world. I said yes each time Our Lord asked Me to come into this world to save His people. I said yes when He asked Me to come here to save His Church, His priests. Pray My children. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray each day for the salvation of My sons. Love them by praying and doing all you can in welcoming them into your hearts. Pray for those of My sons in great sin. Pray that they reconcile their lives through a good and true Confession. Pray also My children for those of My sons who are being persecuted in their own parishes around the world. Pray for those who are not being welcomed by My people". When Our Mother said these words She was showing me people gossiping about Her priests and not being welcoming to them.

Our Mother continued:
"Pray most especially for those of My sons who are doing well in their parishes so they are strong enough to resist the world and all of it's temptations. Pray with all of your hearts children. Pray for a strengthening of Our Church so that no evil will destroy it. Pray for peace My sweet children. Teach your children the importance of Confession and prayer. Teach them to pray for others. My Heart goes out to all of the parents present here today, for never in time has the job of parenting been harder. Pray with and for your children. I will pray with you. I bless all of you today with My Love and My Peace, but also with the Joy I felt at the birth of My Son Jesus." 
Our Mother spoke to the brother present:
"Thank you, My little Martin for singing to Me today. I love you My child of God."
To the nuns present:
"Thank you for your yes My special daughters. Some day you shall witness all that 
you have done for God. You will see all that you have saved by your yes. I love you. 
Continue to pray."
Our Mother spoke again to the following:
"Marie - Mary - I love you My daughter. I will comfort you heart and soul, you are 
Mine. John - My son I call you to witness. T - Faithfully you come here when you can. I have seen you stopping by to say hello, I love you My child. G - You will do well My child. Tell your Bishop of My visits here. Laurie - Thank you My child of Faith. Paul - Thank you for bringing your family to Me today. I love and bless you all with Forgiveness and Love."

Our Mother's message for Her priests who are present:
"My most precious sons here you are again. You make My Heart sing out with your presence. Oh My precious Emile so glad was I to see you coming today. My children are as blessed by your presence as I am. I love you child of Mine. Continue in your journey. Tell everyone of My presence here and what I have done for you. I will continue to bless you as I have done before. Share this blessing with your brothers.
My son D… I love you with all that I am. I will make things easier for you soon. I love you My son. Do not let anyone or anything keep you from coming to Me. I have a great job for you. Do not be afraid. I am with you always. Continue to pray for your brothers, My sons. Pray for all the religious My sons. Pray for peace and truth to come into the world." 
For all priests:
"My sons, where are you? Come to Me … I can free you from the bonds of this world; I can relieve the pain and misery you live. Go to Confession My sons. My love can and will bring about a great change in your lives. Come back to Me… I can renew and refresh you. Come… Come to Me My sons, I Love You. Come and celebrate the life of My Son Jesus. Come to Me and see for yourself that I am truly present and I am here for you My priest. Pray for your people as they pray for you. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love"

december 28, 2002, Saturday