Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

October 7, 2003

Holy Father, John Paul II
Vatican City, Italy

Dear Beloved Holiness, my Holy Father, John Paul II,

In obedience to my Spiritual Director, Very Reverend Father Dean Francis Danos, V.F. and to Our Blessed Mother I send this to Your Holiness. Our Mother has asked that this be given to you through the holy hands of Fr. Jude Anyache by placing these words into the holy hands of Cardinal Francis Arinze`. Our Blessed Mother has asked me to tell you that She has begun a Mission of Love for Her priest sons here in this little unknown place called Theriot, Louisiana under the Title of Mother of Divine Love in response to Your Holiness' prayer to Her in New Orleans. This was in September 1987 when you met with Archbishop Hannan and all the priests at St. Louis Cathedral. I was just made aware through a video that was re-run on Focus, Archbishop Hannan's T.V. program that you prayed to Our Mother under the Title of Mother of Divine Love. This confirms to me the authenticity of Our Mother's Apparitions and messages.

1. Our Blessed Mother has Appeared to me since I was a child of about 12 (1952), but She never gave me a Title until Dec. 8, 1987. I am 63 years old since last August 27th. My ancestors are Catholic French and have been in Louisiana since the mid 1700's. I am an ordinary simple soul who by God's Grace has received extra-ordinary graces. My spiritual journey has been slow and long and much of it is written. I am a wife, was married at 16, over 46 years ago. I am the mother of 5 children, grandmother of 9 and we have 1 great-grandson. My family lives an ordinary simple life. My husband is a retired carpenter. My pappa was a fisherman. I went to 9 years of school. I quit school although I loved it because my parents were too poor to send me. My husband & I were both born here in Theriot, Louisiana, a very small community of farmers and fishermen. We are located in the Houma-Thibodaux Diocese next to the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

2. Since December 8, 1987, Our Blessed Mother under the Title, Mother of Divine Love is Appearing to me with messages for priests. That night Our Mother made four requests: 
(a) ask my Pastor to Consecrate our parish to Her Immaculate Heart. 
(b) ask my Pastor to bless the people before each Mass with Holy Water.
(c) ask my Pastor to pray the Prayer to St. Michael after each Mass.
(d) Our Mother asked for a roadside Shrine. She showed me how it was to look. She looked like Our Lady of Fatima, all white, but with no crown or jewels.

A year later, Dec. 8, 1988 my new Pastor, Fr. Scott Dugas, honored Our Mother's Request and Consecrated our little parish at a special Mass. 

3. Our Mother did not reveal to me that She came as Mother of Divine Love in response to your prayer to Her until March 25, 1994, while I was on Retreat at a Holy Monastery.

4. Our Mother had visited me many times since I was about 12 (1952) but December 8, 1987 was the first time Our Mother told me Her Title. Our Mother has worked very slowly with me for many years before She began to reveal what She was asking of me. I wrote the many things Our Mother said to me but it never occurred to me that She wanted something of me. This still amazes and overwhelms me. I knew since I was a small child that I needed God and Our Mother, but I was very surprised when I began to understand that God had something for me to do for Him. I have always loved priests in a special way. I did not realize until 1987 that the love in my heart was not just my own but was also Jesus and Our Mother Mary's LOVE for priests passing through my poor and little heart.

5. It was during 1986-87 that I understood I was being called to a mission for priests. In June 1987, I was led to ask my Pastor, Fr. Roch Naquin to be my first Spiritual Director. In September 1987, I was told I would begin a new order. Actual Message follows:
"You will begin a new Order. Your house will become a holy dwelling place where many priests, even Bishops will come and be healed. You are to pray quietly with them. Get a room ready for Me." I cleaned one of my bedrooms from ceiling to floor, not understanding the message. This blew my mind and I cried for a month because I thought that my husband of 30 years would have to die for this to happen. I told no one except my Spiritual Director and finally after months my husband.

6. By the Grace of God and Our Mother's patient Love and guidance I slowly understood that most things spiritual have three depths of meaning. The first meaning of "house" was my own soul. The second was my family and physical house. The third meaning is the order that was spoken of. I was given the name of the new order, Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity of the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and of Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

7. In January 1989 Our Mother gave me one young priest to fast and pray for. Love through my open heart for priests increased at this time. Out of Love for God and in Thanksgiving to Him for all He had given to me, inspired by St. Therese the Little Flower, I gave my body to God as a living sacrifice for priests. Nine months later Our Mother would guide me to ask this young priest to become my Spiritual Director.

8. On the Last Saturday of October 1989 Our Mother asked that the Last Saturday of every month be set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests. She said in time there would be those who would understand the connection between the First and the Last Saturday.

9. Between October and December 8, 1989, I was slowly taken into a Union with Jesus that I did not know existed on this earth. I wrote everything that was happening on yellow tablets as Our Mother had guided me to do. On December 8, 1989 just after I arrived for my third meeting with my new Spiritual Director we prayed together. We were both taken away for three hours. I later learned this was called an 'ecstasy'. Neither one of us had ever had such an experience. That evening I gave myself to God as a victim soul for priests. A few hours later I was pierced with a Light from Heaven in my heart and taken away. I did not know what was happening to me but I knew without a doubt that this was from God! I was so filled with Love and Peace that I could not begin to describe. The Last Saturday, Dec. 1989 two of us met to spend the day in prayer for priests for the first time. The room where this 'ecstasy' took place is a 24 Adoration Chapel today.

10. In March of 1990 in obedience to my Spiritual Director I went to visit and speak to a very holy Contemplative nun. I spoke with her for two hours from the depths of my heart. I did not know what was happening to me. I had been drawn into Contemplative Prayer for years but I did not know that this was prayer or that it had a name. Mother Henry McKanna told me that what I was experiencing was called Mystical Marriage or Mystical Theology. I knew because I knew that what was happening to me was from God but I had no human knowledge of this. I was in shock and wonder for months. I had no one to turn to but God and Our Mother. Around this time I see Our Mother's Heart beat from flesh to gold, flesh to gold.

11. In 1990, Our Mother began to ask us to build things: a Rosary garden, Stations of the Cross, a Well where the waters would heal many and over time many have been healed. Also Shrines to St. Joseph, St. Francis and Jesus. December 8, 1990 I made a simple lifetime vow to God. I offer him my body as a victim soul for priests, forever!

12. On Ascension Thursday 1992, in obedience to the Holy Spirit Lin Crossman from California and I went to my parish Church to ask for a blessing. We were told, "today is the first Official Day of the Order, Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity." Both of us were given the name separately. Our Mother had given us the nickname "Holy Rejects". My Pastor gave us a beautiful blessing. We were simply to pray for priests, offer sacrifice and suffering for holy priests and for more vocations to the priesthood.

13. In March 1993, Jesus asked that we build a Chapel here. He said that He would be Present at all times and that a priest would come to live here. About this time two of us begin to see Our Mother as different races. Mary's Face and Hands would change from white, Indian, African and Oriental. Another bride offers herself to God as a living sacrifice for priests at 3p.m. on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 18, 1993.

14. First Anniversary Ascension Thursday 1993. I receive a Simple Rule. On May 28 and May 31 (Feast of the Visitation) Our Mother gives to me some Promises. (I enclose a copy.) Another bride makes her victim soul for priests offering.

15. Our Mother reveals a gold Crown with points.

16. In 1994 Our Mother asked us to build a 33-foot Cross where many priests would be healed. (Enclosed a photo of the 33 foot Cross.) (See photos on our website.)

17. Third Anniversary, a priest joins us in renewing our vows as victim souls for priests. Now we are four. I wrote all that I received. Our Mission "Brides" was slowly multiplying, but no one knew that Our Mother was appearing and speaking to us except our Spiritual Directors and my husband. In 1995 Our Mother gave us a Morning Offering. She included "Pray for priests who have left the priesthood to return, also priest souls in Purgatory." (Enclosed Morning Offering Brochure)
(See Morning Offering on our website)

18. September 5, 1997 Mother Theresa dies! I immediately ask her to please help us from Heaven. A few nights later Mother Theresa appears over our bed as my husband is sound asleep. She has a young face and she is wearing her habit. She smiles at me and floats over my husband. She put her two hands on him and prayed. He awoke the next morning a different person, filled with joy and peace! This made a great difference in our lives and in our ministry.

19. Very slowly Our Mother has revealed God's plan to us. In a message I received for my Spiritual director on February 7, 1998, Our Mother announced that She would Appear here on the Last Saturday of the last 9 months of 1999. She asked that we begin to build the things that She had asked for. This same day our Morning Offering received Church Approbation from the Diocese of Austin, Texas through one of our Spiritual Directors.

20. On March 25, 1999 my Spiritual Director, a holy priest came to bless the bayouside shrine, the Stations of the Cross, the Shrines to St. Joseph and St. Francis. After years of looking for the right statue, our Mother had led us to a large concrete statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Four disabled men put the statue that weighed over 1,000 pounds in place. It was light as a feather they said. Our Mother revealed to one of our brides that the nine months of Her Visitations would represent the nine months that Jesus spent in Her Womb. On Holy Thursday night 1999, Our Mother revealed to me that in addition to the nine Visits that She would come thirty-three more times, one time for each year of Jesus' Life on earth. A total of forty-two Visitations.

21. First public Visitation, Last Saturday of April 1999. I was scared to tell people. I blurted it out to one lady besides my immediate family. Our house filled up with people that I didn't know. Our Mother had said years before that She would send the broken and rejected of the world to form the order She was gathering here. We prayed a 15 decade Rosary and other prayers for priests. Our Mother spoke a message to us.

22. Dec. 8th & 12th, 1999 My husband drilled the Holy Well by hand near the 6th Station just as Our Mother led him to do. Water came forth at 2p.m. the same time Our Mother asks us to begin the Rosary. Many have received healing from this blessed well. 

23. Our Mother's Ninth Visitation fell on Christmas Day 1999, the day the Jubliee Year began. The First Saturday of the Jubliee Year, the Last Saturday of the year. Remember Our Mother said the nine months represented the nine months Jesus spent in Her Womb and those nine Visits end on Christmas Day. Awesome! Our Mother appears with Her gold Crown and reveals seven points on it. She asks us to make public the Promises that She gave me in 1993. Our Mother asks us to begin the 33 foot Holy Cross for priests today. (See the Promises on Our website.) 

24. January 2000 The Foundation in the ground for the Holy Cross is poured.

25. Last Saturday of February 2000 First time two Religious are present, a nun and a Brother. In the evening, two more make victim soul vows, now there are six.

26. Last Saturday of March 2000 is the first time a priest is present. He cried for over an hour during Our Mother's Visitation.

27. Good Friday 2000 Our Mother asks that a Church be built here. She asks me to notify my Bishop. I did.

28. Last Saturday of April 2000 Another priest comes. He has been made to retire because he can hardly walk. He had to be helped to walk and was using a walking stick. He had been to doctors and he was getting worse. Our Mother told him that his body would be healed and his ministry as a priest would be restored. That same day he left here healed and filled with joy. He forgot his walking stick! Soon after he wrote a letter to all the priests of our Diocese offering to help them if they needed him. He has since been asked very often to offer funerals, (four in one week) and to replace his brother priests when they need a day off. He has celebrated 60 years as a priest with us. He comes faithfully on the Last Saturday to hear Confessions and pray with us. He has given his testimony at many of his Masses in many other places.

29. May 13, 2000, at noon in my kitchen Our Mother reveals Her Crown as Mother of Divine Love. She has been Appearing to me all dressed in creamy white with an edge of liquid living gold on the edge of Her Mantle. She says she is the Lady of the Rosary, the same as Fatima. Her Crown is medium height, gold with seven points. At the center front is a Chalice with a Host suspended above it. Much light comes from Jesus in Holy Eucharist. She asks to be known as Patroness of Priests under this title. My son-in-law made Her a Crown in plastic that same night. Months later, we gather money for a jeweler to make a Crown.

30. About this time I read a brochure about the Jubilee Year and Plenary Indulgences if you visit certain churches in Rome. My mind was blown to read about a Shrine in Rome called Mother of Divine Love. I could not find out anything about it.

31. 8th Anniversary June 1, 2000 Ascension Thursday A holy priest, a friend of my Bishop comes to offer Holy Mass here with my Bishop and Pastor's permission. We have always had Holy Mass for our Anniversary, but this is the first time Mass is here at our house on this day.

32. June 2000 Last Saturday my grandchildren were getting restless just before 2p.m. when we begin the rosary. I called them to my room to pray with them to help settle them. Several other children and a few adults also came. We prayed "Hail Mary's." Our Mother surprised me by speaking a message to them. I did not see Her at that time. Two of the children saw Her. This surprised me and I held these children, a boy and a girl as they cried. They were friends of my grandchildren. Since that month we meet with the children each month. Children who have been very ill have received healing. Our Mother asks that the children pray three Hail Mary's each day for our priests. Many children are responding to this. Our Mother is touching their little hearts and instructing their parents. She is choosing many to be holy priests and holy nuns. They are taking this very seriously. Other children have also seen Our Mother since. 

33. February 13, 2001 The Crown is received from the jewelers exactly nine months after Our Mother revealed it to us. My Spiritual Director blessed it and he Crowned Our Mother and calls Her, Queen of Divine Love, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests as She has asked. Our Mother reveals to me a medal with the Holy Blessed Trinity on one side and Our Mother of Divine Love on the other.

34. Last Saturday of Feb. 2001 Our Mother gives us the prayers for a small Chaplet of Divine Love to pray for Priests. 2 more make victim soul for priests vow, one of my daughters and my eldest granddaughter. Now we are 8.

35. Someone brings me a magazine that says between 1995 and 2000 that 9000 priests who had left the priesthood have returned. This amazes me because 1995 was the same year Our Mother gave us our Morning Offering with those words.

36. March and April 2001 Holy Cross is build of cement lying on the ground. It is blessed on Good Friday by three holy priests, my Spiritual Director, my Pastor and the first priest to receive healing on a Last Saturday. It is raised in the air and put into a foundation in the ground. Three steps in a beautiful octagon shape are built after the cross is raised.

37. 9th Anniversary May 24, 2001 Ascension Thursday Four holy priests come to Con-celebrate Holy Mass here for us. Our Mother told me that many more would join us in making the victim soul for priests Offering in the years ahead. She said that Her Crown as Mother of Divine Love was given to Her by the Holy Blessed Trinity. The Holy Cross for Priests is now complete and today is blessed and Dedicated. We also have a Crowning Ceremony for Our Mother. Six Consecrated brides are present and together we renew our vows as victim souls for priests. This is the first time we do this more publicly.

38. Last Saturday of May 2001 A kind man offers to build outside bathrooms and a covered Prayer Pavillion as our house now overflows. Our Mother said to let him do this as She was inspiring him. She gave me the shape of the Church. It is a big Cross with an eight sided (round) center. The center part will one day have a golden dome like a Tabernacle. The Rosary to surround this. 

39. June 2001 Six in Ohio make their vows as victim souls for priests inspired by someone sharing about our vows. Now we are 14. I am in shock and awe of God as I never thought this would happen. Many more are praying the Morning Offering and other prayers for priests daily.

40. September 2001 A young mom asks to make our vow. I sent her to my Spiritual Director. He said yes. Now we are 15. The inspiration to make this simple lifetime vow always comes from the person, not from us.

41. And so this continues until today (October 10, 2003) there are now over 400 in 5 countries who have made the victim soul for priests vow. These are all ordinary people like us in every walk of life. Three priests have made their victim soul for priests offering, one from Louisiana, one from Nigeria and one from India. Many priests from many states have heard the vows and received these holy souls into our little Apostolate.

42. Our Mother's last Visitation of forty-two was to have been September 2002. In April 2002 Our Mother told me that Jesus was extending Her Visitations because many were responding to Her Call to pray for priests. We do not know when Her Visits will end.

43. ROSARY OF LIGHT Sept. 17, 2001 one week AFTER 9-11-01 Our Mother Appears as we are praying an outdoor Rosary for Peace at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Larose, Louisiana. This is my Spiritual Director's parish and my second home. She is Mother of Divine Love awesome Visitation! Our Mother comes in a golden globe then holds out to us in Her beautiful Immaculate Hands a Rosary of Light. She is more beautiful than ever. Then on the Last Saturday of Jan 2002, Feb. 2002, March 2002 and May 2002 Our Mother Appears with a Rosary of Light in Her Hands. I called it a Rosary of Light because I could not think of anything else to call it. Each of these times was during the children's message, as we gathered with the children. This was made public when it happened. Once a Rosary of Light was found at the foot of the Cross by one of my daughters. We tried for many months to find the owner. Our Mother has said that She put it there. This was before you announced the Luminous Mysteries. This once again confirms the authenticity of Her messages to us.

44. Our Mother has said that never before in the History of the Church have so many offered themselves as victim souls for priests. She explained this very simply. She said that God has promised to always take care of the needs of his Church. Our Mother said this is needed now and so that is why it is happening. SIMPLE. We are just responding to His Call to us. 

45. Our Mother has revealed the seven points on Her Crown have seven meanings. She has revealed six of these to us. (1.) Seven Days of Creation. (2.) Seven Sacraments. (3.) Seven Sorrows of Mary. (4.) Seven Joys of Mary. (5.) Seven Hills of Rome. (6.) Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Dear Holy Father, as you can see much has happened. This is only a very brief summary of Our Mother's Mission for priests. She asks that a Priests Shrine be established here. A place of healing for priests. Please pray for us as we pray always for you. May choirs of angels surround and protect you always. You are in Our Mother's Immaculate Hands and Heart forever.
Your obedient servant, a little servant of the servants,
Claire Rose Francis Cabrini Champagne


Our Mother's main message to Priests:
Our Mother says over & over:
"My Precious and Most Beloved Sons: I love you. I love you. I love you! I come to you in love. I come to bring you love. Come home to your Mother. I await you. I call you to holiness. Turn to Me. I long to hold you. I will help you. I will help to wash you clean like a mother who washes her children clean when she calls them in for supper after they have played in the dust and dirt all day. Go to Confession to your brother priest. I give to you My own Heart. I need you My sons. My Son Jesus needs you. You represent My Son Jesus as no one else can. You have been chosen. Your life, your ministry as a holy priest is the highest calling on this earth. Your life must be a living example of true holiness. Come home to Your Mother's Heart. 

To the world you are a shepherd, to Me Your Mother you are My own little lambs. I love you. Come home My beloved sons. Come back to Me with all your heart. I love you. Mother of all hearts. I have many Titles, I am one Mother, Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love. My Son Jesus in Holy Communion is Divine Love. I have been Crowned with a special crown for you alone My sons, My priests. Crowned by the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, by Our Beloved Father; by My Beloved Son, Jesus and by My Beloved Spouse, the Holy Spirit. There is One God in Three Persons. I love, worship and adore God. In humble submission and in obedience I accept this Crown of all Crowns for your benefit My beloved priest sons. It is the desire of Our God that I be known as Patroness of Priests under the Title Mother of Divine Love. I receive this honor in total love for My God and for you My beloved priest sons. Through this mission of Divine Love the Church of My Son Jesus; the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church; My beloved Church will be made one again. It will be restored to holiness and wholeness. This is the new springtime that My beloved son, His Holiness, Our Holy Father John Paul II is awaiting. He is the greatest Saint of your times. Love him! Obey him. He speaks for My Son Jesus and for Me, Your Mother. I am Your Mother just as if I gave birth to you for I gave birth to your vocation as a holy priest. Where are you, My sons? Where are you? I am with you at all times. Where do you bring Me? Come home. I love you. I love you. I love you. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."


To us Our Mother says: 
"PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Embrace your little crosses. Join your sufferings to the suffering of My Son Jesus. Offer these sufferings and sacrifices for My beloved priest sons.

My priests are My Hands in this world. Help Me to mend My Hands. 
"When you pray for holy priests you are praying for yourselves and your children for many generations. Be converted. Repent of your sins. Forgive one another My children. Go to Confession to My priest sons. In the Holy Confessional you encounter My Son Jesus. My Son Jesus in Confession is DIVINE MERCY. Receive My Son Jesus with a clean soul in Holy Communion. My Son Jesus in Holy Communion is DIVINE LOVE. Love one another as I love you. All missions will come together in this Mission of My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, this Mission of the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus, this Mission of Divine Love."

Summary Letter of the Mission of the Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity given to our Holy Father, John Paul II.

This painting was presented to our Holy Father John Paul II by the Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity at the Vatican in October 2003.


Mother of Divine Love,

Patroness of Priests.

Painted by Myrna Waters