Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Today we celebrate Christmas Day, The Birthday of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, born to a Virgin named Mary, in a stable in a little unknown town called Bethlehem. And the world would never be the same again! Today is the Last Saturday of this month, December; of this year, 1999; of this Century, the 20th; also today is the First Saturday of The Jubilee Year as declared and opened by Our Holy Father John Paul II. Today is Priests' Saturday, a day set aside as a Day of Prayer for Priests in obedience to Our Blessed Mother. Today is also the 10th Anniversary of the First Priests' Saturday on the Last Saturday of December in 1989, here in Theriot, Louisiana, in this house. Read more about the first Last Saturday at the end of today's messages. 

Today is the 9th Public Visitation-Apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, to this little unknown place. I am asked to tell you that the only other building ever built on the exact spot where this house is, was a stable, 150 years ago. Our Mother revealed to me on Feb. 8, 1998, in a Message to a priest, "I will Appear here on the 9 Last Saturdays of the Last 9 months of 1999. The Holy Cross for priests must be built. The Rosary must be built and A Way of My Son's Cross. A Well will be found at the 6th Station, the Waters will heal many. Some of My holiest priests will come here to help build this, for Me."
Our Mother later revealed to another bride that the 9 Visits represented the 9 months that Jesus spent in Her Womb. The First & The Last Saturday, what is the connection? Saturday is Our Lady's Day. Saturday is The Sabbath, still celebrated by those in the Jewish Faith. Our Lady was Jewish. Jesus was Jewish. We as Christians celebrate The Lord's Day on Sunday since & because of The Resurrection which took place on Sunday morning. 10 years ago, Our Mother Mary, Mother of Divine Love asked me to set aside the Last Saturday of each month as a Day of Prayer for priests.
Through the years, Our Mother has told me several times that there would be those, (I assume learned theologians), who would understand the true & deeper meaning of the First & the Last Saturdays. 

________________________________________ CHRISTMAS DAY 1999 We began by singing Christmas Carols. Just before 2P.M. I blessed myself, our chapel room and everyone present with Holy Water in obedience to Our Mother. I thought Her Message would be short today. I was wrong. We began The Rosary for Priests by inviting Our Mother to come and pray with us and for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests. We invited the Holy Angels and Saints and the holy souls in Purgatory to pray with us and for us. First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation) Our Mother Asked me to Announce Her Presence. I did. She then Asked, "Make public My Promises given to you in May 1993, to those who pray for priests." I will. I Consecrated all the priests of the world, ourselves & our families to The Sacred Heart of Jesus through The Immaculate Hands and Heart of Our Mother of Divine Love. I asked Our Mother to join all of us who are praying for priests all over the world at this time, as if we were in the same room. I presented to Our Mother all our petitions, those written & those in our hearts. I asked Her to bless the little gifts for all those present. Second Joyful Mystery (The Visitation) "I thank you, My beloved children, who have come from near and from far to pray with Me for holy priests. Today I am soaking you with the Love of My Divine Son, Jesus." During the last Hail Mary, I began to see the bottom of Her dress. I saw gold lace and cloth like gold tissue. A man was leading this Mystery, Our Mother said, "For Darrel, I love this son of Mine with All My Heart." Third Joyful Mystery (The Nativity) Our Mother Appeared, all dressed in gold. It is not a gold like on earth. At times Her dress was lace, at other times it was smooth as spun-gold tissue. On Her Head was a Gold Crown. She was holding Baby Jesus in Her Arms. Both were looking at me and at everyone. Jesus was dressed like a little King with a Gold Crown. His little Feet were bare. I cannot describe this beauty. Our Mother said, "Look to The Manger. Look to The Manger." I was thinking she meant a spiritual lesson. She repeated, "Look to The Manger. Look to The Manger." I finally "got"it. She was talking to me. So I looked down on the Manger scene just in front of me. I looked at Baby Jesus in the Manger. The little statue "came alive." I was brought back to the times when I saw this Manger scene as a child in my parish Church. We had no crib set at home, I don't know of anyone who did. The only Manger I ever saw as a child was at Church. These were the old statues from the Church. The same that were blessed countless times by holy priests for all the years of my childhood and youth. The same Baby Jesus, the same angel, I remembered in a flash, like it was yesterday. Our Mother Spoke: "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, My Priests, My Heart and My Hands on this earth, I love you. I love you with All My Heart. I come to you here. I call you from here. I call you to come here to hear My Voice, to receive My Abundant Blessing in your body and in your soul. I Appear here for you, especially for you, My sons." I hear the voice of a priest friend praying, he is not physically present here. He is praying with us in another place. Our Mother Speaks, "Where are you? I am calling you as never before. Come, My sons, do not be afraid, for here I will fill you with Peace and an overabundant Love, a Love that this world cannot give you, for where I am My Son Jesus is. Today is a Day of Rejoicing and Celebration for My Son born in a lowly Manger became Flesh for you, My sons, in a special way. You have been called and chosen from the beginning"... (I saw the Little King Jesus holding a Host in His right Hand and a Chalice in His left Hand.) ..."to bring My Son each day, through your anointed hands to life, each and every day. He is Alive just as He was at the Moment of the Angel Gabriel's Announcement to Me, His humble Mother. Oh My dear sons, do you not understand the extent of His Love, the Magnitude of His Love for you?"Her Eyes filled with tears, they fell from Her Eyes like diamonds. I understood it was the sins of the flesh of priests who grieve Her Immaculate Heart. "Their consecrated hands have become unholy for the Treasure they hold in their hands each day they Pierce My Heart because those same hands sin." O My Mother, how may I comfort You? "PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and do more sacrifice for My priest sons." First Sorrowful Mystery (The Agony in The Garden) "I love you all so much. My Son at His Birth was both God and Man. He did not leave His Divinity in Heaven as many wrongly teach." May I pray with my life, my Mother? May I offer again to You my body as a living sacrifice, a victim soul for priests? I am so little and there is so much need, how can I make a difference, one little life? "My child, I love you. All life is very precious, very precious. You will understand one day for My Son has called you to this vocation as a victim soul. You will be shown the many priests hearts who will be healed and touched and you will share in their joy and in their ministry. For when you love priests and offer yourselves for them you are with each one in spirit at the offering of each Holy Mass, at each moment as they minister to others in My Son's Name." "My Beloved Sons, you represent My Son, come and seek Peace and Healing." "You are to start The Holy Cross for Priests, My daughter. Send the Messages to as many priests as you can. Ask them for a small gift to put into The Holy Cross. This Cross will bring Healing and Peace to many, many of My priest sons and through them many, many souls will be saved. Pray, My daughter. All will come to pass as We have told you. My Son is The Word of God, The Word Made Flesh. He is Flesh of My Flesh, Bone of My Bone, Heart of My Heart, that is why I am Queen of Heaven, Queen of all hearts. I come to you as Queen today only because I am Mother of The Only Son of God, Jesus, The Christ Child becomes Flesh today and everyday. Go to Daily Mass, My little ones, as often as you can. A time will come when you will no longer be allowed to receive My Son each day. There will be empty Tabernacles over all the earth. Pray, My little ones. I need an Army of Love to pray for holy priests. I come to you today, this is to Commemorate The First Christmas, The Birth of God's Divine Child, Divine Love." Third Sorrowful Mystery (Crowning With Thorns) "Divine Love Became Flesh and Joseph and I laid Him in a Manger."Fourth Sorrowful Mystery (Carrying of The Cross) "A place where gentle animals ate. My Son is Food for the world. God sent His Only Begotten Son out of Love for you all. Divine Love Became Flesh and Divine Love is still with you. Divine Love is Who you receive when you receive My Son, Jesus in Holy Communion, the same Jesus who was born in a stable. The world did not recognize Him then, so many still do not know Him or recognize Him in the Breaking of The Bread, even after 2,000 years. Jesus has given you ALL HIS FLESH, HIS BODY and HIS BLOOD and HE HAS SPOKEN 'IF YOU DO NOT EAT OF MY FLESH AND DRINK OF MY BLOOD, YOU SHALL NOT HAVE LIFE WITHIN YOU.' DIVINE LOVE IS HERE with you. Know HIM, Love HIM and My Precious Sons and My Precious Children LOVE ONE ANOTHER WITH THIS SAME LOVE. Jesus desires to dwell in your hearts. Open your hearts. Open your homes. Begin this Jubilee Year with an open door. Be open and ready for My Son to dwell in fullness in your heart and in your homes. HE IS ALIVE. HE IS LOVE. HE IS PEACE. Open your arms to HIM. I love you all. I speak to you as a loving Mother speaks to Her children. Be children of Light and of Love, for Love and Love alone, Divine Love living in your hearts will heal all the world's ills. Tell Buddy thank you for making the Well. He reminds Me of Joseph at times. Many healings will occur here." First Glorious Mystery (The Resurrection) I said, "My Mother, I am so tired." She said,"Yes, My darling child, I love you. Continue to write. My Beloved Children, I am blessing each one of you in a special way for making the sacrifice to come here on this special day. An abundant blessing awaits you in your families. Trust and pray. This is a time of hope, A day of joy. I ask you to thank My Son Jesus, thank Our Father and thank The Holy Spirit, My Spouse; The Holy Blessed Trinity for these Visits and Holy Words. Words of Hope, of Love and of encouragement. Worship The Holy Blessed Trinity as I do, For They each have a special Love for you and for all humanity. Pray for holy priests and I promise you holy priests. Many conversions will take place by your prayers. Pray without ceasing. I fill you with Love and many Graces. Love one another, My children, as I love you. I place this same Love in your hearts for one another and especially for My priest sons. As I leave, I will touch each one of you and you will each experience an opening of your heart, your eyes and your ears as I fill you with The Love of My Son, Jesus on this very special Birthday, a new birth for each of you. I love you and I thank you for being obedient to My Call. Come to the Holy Cross and bring your priests in person and in spirit. I hear all the prayers that are hidden in your hearts. I love you. I love you. I leave My Love for you here, even when I am not Visible, I am here. You have all been called to come today and I thank you for your 'yes.' Peace, My children, I leave you Peace and Holy Divine Love. Your Mother, Mother of all on the Bayous, Mother-Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests." Fourth Glorious Mystery (The Assumption) "Please, My Mother, May I sit, I am so tired and in great pain, I am about to pass out and I don't want to embarrass You." She said, "One more Mystery on your knees and a priest will receive conversion." I asked Her Help for I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders pushing me down. In the middle of the Mystery Our Mother gave me the name of the priest I was suffering for. Fifth Glorious Mystery (The Coronation) I told Our Mother I would kneel for this Mystery too if another priest would receive conversion. She said, "Sit, My child, it is enough for today. I love you. Your Mother." There were 80 people present. I felt led by Our Mother to tell others that the Miracle of the sun would take place shortly. Many witnessed this. My family have seen this miracle here since July, 1987. Our Lady spoke to my husband during the Rosary. She said how pleased She was that so many would gather on Christmas Day to pray with Her a Rosary for priests. Having received permission from my Spiritual Director, we invited everyone present to share a meal of Celebration with us. Many stayed. A joyful peace-filled occasion we will never forget. Many helped to begin the Cross. We thank Jesus & Mary, Our Mother and ask everyone else to thank Them. ________________________________________ 

Christmas Day 1999 Last Saturday of December Received by another bride from another area. 

At 2:00 p.m. I went to my room to pray. Oh My Mother, I come away from my family to be quiet with you at your request to say the rosary for priests, all the priests of the world. (Our Lady) "Next month invite your family to come and pray the rosary with you for all the priests of the world." Yes My mother. (Our Lady) "Thank you for being obedient to my request to pray for priests in spite of all the other activities around you. You will have enough quiet to pray the Joyful Mysteries in honor of the birth of My son. Start the rosary little one. You can share all with your family and the world." I kept getting the fragrance of flowers as I started the rosary. I see a vision of flames of love with beautiful red roses falling through them. (Our Lady) "They are falling to all the souls of the world on this special day. Open wide the doors of your hearts my children to My Beloved Son. Continue to pray my child." 1st Joyful Mystery The Annunciation (Our Lady) "My beloved priest sons, thank you for saying yes to My Son. Continue to pray my child." 2nd Joyful Mystery The Visitation I see a vision of Our Lady helping Elizabeth her kinswoman and visiting with her and spending time with her and sharing with her as women do. (Our Lady) "My beloved priest sons, bring Jesus My Son in the Eucharist to all the world. Visit the sick and the dying and those in need of My Son. Listen to them and spend time with them. Be Jesus to them in their time of need. Continue to pray little one." 3rd Joyful Mystery The Birth of the Lord. In my room is a beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and at this very time 2:25 p.m. a ray of sunlight is falling directly across Jesus' Sacred Heart making His Heart shine very brightly. It is most beautiful. (Our Lady) "Jesus' Most Precious Heart holds the whole world in it. His Heart is limitless and excludes no one. His pure love flows out to all the world as water flows to all the lower places. No lower place is missed. The world my children is the lower place created by My Son and joined to heaven by His coming to the earth and being born a man, a human infant, humble and lowly, to be a man in all things except sin, to give man an example on how to live. Continue to pray my child." 4th Joyful Mystery The Presentation of the child Jesus in the temple. In my mind's eye I see Mary and Joseph bringing the child Jesus to the temple to offer Him to the Lord through the priest Simeon. And Simeon telling Our Lady that a sword shall pierce Her Heart, and Her heart pondering these words. (Our Lady) "Continue to pray my child. Continue to trust my children as I did in the Lord when I heard the words of Simeon concerning My Son. My priest sons, continue to trust in My Son, especially when the going gets rough. That is when My Son wishes you to call upon Him for help. To open your hearts to Him and wait for His guidance. Continue to pray my child." 5th Joyful Mystery The Finding of the child Jesus in the Temple (Our Lady) "My children look for My Son in your hearts. Seek Him out. Go to Him. Prayer is the key, PRAYER FROM THE HEART. My priest sons teach my children your brothers and sisters how to pray from the heart. To bring their hearts to My Son and open them to Him and invite Him into their Hearts by prayer, praying to Him. It is now the hour of mercy, a special time of grace, a special time of prayer. Pray for Our beloved priests. Pray for our shepherds. You, will help them all by your prayers. At this place in time they need your prayers. It is very simple my children. Anyone can do it. Anyone can pray. Simply open your heart and speak to My Son, Jesus or speak to Our Father or speak to Our Holy Spirit. You must go to the Lord. He waits patiently for you to speak to Him, to open your heart and invite Him in. The Lord is a gentleman and does not impose where He is not invited in. (I understood this to mean each soul would have to decide or choose to go to the Lord and invite Him in as He doesn't force himself on anyone. (ie) Our free will.) Continue to pray my child. My children thank you for coming today to pray for our priests. Thank you for putting all aside and coming together to pray for our beloved priests. Special blessings go out to each and every one of you today for the sacrifice you made to pray for our priests. The blessings will go home with each of you to your families and all you meet. I love you. My Son loves you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Thank you for being obedient to My call. Your Loving Mother Mother of Divine Love" 3:30 p.m. Our Lady finished speaking. 

________________________________________ Dec 25th, 1999 in Theriot, Louisiana 2P.M. Leslie Therese’s message: 

First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation) I have an overwhelming feeling of peace. I see Our Mother Mary in a White Mantle with Gold trim. She has dark hair and eyes and She is wearing a Crown of Gold. She placed Her Hands on my head, I am warm where She touches me.
Second Joyful Mystery (The Visitation) Our Mother Speaks: “I love you My child thank you for not giving up. Today is the beginning of your new faith, a faith not to be broken.” 
“Tell Claire I love her and that she should never be afraid of an empty house when My Son is here.”
“Rest my child.” I am told to make the sign of the cross, so I do. I am seeing purple flowers everywhere in the room. “A circle of doves replaced the crown of thorns.” I saw a circle of white doves. Holy Spirit Speaks: “My children listen to Me PRAY PRAY PRAY for My sons, offer up all of your daily chores and joys for them. Many are coming home to Me with your help. Persevere in My Spouses Name. Rest again.” I see a wreath of rosebuds , purple or pink. Our Mother Mary Speaks: “My child tell all here I love them and place My Hands on them all. Thank them all for coming today, that they will all bring home special blessings (graces).” “Jimmy I love You. I need you and want you to witness for Me, you are good and blessed, you will be whole again.”(I asked Mary if She would speak to my sister or just let her see Her.) Her reply was:“Taryn is My Heart.” Our Mother Mary is standing above all and asked me to tell everyone. “I love you, I hear all of your petitions, I am bringing them to Heaven. Continue to pray and celebrate My Son’s birth as you never have before, share with everyone you meet ‘A Child was Born today for the release of souls and the forgiveness of all sin.” “Special blessing for Marie” Jesus said softly “----- your beauty shines and surrounds Me. I love you and Forgive you.” I am told by Mother Mary that I feel Claire Rose's wounds so that she may continue to kneel and pray. I see butterflies everywhere I look in the room. Mother Mary appears in white and gold and says:“Look at everyone again and tell them again of My Love for them. I have called you here to this place, Pray as a child would pray, with innocence and Love. Go to confession often”. Jesus says softly:“Receive My Body and Blood with a faithful heart.” Mother Mary Speaks A Message for priests: “My sons I love you and want you to come back to Me to be healed refreshed and released from earthly tangles, I await you all with My Arms wide and My Heart open. Come to Me here, My Love for you is never-ending and will only get stronger with time, there is nothing that cannot be forgiven. Come back to Me, like the rain washes away dust and debris I will help wash away all of your sins. And you will be new again to spread My Love to the world (Earth). I will not give up, you are My sons. Pray for your brothers, speak to them. Pray that they will listen and come back to Me.” Angels are surrounding the house and praying with us. Sparks of light are flying all around I see Golden Crosses and Pulsating Hearts everywhere. A young man saw: Jesus coming as a child. He also heard the words, “GOD is Life. We are the Fruit.” End of Leslie Therese's message ________________________________________ Claire Rose shares: A month before the first Priests' Saturday on the Last Saturday of the month, November 25, 1989 I was awakened at 4:11 A.M I saw two white doves flying in front of me. I can hear the sound of their wings. They are so close. I see this with my eyes open & closed. I see many faces, kind ones. Rainbo colors all around me. At 6A.M. I was sitting near the window in my kitchen where Our Lady Appeared to my daughter just after midnight on Easter, 1987 and to me on Feb. 28, 1988, I am looking at the dawn sky. I was thanking God for the beauty and for the sliver of the moon, still visible. All of a sudden I saw a beautiful face of a gentle woman, big, bigger than a tree, it is Our Mother! She is spreading Her Mantle and in front of Her almost as big as She is, are two white doves with their heads barely touching. I see a butterfly. I see again Our Mother's Face, with a Crown of Stars around Her Head. I see angels, many, many multitudes of angels. There's an angel that looks like a dove. I see a white lamb. I see a man on a white horse. I see Jesus! He is smiling at me! How shall I continue to live? Now I see many faces. Hail, Holy Queen! I see a big man's Face, like God, The Father! In His beard, is The Infant Jesus with His Arms wide open, many angels with big wings! O God! The whole sky turns pink its 6:18A.M. I went to walk outside barefoot; my whole world is flooded in pink. There are 6 pink roses on Blessed Mother's rosebush. The sky is filled with faces. I see Our Blessed Mother holding Baby Jesus! I see a hooded monk. His eyes are really looking at me. It's St. Francis! Just his head, his face, big, bigger than a big tree. I am in 'AWE' and I pray.

December, 25, 1999, Saturday