Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day of Prayer for Priests


During Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, while a 20 decade Rosary for priests was being prayed.

At the 2nd Joyful Mystery, The Visitation

Our Blessed Mother, kneeling in Adoration of Jesus, spoke to my heart:
"My beloved priest-son and all of My precious children, I Love You!  I Love You!  I Love You!
I am with you My precious ones!  I am with you. 
I will always be with you.  Always! 
Storms may come and storms may go...  I am always with you!  I have called you together to pray! To pray!  To pray!"

At the 3rd Joyful Mystery, The Nativity, Our Mother continued:

"With every heartbeat, I ask you to Pray!  Pray!  Pray!"

At the 1st Luminous Mystery, The Baptism of Jesus, Our Mother Spoke:

"Let every breath become a prayer.  O My children if you only knew how much My Son Jesus and I love you, you would die of Joy!

My Beloved children, I enfold you in My softest mantel.  My mantel of Peace 
of Love and of Protection.  I implore you to stay close to My
Beloved Son Jesus!  I keep you within the confines of My Immaculate
Heart, My Heart of Mercy, My Heart of Love.   I ask again that you
consecrate yourselves, your families and your homes and parishes to My
Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus!

This is very important especially at this time My Children.  I love you
and I bless you.  Teach your children to love My Son Jesus. Teach your
children to pray!  My little ones I love you - I love you - I love you. 

I am Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love.   I have many titles I am one
Mother.  Your Mother.   Mother of Jesus.  Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.

I thank you for your response to My call to pray for holy priests.
Heaven is answering your prayer.   My faithful children, I thank you for
your faithfulness to My Call.  Peace will reign, My faithful flock.  

My priest sons to the world are a shepherd but to me Your Mother you are
My own little lambs.  You are the flock that has been given to Me Your
Mother.  This began with the apostles, My beloved priest sons.  I love you!

I love you!  I love you!  Your Mother. 

In My Heart forever!  You are a priest forever and ever.  Put your complete trust in My Son Jesus!"


end of message received by Claire Rose.


Received by another Consecrated Bride:

At the 2nd Luminous Mystery, The Wedding Feast at Cana, Our Mother spoke: 

"Welcome home, My little ones, My loves.  My Heart is bursting
with joy at this day.  I am among My loves again in My Son's Holy House
among My people. In you, I am well pleased for your obedience in coming
here today even though fear kept you quiet, you braved this day for
Me. I have seen and felt your burdens. Relief is coming in much
abundance. Your children are as my own. Our great Fathers Will be done.
KNOW that NO ONE will touch their souls, these are under My protection
because of your yes."

Sorrowful Mysteries:

"A multitude of blessings, grace and mercy is on its way My children
but you must pray daily for these to be fruitful.  My children, will
you wash the feet of My Son? He longs for your affection and love."  

At The 3rd Sorrowful Mystery, Crowning with thorns; 

"I am the voice of love that speaks in the
silence of your hearts, Listen intently to My love. I give you My all."

At the 1st Glorious Mystery:

"All in God's time and in God's will.  Be loving and kind to all of My people
for you are all My children, the chosen ones by God Our Father.  Do all
you can for him to those that need your direction. Give your all, for in doing
for others you may be saved. I love you My children with all that I
am.  You are now under My mantle of Protection and Grace. I give you
each an angel of My joy at receiving you here in My Son's House. Call
to Me in your every need. I will guide and counsel you if you but
listen for My voice."

end of message received by other bride

Today we did not know that we would receive words from Our Mother.