Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

33rd of 42 Visitations
Feb. 7, 1998 Our Mother announced 9 public Visitations on the Last Saturday of the Last 9 months of 1999. On March 25, 1999, Our Mother revealed the 9 Visits represented the 9 months Jesus spent in Her Womb. On Holy Thursday night 1999, Our Mother said, "In addition to the 9 Visits, I will Appear 33 more times, one Visit for each year of My Son Jesus' Life on earth." A total of 42 public Visitations. 9 in 1999. 24 in 2000 & 2001. And 9 in 2002. Dec. Visitation is the 33rd of 42 that we know of.

December 29, 2001 Theriot, Louisiana
Written by Claire Rose:
Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the wind is a little crisp. Pilgrims began to arrive early. My husband Buddy blessed inside & outside our house with Holy Water. My children have picked many oranges to share with everyone who comes today. Pilgrims have come from several states.
The day after Christmas one of our Consecrated victim soul brides, Marcus, 44 years old, died peacefully at his home surrounded by family. He is a convert to our Catholic Faith. We met him almost 2 years ago when he first came here on the Last Saturdays with his wife to pray for priests. He came at other times to make flower beds for Jesus & Mary. He became like my son & I loved cooking for him. He was here to celebrate Holy Mass with us on our 9th Anniversary, Ascension Thursday, May 24, 2001. A few days later, in the first week of June he was told he had cancer that was incurable. He began to offer his sufferings for priests. On the first Saturday of July 2001 Marcus received six of the seven Sacraments, Confession, Baptism, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage and First Holy Communion. In the first week of December, Marcus & his wife expressed a desire to make their victim soul Consecration for priests. On December 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe` during a Holy Mass that was celebrated at his bedside he made his victim soul Offering for priests. Three others joined him in making this Offering, his wife, another young woman & my husband. On December 19, a young man from Ohio made his vow. He is the 28th.
On this past Thursday, December 27, three men came to put up 15 big cedar crosses that now mark the 15 decade Rosary that Our Mother asked for in 1990. They arrived at 11a.m. and finished at 3p.m. Each cross (Mystery) is 33 feet apart. Our Mother says, "Thank you My sons. Thank you for responding to My Call to you. Thank you for helping Me. I love you My own sons. All is going according to God's Plan. Many priests will be helped because of your open hearts. I love you all. 
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."

Our brother, Marcus' funeral was on Friday December 28. Three holy priests Con-Celebrated his simple, very beautiful funeral Mass and burial. Family & friends came from several states. Seven Consecrated brides were present. Our Lady said that She has taken our brother to Heaven. I saw Jesus & Our Mother greet him as he arrived in Heaven. Together they put a ring on his right hand and They put a royal robe or cape over him. It was royal blue with a rose-purple collar. Both the robe & collar were edged in white fur. There was gold on it. Jesus & Our Mother escorted him to a banquet table laid with beautiful linen & vessels. Together They set a meal before him. Later I saw Jesus & Mary place a royal Crown on his head. He is the first Consecrated bride of our Apostolate to go to Heaven. Our Mother had said months ago that She had a mission for him. She said he will help many priests & others from Heaven.

At 1:45 today, Dec. 29th, the Last Saturday of this year, we gathered around the Holy Cross to pray with the many children. I invited Our Mother to please come & be with us under all Her Titles. I thanked Her for coming to Visit us & for loving us. Together we prayed Hail Mary's. 

Our Mother came. She was so beautiful. She was dressed in a beautiful white lace mantle. "My precious, precious children, I love you." She extended Her Hands over us, first Her left Hand, then Her right Hand. I could see clear white Light coming from above Our Mother. This Light passed through Her open Hands and became like rainbos as the streams of Light came down to us. "These are Graces, My children, extra-ordinary Graces for you. Thank you My beloved children for praying for priests. Your prayers are heard in Heaven. You are a special gift. I love each one of you. I thank the parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles who have brought My little ones here today. Many vocations to the priesthood & religious life will flourish from here to all the earth. I am opening your hearts. I come to you in Love. I love you! My little Martin, I love you. I am here at all times. I will remain here until the Coming of My Son Jesus. I love you. I love you. 
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love." 
We are surrounded by multitudes of Holy Angels & Saints, more than I have ever seen before. I believe all of Heaven is here with us.
At 2p.m. I blessed everyone & the rooms with Holy Water. Priests & Religious are present. Our house is full & there are many people outside. We began with The Sign of the Cross. I thanked Our Mother for coming to us. I thanked Jesus for sending Her. I asked Our Mother to please pray with us & for us as we pray for our priests. I also asked the Holy Angels, Saints and the souls being purified in Purgatory to pray with us & for us.

At the First Joyful Mystery Our Mother asks that I announce that She is Present. I did.
In silence I thanked Our Mother for the healing in their soul of two priests in the last 12 hours. I Consecrated to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart all the priests in this world & priests souls in Purgatory. I plead that She send us holy priests, more priests and that many more priests who have left the priesthood will return to Jesus, to us. I beg forgiveness & compassion for all priests who sin grievously & ask for their conversion of heart. I ask for special Angels of Protection for those priests who have turned away from sin & back to Jesus that their lives & ministry be renewed & restored in Divine Love. I ask for the spiritual & physical healing of all priests. We need all our priests, please Mother Mary, we need them. I plead for an increase in vocations to the holy priesthood. I plead for Mercy on those priests who have gone astray that they will return to Jesus before it is too late. I ask that none be lost. I ask that She take our imperfect prayer & turn it into sweet music in the Ears & Eyes of God, the Holy Blessed Trinity, Our Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. 
I hear "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!" I ask for a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit, of Divine Love on all our priests. I ask for a tremendous increase in vocations to the Holy Priesthood & Religious life. I lift to Our Mother's Immaculate Hands & Heart all those who have asked us to pray for them. I re-Consecrated this mission, Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity, all of us and our families, homes & parishes to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. I thank Her that holy priests & Religious are present today & that She increase their numbers. I totally surrender all into Her Immaculate Hands and Heart. I spend time just loving Her and receiving Her Love. Our Mother lets me feel Her Love for the priests who are present. This Love almost pushes me off the kneeler as it goes through me, a wave of Love that overwhelms me. Our Mother goes around & touches each person here. Some will feel Her Touch. 

Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation 
For a priest who is present: "My beloved priest son I love you, I love you, I love you. I thank you for being here today to pray with me for your brothers. They need your prayers My little son. Thank you for sharing your healing with My children. I love you. Do not ever be afraid no matter what goes on around you. I am with you. I am within you. Many of your brothers will receive healing by your prayers. Thank you for being a faithful son. Thank you for being My faithful son. I love you. I love you. I love you. Your Mother; Your patroness, Mother of Divine Love."
For a French priest who is present: "Mon chere enfant, je t'aime. Je t'aime beaucoup. Merci pour ton courage. Je t'aime. Ta Mere d'Amour Divine."
"For all My beloved sons: I call you. I love you. I am here for you. I come to you in Love. I come to bring you Love. I come to bring you My Peace. I come to bring you the Peace of My Son, My little Son the Infant Jesus. I need you My beloved sons, to become pure and holy as an infant again. Only by your holiness can you bring holiness to My children. All My children. I am your Mother. I bring to you My Immaculate Heart. I bring you to the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. We are here for you. Meet Me by the water, by the Bayou's side and by the Cross. You will be washed clean by Grace. All Grace needed for your holiness you will find if you will seek Me Your Immaculate Mother. Pray for your brothers I love you. I love you all. My own little lambs, My beloved priest sons. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
Second Sorrowful Mystery The Scourging at the Pilar
"My beloved Martin, My own heart, I love you. I love you. Did you think that I had abandoned you My beloved son? No I am with you and I have never left your side. I have never been closer to you than now and in your illness. I love you. I love you. Be at Peace."
"D. I love you. Marcus is with Me in My Arms forever, yet he will always be near to you taking care of you as he did in this life. I love you."
"My children come and pray with Marcus in the heart garden, the garden with the bleeding Heart of My Son Jesus. Many, many, many of My beloved sons and many of My children will receive healing here. A little victim soul for priests has arrived in Heaven. A special priest son has received healing by your offering on My Feast Day."

Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns I saw the Crown of Thorns on Jesus' Beloved Head. It was more like a cap that covered His whole Head, bigger than what we see in pictures. Our Lady Speaks: "All who have come here today for healing will receive deep healing of body, mind and soul."
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross:
"A Message for a priest: My own little son, I love you. You shine with My Love and the Love of My Beloved Son Jesus. I love you. You carry a heavy cross My son. Continue to carry it with Love, with Peace and with Joy. I am with you. I am within you at all times. I love you. You pierce My Heart with Love. You flood My Heart with Joy and Hope. I entrust this cross to you. I love you. I love you. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion
I see Jesus Alive on the Cross that is in front of me. Jesus Speaks from the Cross : "My brother priests: 'Not my will O Lord but Thine', let this be your constant prayer."

Jesus was still Alive on the Cross and He looked upon all humanity for all ages from before His Birth until the end of time on earth. As He looked with deep Love upon our brokenness, our wounds and our sins we are All washed clean by His Holy Precious Blood. Jesus said,
"Father forgive them for they know not what they do!"
Then Jesus died.
Second Glorious Mystery The Ascension
"My Precious and most Beloved Children, I love you. I love you. Thank you for coming here to pray with Me Your Immaculate Mother. I love you all. I call you here to pray for My priest sons. I hear the cries of your suffering. I am with you. Offer your little crosses My children. Offer your crosses to My beloved Son Jesus. Join your sufferings to His and to My Immaculate Heart for all My priest sons. I love you. Today I ask you to forgive one another and to seek forgiveness. This is the key to Love. I ask you to Love one another, to spread seeds of Love, to spread seeds of Peace and to spread seeds of Hope. Remember I love you and I am always with you. I am multiplying My little Mission of Love over all the earth. This is a special gift for My beloved priest sons, My beloved shepherds, My beloved little lambs. Love them My children. Encourage them and thank each priest that you meet. Say to each one 'Thank you for being a holy priest. Our Mother sends you Her Love.' I love you My children. Remember when you pray for My beloved sons you pray for yourselves and your children. Do not be afraid of the future. Consecrate yourselves, your hearts, your families, your homes and your parishes, your pastors and your Bishops to My Immaculate Heart. My Heart is the only safe Refuge for My Heart is enclosed in the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. I take you there." (I experienced this)"Worry not what others say about you, remember they spit upon My Son. Consider yourselves blessed to walk in His Footsteps. You will receive your reward in Heaven. I fill you today with Peace, with Joy, with Hope and most of all with Love for one another as you begin a New Year. I am with you always here in this little place. Have you noticed I like little places? Little hearts? I love you all My beloved children, My shepherds and My sheep. I love you. I love you. You are a chosen flock. You have been chosen and called to pray for My beloved sons. I will use your little sufferings and prayers to restore My Sons Church to holiness. Thank you for your perseverance. I am here who am your Mother. Your Mother Mother of Divine Love." 
Four humble souls made their victim soul for priests Consecration with two priests, 3 Religious & many pilgrims as witness. Thirty-two have now made this Consecration. 
Many pilgrims saw the miracle of the sun today. There are 9 more public Visits that we know of. End of Claire Rose
December 29, 2001 Theriot,Louisiana Leslie Therese` wrote: As we prayed outside with the children by the Cross when Claire Rose was describing Our Mother Mary I was seeing Her the same way at the same time. She was glorious and beautiful. Next to Her I saw Marcus with such a smile that I cannot describe it and on the other side of Marcus I saw Jesus. They were all walking together and praying for priests with us. Yesterday at Marcus' funeral I saw him sitting next to his wife, holding her and comforting her, even in death he is comforting her.
After we came inside and as we started to pray the Rosary I could hear the children outside playing and laughing next to the window. I was a little annoyed, disturbed by them because I thought maybe they were disturbing others. Our Mother spoke: "I Love to hear the children playing they are so precious to Me. Take care, My little ones to obey your parents for they love you as I do." At this time I see Mother Mary in white with a golden crown on Her Head. She is smiling at all of the children. Our Mother Mary speaks again: "Parents especially My precious Josephs take care to teach your children love and kindness. My Son Jesus gave His Life for Love; teach your children this Love. To deny them this Love is to deny them true life. My Son Jesus is calling you as parents to love your children with all that you are, each one is a most precious gift from God the Father, to be taught and guided by you. Take this responsibility very seriously. Teach them to always think of others before themselves and to love all on the earth, Yes even their enemies. Teach them to pray for all especially priests."
This is Our Mother's message for priests:"My priest sons who bring My glorious Son Jesus to all of My children, I love you. You are welcome here always My precious ones. Yes I have called you here to a new life in My Son Jesus. You have much to say to your brothers. Tell them I am present here for all their needs, whether they be spiritual or physical. I will wash away all that does not belong to My Son Jesus. I will make you whole again to send you out to do all My Son Jesus asks of you. Teach My children of Our Love for them. Teach them of My Son Jesus' truths. Your bodies are renewed My sons each time you come to Me here. Your sins are forgiven; you have been made whole again to go forth and to help your brother priests. Just like children some of your brothers need to be taught of the Love of My Son Jesus, and they have forgotten that I am their Mother, I am the Mother of the Son of God, I am the Mother of the Church and all that comes from it. This church and all who come to it will have a cleansing like the world has never seen. 
Much work and prayer is needed for your brothers to believe and not be afraid to come here to Me. All who are here pray for you My sons. You will know and see My Presence here today My precious ones. You are My Heart and you are within Me. Do not be afraid I am your Mother and have only Love and Comfort for you My sons. Someday you shall walk with Me in Heaven and meet the many souls saved by your 'YES' when I called you to My Heart. Thank you for saving the souls of My children. Listen to My children praying for you My priest sons. I thank you for your courage in coming here today, I above all know how hard it is for you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I cannot say it enough… Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love."
Our Mother spoke to D. : "What more must we suffer to reach the gates of Heaven and to be welcomed into it as Marcus was. My precious son walks and prays with Us for the priests of the world. He is with Me My daughter. My daughter you have given much for Me, and I Love You, so that it fills Me to overflowing. Through it all your faith grew stronger. Nothing will ever break this faith. My child I will not let it. I am your Mother and I see all that you do in My Name. Your son is also in My Heart, I am blessing him with My Love today, his wife also. I love you My child that will never change. You are so precious to Me. You are a jewel in My Crown. You will tend the roses in My garden."
Our Mother Mary spoke to the nuns present: "My beautiful daughters here you are again, always it gladdens Me to see you. I see and hear your daily prayers and deeds. You are so true in your love and devotions. All of Heaven hears you. Thank you again for showing the world of your love for My Son by wearing your habits. Some of your sisters are in error, pray for them still, for they are caught up in what the world is offering. They have forgotten who it was who called them to religious life. It was I their Mother, Pure of Heart, Mind and Body. It was I who talked to them to be pure and innocent in My Sons church. Like Eve, they are being misled by the serpent, into the world of sin. I will crush him. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. My daughters for your sisters and brothers."
Our Mother then spoke to Brother M. : "My little M, I love you My son. Your songs are like prayers."… (I see the Host appear on Brother M.'s chest. Mother Mary kisses him on his head and he brushes his hair where she has just kissed him. I can hear all of the holy angels and Saints praying with us today and Our Mother let me hear this now so that I can describe it to show Brother that this is what his voice is like for Her when She hears him sing. It fills me up so completely that I have to take a deep breath.)
"S., continue to pray for them My child. T. listen for My Voice again My daughter. All you do is seen and heard My daughter. I am always here for you too. I have been around you always. Your children are mine and for the generations to come because of your goodness they will know My Love. The love of a mother because you taught them what a mother is and that is Pure Love. I love you My daughter, My most beautiful precious daughter. G., the time for play is over I am calling you My son Listen!…. Listen!.. E., look for the light of My love in everyone you meet, and you will see that I am in many places. G., Thank you!
C., You My child need to seek MY love again. Where you go your husband and child will follow. I love you My child. I call you to MY love. I see all that you do in My Son's Name. Why would you not call Me blessed, Me who carried the Son of God? Your healing spirit has brought you here to Me today. Come back to your Mother…
For everyone: I call to all of MY children to pray for those of this earth who do not believe that I am their Mother and the Mother of God. And so My God has chosen for Me to be honored as such. Your Mother,Mother of Divine Love" 
End of Leslie Therese`___________

December 29, 2001 Last Saturday of December Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. Around 1:45 p.m. I went around and blessed the house with holy water. I then blessed all present and myself with holy water. I invited the Holy Angel and Saints and Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. I then invited Our Lady to pray with us under all Her titles. Around 2:00 p.m. we started the prayer before the Rosary, and then the Rosary. 
At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady said, "Announce that I am here." I did. She then continued, "Hello My children, My precious prayer warriors. I love you. You are here today because I have called you. Thank you for answering My call to pray with Me for Our priests."
At the second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, Our Lady said, "I am the first Christ bearer. You, My prayer warriors are Christ bearers also. As you receive My Son in the Holy Eucharist you bear My Son to all you meet. Show His great love to all you meet. This is His great gift to you. Use it wisely. Do not squander this great grace of love."
At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord, I see the most beautiful Nativity Scene. Great grace and love pour out to all of us and out to the whole world. It is visible to me by golden rays shooting out to us and then to the whole world. Our Lady then says, "Behold, The Savior of the world. Many receive extra graces because of your prayers in this holy season. Open your hearts to your Savior, My Son (Jesus). Let Him dwell in your hearts forever. Let Him love you. He is waiting for you to come to Him and ask for that love. He is always a gentleman and waits for you to ask Him to come to you. Let Him make you holy. Listen in your hearts for his whisperings of love. Only if your hearts are open will you hear His love speaking to you. A small still voice speaking to your heart."
At the fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation in the Temple, I see Our Lady under different titles pass before me. Some I know and some I don't. It happens very quickly and is very difficult to explain. I feel great peace and love.
At the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple, I see Our Lady in the midst of us. She is all in transparent white, yet you can't see through it. Her garments flow softly in the breeze. She is most beautiful. She is praying with us and has a Rosary in Her Hands. She looks at each of us lovingly and tenderly and says, "My children thank you for praying with Me for Our priests. Please pray for My priest sons who are on the wrong path. Pray that they will return soon to My Son and His correct teachings."
At the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden, Our Lady continues, "My priest sons, do not wait. Come back soon. Come back before it is too late. Do not spend all eternity in hell. Your responsibility is great. Do not squander the graces from these prayers that are being said for you from this beautiful and loving Mission for you. Do not ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Listen to those promptings. Oh! My sons, come back to your Mother. Come back." At this point I see Our Lady crying. She is holding Her Head in Her Hands and crying. She says, "Is My Son's Passion and Death in vain." Our Lady then becomes silent.
At the second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar, I see the devil cringing as we pray the Rosary. As we continue saying the Rosary he sneers at us and then leaves. I have seen this before, but not the sneering before. I see Our Lady surrounded by Angels. Warrior Angels. These Angels seem to be surrounding us. Thank you dear Lady. She then says, "My children many Holy Angels surround you. You are not alone on your journey to My Son. You are My special children, My little and precious warriors. Not afraid to pray for My priest sons. I love you."
At the third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns, Our Lady says, "My priest sons, pray for your brother priests who are holy to stay holy. Pray for them not to be afraid to stand up for My precious Son, to His correct teachings. Pray for them to be true to the Magisterium of My Son's Church. (I understood this to mean the Holy Father.) Pray for your Bishops to be holy and to be good shepherds over their priests for who they are responsible. Great is their responsibility in Heaven and on earth. My children pray for Bishops also. They need your prayers most desperately. They will have to stand before My Son one day in Heaven. Pray! Pray! Pray for them."
At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross, I see a light faintly and then get brighter and brighter as we pray. It seems to shine in many places all over the earth because of our prayers. Our Lady speaks, "That is correct My child. That light is the fruit of your prayers at this very moment, shining brightly where it is needed the most, as nothing is wasted in Heaven. Oh! My children, My priest sons, Oh! How I love you. Oh! How My Son loves you, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Your prayers rise to heaven, heard by all of Heaven. A chorus of Angels sing as you pray."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, I see priests all over the world multiplying, more than I can count. I see religious multiplying all over the world also. Our Lady speaks, "My child you are seeing some of the fruit of your prayers." All that I see dear Mother are in habit. "Yes! Little one the new wave of priests that are to come are not afraid to wear their habits. They are even proud to wear them. " Oh! My Mother that is so beautiful. "It will be the same with the religious little one. This new wave of priests and religious will make a great difference in mankind. They will not be afraid to suffer and bear witness to My Son."
At the first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, I see whole communities of priests and religious with joy and love on their faces, drawing the people of God to them in love. Our Lady continues, "My child this is what your prayers are doing. Help to spread this mission of love, to pray for priests, to all you meet. You will not be sorry. God cannot be outdone in generosity. Your prayers are being answered as you pray."
At the second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension, I am very aware of the people around me praying. I see us being joined to all those all over the world as we pray together for priests. Our Lady says,"That is correct My child. I have joined you all together who have come to pray with Me today for Our 
priests at My request. Thank you all for being obedient and answering My call to pray for priests. When you are with My Son and I in Heaven you will then understand more completely how important your prayers are at this time of Mercy and Love. A very critical time My children, My priest sons. Pray! Pray! Pray!

At the third Glorious Mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, I see Our Lady as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is most beautiful. She is all in creamy white with a gold edge around her mantle. Her Crown is gold with seven points. In front of Her Crown is a Chalice with the Eucharist just above it. Golden rays shine out from it, pulsing and shining at different lengths and brilliance. She is standing just above us and in the middle of us. Her garments move softly in the breeze. She is smiling at us, pleased with our prayers.

At the fifth Glorious Mystery, the Coronation of Our Lady in Heaven, Our Lady speaks, "I am sending special blessings to all present today. You are faithful and true My precious prayer warriors. I take care of you all in a special way. Thank you for your perseverance and love of Me and My Son. Thank you for answering My call to pray for priests. You do not understand the magnitude of your prayers and fasting. Pray for your selves to persevere. Pray also for the world to turn to My Son, to acknowledge God, and peace will return to the world. Souls must convert their hearts back to God and peace will come. Persevere My children. Pray My children! I love you. Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
End of bride from another area, Lin.

December 29, 2001, Saturday