Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

September 25, 1999 Theriot, Louisiana Last Saturday-Day of Prayer for Priests On Friday, Sept. 24, I saw St. Joseph holding Baby Jesus, both were all in white. Twice this week, I have seen two of our statues of Mary, Our Mother with a gold crown on Her Head. One was the bayouside statue, the other, a statue brought to us as a gift from Texas, that is now in our chapel. Both these statues have the same face. I am not sure what the crown means. While in prayer just before midnight, in our chapel, two of us saw Jesus on The Cross come alive. He was bleeding from His Neck, and most of His Chest was covered in Blood. This morning,Our Mother told me that St. Joseph would join Her today. About noon, I called two priests to pray with me because I was feeling like such a mass of imperfections and so afraid to fail Our Mother and Jesus by all my mistakes. Each month, on the morning of the last Saturday, my normal calmness seems to flee until just before we begin to pray the Rosary for priests. I guess I'm always afraid no one will come and it will be my fault. I think this is probably a normal human reaction. At 2 P.M., I blessed myself, the room and all present, then I asked everyone to bless themselves, with holy water. Our Blessed Mother has asked me to do this. We began in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I invited Our Mother of Divine Love, all the holy angels & saints & the holy souls being purified in Purgatory to please pray with us and for us. At the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Mother asked me to announce Her Presence. I did. Our Mother was dressed all in white. She said, "You are seeing Me in My Fullness." I presented to Her all the priests of the world, their needs and petitions, all we pray for in our daily Morning Offering. Then I brought to Her all those present and those who are praying with us and for us throughout the world. I asked Her to join us all together as if we were all in this room. I gave to Her all of our petitions and love. Lastly, I brought to Our Mother every soul on earth and in Purgatory and pleaded for God's Mercy on all. During the second Joyful Mystery, St. Joseph joined Our Mother. He was holding the child Jesus, maybe 1 and a half or two years old. All were dressed in snow white. Our Mother then spoke personally to me, about my lack of faith. During the fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of the Child Jesus in The Temple, She for the very first time, gave me what She called "A Secret." I am sure that She will tell me later what to do with this. Next Our Mother asked me, "Are you ready to accept My Wounds?" I said, "Yes, My Mother, but only if You promise to always help me and be with me." She smiled at me, She knows how hesitant I am at times. "My beloved child, I love you. Surrender ALL to Me. You must trust Me more fully." For so long She was totally silent and I was just absorbed in loving Her, Jesus and St. Joseph. As The Sorrowful Mysteries began, Jesus on the Crucifix seemed to come alive. I do not know how to describe this. He moved, His Eyes were open and there was so much love in His Eyes, I cannot describe, only I could feel this Love envelop my whole being. There was blood flowing from a cut in His Neck and from His Mouth. He has many more Wounds than we know of. Our Mother was still there and I began to wonder if there would be a message for priests. At the third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, Our Mother spoke Her MESSAGE FOR PRIESTS "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, I love you. I love you with all My Heart. Each one of you is precious to My Immaculate Heart. Many of you are close to Me, but so many of you have gone astray. You grieve and pierce your Mother's Heart. I plead with you to come back to your Mother…Come back to My Son, Jesus. Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of The Cross "Many of you are obedient to the wrong voices, even many of My Bishops teach error." (A MESSAGE FOR BISHOPS) "You have let yourselves be led astray, you lead My young shepherds astray and so many of My children are living in error, in grievous sin which offends the Heart of My Son, because you fail to admonish and correct them. You no longer teach about sin and its grievous consequences." (TO ALL PRIESTS) "My beloved sons, I love you. Speak to your Bishops, speak to your brothers who are in error. I caution you in love. Many who are blind to Truth are leading my little ones astray. Open your eyes and your ears and your heart to Truth. You are not asked to be blindly obedient to that which is false, error, wrong or sinful."
At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion, I saw Jesus alive on The Cross, I saw blood coming from His Mouth. 
He said, "Ponder My Mother's grief." Our Mother then said, "Ponder My Son's Passion, His Suffering and His Death on a Cross because of His Love for all. You are asked to love in the same way. I love you, My sons, you are ALL in My Heart. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" Then the statue of Our Mother holding Jesus after He was taken down from The Cross, seemed to come alive. Our Mother was moving Jesus in Her Arms and as She moved Him, blood came from Jesus Mouth, even though He was already dead. I wondered, "Why Jesus' Mouth?" I understood it is because of all the sins that are committed of the mouth. First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection, "Live in Purity." Again I saw St. Joseph, all in white with Our Mother, all in white. I can see Her Heart. Baby Jesus is in St. Joseph's Arms. I somehow feel that this visit is especially to emphasize how important it is for all, priests , religious and laity to live a pure and holy life with The Holy Family as our example. Second Glorious Mystery, The Ascension,Our Mother spoke:"My Precious and most Beloved Children, This is My sixth visit to you, a visit in honor of the 6th month that My Son, Jesus spent within the Tabernacle of My Womb. O My dear children, the blood of the innocents cries out silence...silent screams all over the earth as so many are murdered in their own mothers blood. This must not continue. My precious children, all life is precious. Pray. Pray. Pray. My children, pray without ceasing for holy priests to lead you. You are in a battle that has spread to the ends of the earth, has become the great war. The battle is between good and evil. The blood of the innocent covers the whole earth. Man's inhumanity to man pierces the core of My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Son. Man is blinded by his own sins. Be strong, My children, I am with you. I will NEVER abandon you. (I seemed to hear Our Mother say this through the ages.) At The fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption, "The evil one has spread his error all over the world, both within and without My Church. I am your Mother. Pray without ceasing, mountains of prayer are needed to stem the tide of evil, of innocence lost, of innocent blood, which covers all the earth and threatens to cover over all. Be an example of purity and of God's Love and Peace to all. Do not be afraid for your prayers are heard. Prayer can turn and stop this evil which is all around you. Let your souls and your lives be a refuge of love where My Son and I come and find comfort and love." It overwhelmed me to think that Jesus or Our Mother would consider my soul or my life a refuge of love, where She and Jesus would come to find comfort and love. I never before thought of this and Our Mother understood what I was thinking. "You will be rejected, ridiculed and persecuted My precious children, your reward will be in Heaven. Thank My Son, Jesus, for this Visit. Come to My Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Son, Therein is your only protection. I love you. Look into one another's heart as you look into the heart of a rose, for it is deep in the heart that the fragrance of love is found. Love one another with My Love. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love" End of Claire Rose _______________________________________ Last Saturday of September 9/25/99 Received by a Bride from another area. Around 2 p.m. I am very aware of Our Lady's presence. Started saying the rosary. At the 1st Joyful Mystery I am having a vision of Our Lady all dressed in a cream colored gown and veil. The fabric is light and moves softly and gently in the breeze. She is quietly sitting next to me saying the rosary with me. She then began to speak, "My child your pain is grief, unresolved grief. It will not go away little one unless you acknowledge it and give it to My Son and let it all go. You must first recognize it little one. Then you can deal with it in the proper way and relieve the great pain you are in. By surrendering it all to My Dearest Son and allowing it to be absorbed into His Heart. You will then be free and the pain will dissolve, as His Love is all encompassing and can heal all things, physical, emotional and spiritual. (When I first received this I felt it was a personal message only and then Our Lady asked me to share it with Her priest sons.) "Share this with My priest sons little one. Open your self to My Son's healing Love. Let it permeate your being. Let it flow into every part of your being, physical, emotional and spiritual. Let His Healing Love "IN" totally and completely. Allow Him to heal you. Let His Blood flow over every part of you and heal you as only His Most Precious Blood can do. Trust in His tender mercy and healing, purifying Love, as only His Love can do." (Again I felt this was a personal message, but again Our Lady asked me to share this with those who are praying for priests.) " Share this lesson with your brothers and sisters who have come today to pray for My priest sons. Encourage them to continue praying after they leave today and to encourage others to do the same every chance they get. Ask them to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, My Spouse. To take time to listen to Him, to His still small whispers in their hearts. I know all who came today have good hearts because they came. They answered My call to come. They have a special place in My Heart and in My Son's Heart. I fell into a deep, deep sleep. It only lasted a short time. I would say about ten minutes. I have never felt such peace. When I awoke I started praying the rosary again. My being stayed in a kind of resting through the rest of the Joyful Mysteries. When I finished praying the rosary I felt refreshed and was free from pain. Praise Be the Name of the Lord! I was only able to say the joyful mysteries and write what I received at that time. This was around 3:00 p.m. The hour of mercy! End of a bride from another area _______________________________________ Leslie, another bride, a young mother, received:
I saw St. Joseph and he told me, "Something good will happen today. Blessed Mother spoke: "Keep your eyes open. See the beauty in all. Do not be blinded by satan and his works. Someone will join you soon and help prove to the world that I am here. Pray with all of your heart for that day." I asked Our Mother, Mary, to let many people see Her. She answered, "Many will see miracles and believe and many believe already, but they are blinded by worldy goods and worry what the world thinks instead of what God The Father thinks." I saw many golden crosses, all over this room. I was given the Crown and Mantle of Our Mother to paint on the painting She inspired me to paint in May, after I saw Her. Then I was surprised to hear the Voice of God, The Father: "I have heard your prayers and have seen your petitions. My children, I will not abandon you. Continue to PRAY and persevere in My Name. Pray for the world to be renewed in My Name. The darkness is near, but have no fear for I am with you holding you in my arms. Pray for those who do not believe in Me, that they should be saved before it is too late. Give comfort to those who are afraid. Pray that My priests may be stronger in My Love and take comfort in their True Mother." Our Mother spoke: "Pray for the children of the world before it's too late. Have them dedicated by their parents to God. Teach your children to pray and to follow God's Laws." I saw Our Mother in very pale green, almost white. "Make a joyful noise unto The Lord for He is listening. Praise Him in all things and you will be rewarded with a love beyond anything you can imagine." I saw many blue flowers.Our Mother spoke again, A Message FOR PRIESTS: "My children, My love for you is beyond the stars it is so great. Please accept Me as Your True Mother. Consecrate yourself to Me, also your parishes. The time is now. Teach all to pray My Name and in your need, I will come to you." I then saw Our Mother all in white with a flowing veil. She gave me a personal message for a young girl. "Tell ---- thank you for all of her prayers are heard. Thank all My children for coming and praying with Me." I saw The Child Jesus with a Crown. End of Leslie _______________________________________ A young man who was present received from Our Mother:"When a child cries, it runs to its mother,soon you will all cry and run to Your Mother."An older man saw Our Mother walking on water, blue, blue water.

September 25, 1999, Saturday