Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

September 23, 2017, Saturday

Last Saturday Prayer for Priests, September 30, 2017

Just before 2pm

Our Mother Speaks:

“I am here awaiting My children. I love you! I love you! I love you! Please announce My Presence among you.” Earlier, I was wondering about my vocation as wife and mother and Our Mother’s Visitations and Words through the years and what would be considered my vocation.

At the Second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation, Our Mother spoke: “Your first Vocation is that you are a child of God! You were created by God because He loves you, each and every one! You were created to be a vessel of Grace and Love, Divine Grace and Divine Love. This is your first Vocation. To be a vessel fully open to God. You were each created in perfection, to be a child of God, fully open to all the Gifts that God Himself chooses to fill you with. Sadly, your first parents brought disorder to the beautiful world that God created, through their disobedience.

Each and every child of God is precious, special and unique. Each was created with special and extra-ordinary gifts. Each of you, My precious priests and all of My children is called and given free will to respond to God’s Call or not. Open your hearts and souls, My priest sons and all of My children. Our God is calling each of you to respond with all of your hearts and souls.

A cleansing is coming upon the earth, My little ones. Each of you must do your part. Your help is needed. I have come here to you in obedience to Our God, the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. One God in Three Persons. A cleansing has begun within Our Beloved Church. My Beloved Priest Sons need your prayers. They are fragile human vessels called by God to a higher calling, the highest calling upon the earth. They are called to be ‘Other Christs!’ No others have a higher calling than My Beloved Priest Sons! They need your prayers, your kindness, your love, your understanding, your compassion! Offer your suffering and sacrifice for them. Many are called but few are chosen, only because few respond. My Beloved Priest Sons give their whole life for you, My children. They give their all for the good of your souls! For your sanctification. Can you not do the same for them? When you pray for your priests, you are praying for your families and yourselves.

O My priest sons and all of My children I call you all to put God first in your lives, in your hearts and souls, in your families and homes, in your parishes and dioceses, in your countries.

This is Divine Order! This is Divine Order! To place God first above all! You were created by God to be a vessel of Divine Grace and Divine Love. To be filled with Divine Grace and Divine Love one must become empty. Only an empty vessel can be filled, empty of self, empty of sin, empty of putting others or things before God. Open your hearts and souls My little ones. I am here to help you. To help you become empty vessels, to help you rid yourselves of all sin. To help you to rid yourselves of all that is not of God. To help you rid yourselves of all that keeps you from giving yourselves totally and completely to God. My Beloved Son, Jesus, came to earth to open the Gates of Heaven through His Conception, Birth, His life of Suffering, His Death and His Resurrection from the Dead. He came to teach all to Love God and to Love one another.

My priest sons and all of My children, as a first step in the cleansing of your souls I ask you to go to My priest sons and to make a holy and sincere confession. When you go to My priest son in the Sacrament of Confession you must remember that it is to My Beloved Son Jesus that you open your heart and soul. Repent of your sins. Be converted to holiness and wholeness. Our Father is calling you all to holiness and wholeness.

An Army of Saints is needed now upon the earth! An Army of Prayer filled Soldiers, an Army of Prayer filled Warriors! Prayer, My priest sons and all of My children is the highest form of Action! Lift up your hands and hearts and souls. Be open vessels, open to God’s cleansing. Welcome God’s cleansing like you welcome a cleansing rain after a long period of dryness and drought. Our God calls… Respond to His Call, My Church. Respond with your whole Soul and Heart. Respond with your Life.

Give your all as a living sacrifice for the salvation of souls. Worship God and God alone in all Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My children who pray and offer sacrifice faithfully for My priest sons share in all the work of their hands and hearts. I love you! I love you! I love you! I am Mother of all hearts, Mother of all priests.

I am Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”