Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Sixty-Sixth Visitation of Our Lady

September 25, 2004 Priest's Saturday Theriot, LA

Claire Rose wrote:
Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining with a cool breeze from the northeast. A touch of fall is in the air. The wild flowers of autumn including goldenrod and wild purple asters are in bloom. We have had a very busy month on the bayou. We have suffered the death of one of our beloved brides, gone on a week's quiet retreat and have been threatened twice by Hurricane Ivan. The day after the Last Saturday of August our Spiritual Director's mother was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. She had a heart attack and her heart beat was unstable and racing. I visited her on Monday night and she asked if I had come to stay with her. I told her I was coming back in a couple of days to stay, thinking she would be at home. On Wednesday morning she was put into ICU and her family was told she would only live a few hours. When I went to her bed she asked if I had brought my suitcase. I told her I was there to stay with her and would not leave. As her friends and family gathered around her in the next few hours being fully conscious and aware that she was dying, she told each one good-by and that she loved each one. She had special words for each and every person who came. She thanked each one for many things. She was only supposed to live about three hours, well she surprised us all and lived three days and three nights. Many priests including our beloved Bishop came to pray with her. When one dear priest administered to her the Sacrament of the Sick I had a vision of her being crowned as a bride by Jesus. She had become a dear friend of mine over the past few years. She was a Consecrated bride offering all her sufferings for our beloved priests and for more holy priests. She has been ill since suffering a major heart attack 19 years ago. She struggled with congestive heart failure and also osteoporosis, which caused her a lot of physical pain. Two years ago she suffered a serious stroke that left her partially paralyzed on her left side. She was filled with courage and through prayers, therapy and perseverance was able to walk again, feed herself again and in the past year she began again to embroider. She was amazing! The simple act of threading a needle was very difficult for her yet each time I visited her she had a new piece of work to show me. She loved having her family and friends around her. Whenever we visited she would ask if we had brought our suitcase, as she always wanted us to stay for a few days. She had been hospitalized near death several times through the last years, but God wasn't ready for her until now. She died peacefully in the arms of her family on First Saturday, September 4 just after 7 a.m. She spoke to me a comforting message for her priest son a few minutes after her death as I prayed in a little chapel to Jesus, to Mary and to her. She assured him of her love. She said she would remain close to him. She said that Jesus had received her in Heaven as a bride. She was amazed to find out there was a special place in Heaven for the mother of a priest! Her funeral was very beautiful. There were over thirty priests and two Bishops. Our beloved Bishop gave a beautiful Homily on the way we should view death. His words were so profound and encouraging. An awesome tribute for an awesome lady who lived a quiet, holy and prayerful life! One who gave her youngest child to God as a priest. Yet in His gentle Love, God allowed this son to be fully a Pastor to his parish flock and at the same time to care most tenderly for years for his earthly mother. 

Today, on the Last Saturday of September my husband blessed inside and outside of our home with holy water. Today we are blessed by the presence of one priest, three Religious Brothers and three nuns and about 150 pilgrims. The priest heard Confessions. Twin girls from Lafayette sang many beautiful hymns for Our Blessed Mother and for us. They shared with us their story. They were born mentally challenged and the doctors advised their parents to put them in a home. Their father who was a physician developed leukemia. Their parents went to visit Padre Pio before his death. They asked Padre to pray for them and their children. He did and the father lived longer than expected. The twins were allowed to receive the Holy Sacraments of Confession and Communion. Today they are 42 years old live at home with their mother and they sing like angels! They have never studied music. They do not read music. They sing for two masses every Sunday. They are a special gift to us and the whole church from God! 
At 1:45p.m. we prayed with the children at the Holy Cross for Priests. Our Mother came as soon as we started to pray the first Hail Mary. She was dressed all in white with a gold edge on Her Mantle. She spoke: "My precious, precious little ones, I love you. I love you. I love you. I come to you. I come to you from Heaven. I come to call you. I come to touch you. I come to heal you. I come to love you. Give Me your hearts My little ones. Come to Your Mother. Come to Your Mother. Come to Your Mother. I will carry you to My Son Jesus. He awaits you in love. Today each one of you will receive a special healing, an extraordinary Grace. I love you My little ones. My beloved wounded children I love you." Our Mother asked me to reach out and touch each child that was present on the arm or hand. The children were all open to this except one. As I reached to touch a little boy's little hand he slapped at my hand. I said, "Our Mother is teaching us by the example of this child that many times She reaches out to us and we don't respond. She has taught us many lessons through the children. Thank you Mother Mary, thank you for showing us ourselves and the times when we may have turned away from You. And You were right there, calling us. Help us to always recognize You and Your Voice. Thank you Mother Mary. Thank you for loving us. Thank You Mother Mary. Thank You Jesus." 

We then went inside to begin the 20 decade Rosary for priests. I blessed the rooms and everyone present with holy water in obedience to Our Mother. I invited Our Mother, all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Holy Souls in Purgatory to please pray with us and for us as we pray for all of our beloved priests to become more holy and for an increase in vocations to the holy priesthood. At the first Hail Mary of the Rosary, Our Lady says, "Announce My Presence." I said, "Our Blessed Mother is with us." 
During the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation I consecrated all the priests of the world and all future priests to the Immaculate Hands and Heart of Our Blessed Mother, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I asked Her to please join us to all those who were praying with us all over the world for our beloved priests. Our Mother said, "Many will feel My presence here and in other places where they are gathered to pray for My Beloved priest sons." I gave to Our Mother all of our Petitions, all the brides and our families. 
Our Lady came in a blue dress with a white veil. Our Mother first appears with tears running down Her Cheeks, especially on Her left side. I somehow connected this to the sufferings of Our Holy Father on his left side. Our Mother Spoke:

"O My beloved priests, My beloved children, this month will be known as the month of Sorrows."

The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
"I love you all My children. I love you all.
Fr. S_____, My beloved priest son, I love you! I thank you with all of My Heart for answering My Call to your precious heart. You please Me My little one. You are My own little lamb. Many times in your life I have saved you from harm that would befall you. Harm that would have taken you from the path that God chose for you. You are a holy shepherd My son. Do not doubt yourself My son. Do not ever doubt My love for you. I am with you forever My son. You shall spend eternity with your Mother."
The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
Our Lady continues, "O My little one, I love you! You shall spend eternity within the Loving Arms of Our Father, within the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son and within the Flame of Love, the Holy Spirit. O My son, I reveal this to you to give you courage when you want to stop, when you grow weary of carrying your cross. Focus on the finish line. I love you and I walk along with you each step, day by day, moment by moment. You are a special treasure to Me My son. There is a special place in Heaven My son for My holy priest sons. Thank you for your years of faithful service. I love you!"

The first Luminous Mystery, the Baptism in the Jordan
At this moment I see a wound on Our Mother's right Cheek, yet Our Mother is smiling and I do not understand. Our Mother says: "My priest sons are broken and wounded, ordinary human vessels, but with a higher call. Each one of My priest sons is given a heavy Cross. Embrace your Cross My sons, for you are chosen to be a holy example to all. You are chosen and you are given all the graces needed to carry your daily Cross in joy and in peace, in love, for you are given extra portions of Divine Love, of Divine Grace."

The second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
Our Lady continues: "My Bishops, I love you! I love you! I love you! You have been given a great responsibility for the souls placed in your charge, the souls of the shepherds, the souls of the sheep. This is your solemn duty My beloved Bishops, your solemn duty and a great cloak of responsibility. Take this duty with great care and concern My sons. It is the greatest duty given to you through the staff and cloak of your Divine Office."

The third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom
Our Lady continues, "I caution you with all the Love that is in My Immaculate Heart. Take great care that the spiritual needs of My shepherds and My sheep come first to you before any other concern. This is Divine Order My sons. My Bishops, My shepherds of the flocks, you have been given a Holy Order, chosen and anointed, called to be fishers of men's souls. Do not forget all caution and correction must be given in Love. But when it is necessary you must caution and correct. This is your most solemn duty. 

You have been given the charge over the flock that you have been entrusted with. The souls of My priest sons, the souls of their flocks. O My beloved Bishops, I come to you with deepest Love and concern for your souls and for the souls entrusted to your care. Some of you are very holy My sons. You bring much joy to My Heart. But some of you My sons are not as holy as you should be. And there are times you pierce My Heart. Times when I must look away for I cannot bear to see you sin."

The fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
Our Lady continues, "O My beloved ones, come home to your Mother. My Heart, My Arms long for you. When you hold the Precious Body and Blood of My Beloved Son Jesus, do your hands tremble? Or have you grown cold? O My sons, I call, I call! Be still, shut out all the noise of the world and you shall hear My Voice. I long to hold you and to carry you in My Arms tenderly and gently to My Son Jesus. Like any loving Mother, I will continue to call you. I will continue to repeat My Love for you. I love you more and more each passing day. For those of My priest sons who fall and fall again, I am here for you. I reach out to you in love."
The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady says, "Come out of the darkness My sons, come into the Light. Come into the warmth of your Mother's Arms and Heart. Bend your wills to the Will of God Our Father. Crucify yourselves. Crucify your flesh My sons. I will help you. Do not continue to wound My Son Jesus or Me, your Immaculate Mother. We long to help you. Be converted My sons, My own little lambs. Be converted to holiness. Be purified My sons. My children are suffering around the world for your sake, for your conversion to holiness and wholeness, for your purification, for your illumination, for your sanctification. O My beloved sons, I love you! The renewal of the whole Church and then of the world begins with you My priest sons."
The third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns
Our Lady continues, "The new springtime is on the horizon. A crown awaits you My sons. I need you My priest sons, to live a life of holiness, a life of wholeness, of truth. Through your example many will be led to holiness or to eternal damnation. The natural disasters will increase My children, as the time of tribulation and martyrdom increases. Many innocent will suffer. Many more innocent will die. O My children, awake from your slumber. Now is the time for a change in your heart and in your life."
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
"Grace pours out upon you in abundance. Reach up.
Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray more My beloved faithful children. Your prayers and your sufferings, your sacrifices will cause a tremendous wave of conversion in the priesthood. Vocations, Holy Vocations will increase and multiply beyond anything you can imagine. THIS IS THE NEW SPRINGTIME, MY CHILDREN! Daily prayer is needed, many times a day. Some of you are awakened to pray in the night, or to suffer in the night for My priest sons. Some will be snatched from the gates of hell at the moment of death because of your suffering and prayer. I come to thank you and to encourage you to persevere. I love you. I love you! I love you! I speak to you through broken and wounded vessels. O My beloved children turn to God, to Our Father, to My Son Jesus and to the Holy Spirit in Love. Love God with all your minds, with all your hearts, with all your strength. And Love one another as God Loves you. I love you My children. My Immaculate Heart will triumph over all evil."

The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection
"The healing of My priest sons will cause and bring about this Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, for My priest sons are My own flock, the ones assigned to Me at the foot of the Cross, the Cross of My Beloved Son. Come to the Holy Cross here, My sons and all My children. Bring to your Mother all your illness, all your problems and troubles. Leave all at the Foot of the Holy Cross for Priests and then pray, pray, pray for all My priest sons and I will pray for all your needs. I need an army of Love My beloved ones, an army of Love to pray, pray, pray for holy priests."
The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord
"All of Heaven joins you in this Mission of Divine Love. I thank you Fr. Dean for honoring My Request that Holy Mass be offered here on the Last Saturday of October to Honor My Beloved Son Jesus in Holy Eucharist, and to thank My beloved son His Holiness Pope John Paul II for the honor he gives to My Son in declaring the 'Year of the Eucharist.' Your faithfulness shall be rewarded My children. Thank you for your response. I love you. Your Mother.

Please join Me for Holy Mass here on the Last Saturday of October at 2 p.m. Those who want to come early to pray may do so. This will be a special Visitation in thanksgiving to you for your faithfulness to prayer and sacrifice for My priest sons. The time of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity is upon you. I am bringing My Mission here to a new level. I await you all My children, as we await the Coming of My Son Jesus! Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."
End of Claire Rose _________________________

September 25, 2004 Priest's Saturday Theriot, LA

Leslie Therese' received:
"My child, My child, do not doubt that I love you. Yes! even in this room you will find peace. Peace will come to you in a new way today. Pray for him who lives here.
Pray My children, Pray! I love you and thank you for joining Me in prayer this day for My sons, My Priests. Many of you that live in sorrow will leave your grief in My capable Hands today and walk away free. I was asked to come here for My Priests, many months ago, many years ago, but I am here for you also My children. I bless you all My children; I bless your marriages and wedding rings. I bless your children who are so precious to Me. I am well pleased for the effort you make to teach My children, My little ones about Me, and most especially about My Son Jesus, who loves so much these children. Keep yourselves in prayer My children, pray for My Priests.

My sweet Josephs, the protectors of My, your families. Pray for your families daily with an open heart. Guidance will come with prayer. Do well by your families for this is your calling (habit). Wear it well in everything that you do. Keep well your homes and speak only well of those who go there for My little ones are listening and learning by your example. Pray for My Priest sons in any spare moment you have, for their calling (habit) can some days be heavy to bear. Pray! Pray! Pray My children for all of the families of the world. Pray for your countries and their leaders to have peaceful hearts. Peace to you My children. Love to you also. I am always here for you My children. My heart is open to all who seek Me in prayer. And where I am, My Son Jesus is also present. I am sending each new person here home with Angels of protection as I have done many times before. I will continue to do this My children until there is no need. My children call upon your Angel when ever you feel a need to do so, for they will walk along beside you each and every day for the rest of your time here on this earth and they will some day meet you face to face. I love you My children. Oh how I Love you!

My sons listen how My children pray for you. You have been truly blessed. Come and seek Me here in this little holy place. Come and listen as We pray for you. Each of you is welcome here. Yes! I said each of you. My heart aches for you to come and visit Me here in this place. Come My sons, My precious Priests, come and be blessed, come and be healed. Come and be refreshed, come and be whole again. Come and be forgiven. I Love you My Priests, My sons! Come and begin your lives all over again. I await your return to Me. Your Mother, Mother of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."

Fr. S___, "Mon petite Cherie, Oh! How I love you My Priest. I am overjoyed at your coming today to pray with Me for your brother Priests. You are My Heart. Thank you for hearing the Confessions of My children, they are very blessed that you are their confessor. Bless My children before you leave today My son. Continue to be strong My son and walk in your faith. I bless you with renewal and refreshment of your body, mind, spirit and soul, for you are a good and holy Priest and I hold you in the Palm of MY Hand and in My Heart for safekeeping. I love you! I love you!"

To My Religious:
"My daughters and My sons in habit. I thank you again for joining Me today in prayer for My Priests. You are My chosen ones. You are as I am the Handmaid of God. You are His little helpers. You have done well for Us My little ones. Though you job is not done yet, you have pleased Us with the faith and joy you take on each new day. Continue in faith My little ones, My religious, to pray for your brothers and sisters in habit and for all of My children daily. You are blessed today with healing and renewal to go forward from today. I will refresh your spirit and make you whole again. I will gather you into the protection of My Mantle. I am there for you in every thing that you do, in every thing that you say. I, your Mother, know all that there is to know about you. I love you more with each moment of the day, each moment in time. Thank you again for wearing your habits to show the children of the world your true love for My Son Jesus. My children are blessed by you. Where ever My children in this world see you in habit, they know that you have given your lives to the peace, love and joy of My Son Jesus. Thank you for this sign. Continue to pray."

"K__, You have done all that you could have My child to be pleasing to Me. Continue in faith and continue to pray and all will be well in My time.
___, Do you think for one moment that I would take him away from you if I thought you truly loved him? Pray My daughter. Pray that you can leave the past behind you and dedicate your life to the children you are blessed with. Do all you can for them and him, and he will come home to you whole and your lives will begin. Pray My daughter! Pray!
J___, You are pregnant now My child. Love him with all of your heart and teach him well about the love of My Son Jesus. Be prepared for My call to him.
Alice, Do not look to others for what only We can offer you. My Son Jesus and I, your Mother have all that you need. Pray for guidance My child.
C___, You will be blessed in abundance My son for you are honest and good in all that you do. Your wife and children are in My Hands. Continue to work in honesty and faith in My Son Jesus and you will prosper. Be generous in your prosperity to those in need.
R___, You have done very well My son. You have pleased Me very much with your work and dedication for Me. You will be rewarded. I bless you and your family with My love and peace. I love you and many here have been blessed to know you. I can see the goodness in your heart and the hearts of all of your family. I am blessed to call you My own children. Continue in faith to pray for My children that I speak to on your behalf. Pray! Pray! Pray!

To all My children who have come here in faith, I love you and thank you. For those of you who came in doubt, walk away free from doubt and renewed in faith and love. I give you My peace and love and I accept yours in return. I have read the petitions in your hearts and bring these to Heaven with Me today. Do not loose faith My children, no matter what you are witness to for I can heal all in faith and love. All it takes is a moment to lift yourself in prayer. Come to Me My children, come and feast at the table of My Son. Be healed in His one and only true Love. Come My children; come home to your Mother, for I will lead you to My Son Jesus as never before. Many of you are experiencing healing today of mind, body, spirit and soul. Accept this healing that I offer to you and go into this world and spread the news of what is happening here in this little holy place in the swamps that was chosen for you."

I saw Our Mother all in a red dress and white veil today. She was surrounded by light of all different colors. I saw Her embrace the religious and priest present and take them into Her Mantle, then into Her Heart. I saw Her take Fr. S____ into the Palm of Her Hand and place him in Her Heart.
End of Leslie Therese`_________________________

September 25, 2004 Last Saturday of September Priest's Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday. We went out to pray with the children by the 33 foot Cross for priests. We said the three Hail Mary's with the children. Our Lady spoke to the children. After the second set of Hail Mary's I saw Our Lady all in royal purple. Her hair was bright red. Then Her garments turned to white that looked like lace, transparent, yet I couldn't see through them. Her white lace veil then changed into a small circular crown of all different colored flowers and Her Hair turned brown. Around 2:00 p.m. we then went inside to say the 20 decade Rosary for priests.
Claire blessed everyone with holy water. While she was doing this Our Lady said, "Claire will announce that I am here little one. Thank you for your obedience in telling what you saw." I understood this to mean how I saw Her outside while praying with the children. While Claire was saying the beginning prayers I saw a crucifix that is white with gold edges around it, and from behind it came a bright white light that radiated at different lengths. A great peace is present. A great great peace! I am taken away for a short time. I am inside complete and total peace and love! Love beyond my understanding.
The second Joyful Mystery, the Visitation
Our Lady says, "Thank you My children, My priest and My religious for coming together today to pray with Me for Our beloved priests. If you are here it is because I have called you. Thank you for answering My Call. I love you My children, I love you!"
The third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord
"I am Mary, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, and I invoke you My children to appreciate the priests you have and encourage them and pray for them to be holy and stay holy.
Pray for seminarians to persevere. Ask Our Father for holy seminaries and holy teachers in those seminaries. Oh! How important is the formation of seminarians as they prepare to be Jesus to you. They truly need your prayers to persevere. They truly need your prayers to be holy."
The fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation
"As they become priests they bring Jesus to you in the Blessed Sacrament. They bring with them the other six Sacraments to you My beloved children, to YOU!
Listen to My Voice in your hearts, asking you to pray for Our beloved priests. These prayers help them to be holy and stay holy. When Our priests are holy, you My children and My religious will be holy. Their example, when it is holy, brings you, My children and My religious closer and closer to My Son Jesus, PURE LOVE! LOVE DIVINE! LOVE WITHOUT END!"
The fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Our Lady says, "Touch the person behind you. That person is receiving a healing. Tell her I live in her heart with My Son Jesus!"

The second Luminous Mystery, the Marriage Feast at Cana
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My religious, thank you for coming to pray with Me for your brother priests. Thank you for your courage in wearing your habits. What a wonderful example you are to My children. What a wonderful example you are to your brother priests. Your prayers support your brother priests who are so in need of your prayers for them at this time."
The third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom
"Pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life My children, as one supports the other." I see Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, with her crown. She is all in white with a gold edge around Her Mantle and it moves softly in the breeze. She holds out Her Hands to us and on them is a Rosary of clear beads that look like light, a white light. She says,"My children, My religious, My priests, this is your powerful weapon of Love. Use it often. The evil one cannot stand it. It is your weapon against him. Do not forget this My children, ---My religious, ----My priests! Use it often! I love you My children, I love you!"
The fourth Luminous Mystery, the Transfiguration
Our Lady continues, "I gave you this weapon of love. It is so simple My children, My religious, My priests. Teach others the importance of the Rosary and how to say it. Let them know how powerful it is.
My children, My special son John Paul II has declared a 'Year of the Eucharist.' I invite you all, My children, My religious, My priests, to open your hearts to this most holy and precious Sacrament of the Presence of My Son's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Receive Him often. Prepare your hearts for this most precious Sacrament of Love with a true and holy Confession."
The fifth Luminous Mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist
"Oh! My children, you need priests, holy priests to bring this Most Blessed Sacrament to you and to hear your Confessions. A repentant heart is most loved in Heaven. Many holy Angels and Saints are with you today, praying with you." I see Our Lady's Crown. It is awesome!

The first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden
Our Lady continues, "Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in all languages!" Brother Martin was saying the Rosary in different languages. Our Lady's Crown is glowing. It has seven points with a chalice on the front. Suspended above the chalice is the Eucharist. Coming out from the Eucharist are then rays of golden light. She says, "You are seeing the light of the world. No matter how dark it gets, My Son Jesus will never leave you. When you receive My Son Jesus in the Eucharist, you receive not only Jesus, but the Father and the Holy Spirit as well. Where the Trinity is, so am I! Oh! My children, Oh How I love you." I am feeling pain in my left foot. It is very noticeable.

The third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns
"M__, I love you! You are Mine! Do not be afraid. Persevere My little one, persevere!"
"G__, You live in My Heart and I live in your heart. You carry My love, My Son's Love to others. Do not be afraid of this. Your Yes' has been received in Heaven. You are under Our care and protection."
"J__, Have courage My daughter, have courage. I love you! I am with you!"
"L__, You please Me greatly. I love your open and loving heart. I am with you and all your family. I know you suffer My Love!"
The fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross
"Pray! Pray! Pray! Oh! My children, pray, pray, pray! Your leader, My special son John Paul II needs your prayers, and especially at this time. You will not know how much your prayers have helped him until you reach Heaven."
The fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion
Our Lady continues, "Oh! My children, My religious, My priests, you form a river of prayer all over the world as We pray together for Our beloved priests. This prayer goes before the throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity and all of Heaven. Heaven joins with Us in prayer for Our beloved priests. Oh! My children, My religious, My priests, you don't realize how powerful your prayers from the heart are!"

The first Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection of Jesus
I see a great dark void. Than all of a sudden I see a dot of light. The light grows and grows. Our Mother says, "My children, your prayers from the heart make the light of My Son Jesus grow and grow, bringing hearts and souls to My Son Jesus as He waits for them to come to Him. Open your hearts My children, open your hearts and let Him in!"
The second Glorious Mystery, the Ascension of Our Lord
I see many Holy Angels all around us, big ones, little ones, all different shapes and sizes, moving freely among us. Our Lady says, "They are your helpers little one. They are helpers for all My children, My religious, My priests. Pray to your Holy Angels in time of need. They are there to help you get home to My Son Jesus.
Thank you My children, My religious, My priest sons for praying with Me today for Our beloved priests. I love you! I am with you!
Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."
When Our Lady speaks to us, it is with such sweetness and such love that I cannot describe it in words.
End of bride from another area. _________________________Paste Message Here

September 25, 2004, Saturday