Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Eleventh Visitation of Our Lady

June 28, 2008 Last Saturday of June Priest’s Saturday Theriot, LA U.S.A
Claire Rose wrote and received
Today is a beautiful day! My husband blessed inside and outside of our home with Holy Water. The weather is warm but breezy! We are well into summer here on the bayou with many roses and annuals blooming! We are blessed by the presence of two sisters today. 

At 1p.m. we prayed a Chaplet of Divine Love for priests.
2pm we began to pray the 20 decade Rosary
Our Mother said: “Announce My presence to My children,” I did.
“My precious and most beloved children, O how I love you! I love you! I love you! 
Open your hearts, My little ones, open your hearts to your Mother. I come to earth to bring you love. Your hearts must be open and empty My treasured children. I come to earth to love you. I come to earth to teach you to love one another as I love you.
In silence I come to you! O My beloved children I was walking among you for a full hour before the appointed time of 2. Were you aware of My presence? Where were your hearts and your minds My children. I do love you. You must have quiet time in your life My children. 
I thank each one of you for all that you do for My beloved Son Jesus. I ask you to pray more. Turn off your TV, and pray more. When you cannot sleep in the night perhaps you are kept awake to pray. Do not waste time in useless worry or talk. Yes, I speak to your hearts My children, many times you are too noisy or busy to hear your Mother’s voice. I have brought you here, invited you are. You are My invited guest. I invite you to be still and to pray for My beloved priest sons and for more priests. My children there is a crisis in the holy priesthood and a serious shortage of holy priests. Your prayers in response to your Mother’s call are heard in Heaven. You begin to see the response of Heaven to your prayers, sacrifice and suffering.
When you pray for holy priests you pray for yourselves and your children. Many generations will be blessed by the fruit of your sacrifice.
There is no prayer that is too small, no sacrifice too small, for those who pray the Morning Offering I have given to you, your day becomes a prayer.
For those who have made the Consecration Offering (Victim Soul Offering) that I have given you, your very life becomes a prayer, your breath and your heartbeat becomes a prayer.
I am teaching you through these offerings of self that I have given you here. I am teaching you how to empty yourself, to put others before self. I am teaching you how to love others, to place yourself last and others first. Oh My children, be kind and gracious to one another. Give to others of yourself as My Son Jesus gave His all for you! No action, word or thought of yours goes unnoticed. Keep in mind always that your bodies are walking living tabernacles by virtue of your Baptism. You are all children of God and precious in His Eyes. You are all My precious children. Each one of you is unique precious and special. Oh My children, how I love you! You are the bride of Christ, My Son.” 
I said; ‘There is no priest today, my Mother!’ Our Mother said,”My child, My children you cannot see all that I see. Today I am accompanied by all the priests of Heaven. Look at your hands My child.” In my hands I saw what looked like hundreds of priests, small like ants from every nation.
“My child these are those who were meant to be priests, chosen by Heaven, who were aborted, killed in their own mother’s womb. These are safe with Me My child because of their innocence God has mercy on their souls although many were conceived in sin. Many multiple births were sent to replace some of the aborted babies. My child today because of your prayers the souls of all priests in Purgatory will be released at the end of this Rosary, released into the Gates of Heaven.
I thank you for your response to my call to you. Oh my children, be alert, look around and be aware of what goes on around you. Be alert! 
Bless your homes and vehicles and places of work often with Holy Water. Do not allow anything, any object or book in your home that is unholy or not of God. Better to upset your child or grandchild than to invite satan in to your home. I am the Handmaid of the Lord. I come to you in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, God, Our Father, Jesus, My Beloved Son, the Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse. 
Today I bless you and all religious articles. I renew the blessing upon this house. I remind you, “You will begin a new order. Your house will become a holy dwelling place. Many priests, even Bishops, will come here and be healed. Get a room ready for Me!” [received for the first time in September 1987]
I bless each new person here with an Angel of Protection. 
Thank you My children. Please take My words into your hearts.
There is no greater mission on this earth than the chosen and blessed mission of life as an ordained priest. Take My words into your hearts. There is no greater mission than that of a Priest! And a priest can only come from and through a family. As you pray for My beloved priest sons you share in their daily ministry. 
For those who have offered themselves as victim souls for priests you share in the ministry of all priests for all generations to come.” 
Padre Pio is standing before us. There is a tear in his right eye. It falls and looks like a pearl.
“Kneel My child. Pray.”
“A priest gives his life for you all My children, A life spent in service for all out of love for God and for the souls of others. They are weak, broken, human vessels My children. Priests need prayers and healing My children. They are broken and wounded by their own sins and the sins of others. The evil one wants to destroy My priest sons and the holy priesthood, but he will not win this war. The battle lines have been drawn and My Son Jesus with Me, His Mother by His side lead the Army that is sweeping the earth.
Evil will be destroyed. Priests will be restored to holiness and wholeness and through the priests the whole church and through a renewed church the world. A reign of Holy Divine Love is coming My beloved children, both shepherds and sheep. At this moment priests are being killed and imprisoned because they are priests. They cry out for your prayers. Through the blood of the martyrs shall come a renewed bride, a renewed church. 
Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray more!
I ask you to fast on bread and water on Monday and Thursday for priests. If you cannot fast because of age or illness, follow the church’s rule for fasting or go out of your way to give up something you really like or do an exceptional good deed, in silence.
I bring you love and Peace. I leave you but remain here at all times. Pray for My priest sons at the Holy Cross and I will pray for all your needs. I desire Holy Mass be offered here on the Last Saturday of October. A mass of Thanksgiving to The Most Holy Blessed Trinity for allowing you to see the fruit of your prayers by the numbers in your seminaries.”
“I love you D .”
“O My children the greatest gift Our Lord and God can give to you other than the Holy Sacraments is to give to you a holy priest. For through the priest God comes to you in fullness. Be alert to those who would deceive you. I assure you the gifts that come from God are free and they are to be freely given without price. I do not mean that those who receive holy gifts do not pay a cost. Yes there is a spiritual holy cost for there is no crown in Heaven without the cross on earth. I bless you with much healing grace, healing of your bodies, your minds and your souls. I leave to you Peace and Holy and Divine Love. Open your hearts and souls to receive all the gifts God has sent to you. Keep your hearts open to receive the treasures of Heaven while you still walk upon this earth. All without cost, My children. I love you!”
As we sang the last Ave Maria of the Rosary, I saw many priest souls rising from several levels in Purgatory going through the gate of Heaven.
End of Claire Rose________________

June 28, 2008 Last Saturday of June Priest’s Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
In California for this last Saturday. There have been a lot of fires all over the state. There is a lot of smoke everywhere. Our Lady has been with us since early this morning. We started the 20-decade Rosary for priests at 2:00 p.m. We invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and the Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood. We invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood.
Our Lady is here as Queen of Divine Love, patroness of priests. She has Her Crown on with the seven points. On the front of the Crown is a Chalice and above the Chalice the Eucharist is suspended. Out of the Eucharist come golden rays to each and every person present. Our Mother Mary is going behind each person praying. She is Praying with us. Our Lady says, “Oh My children, Oh how I love to hear the Rosary in all languages.” The Rosary was being said in French. Our Mother continues, “Oh My children, thank you for answering My Call to pray for priests at My request. It pleases My Heart so very much! I love you My children, Oh how I love you!”
Our Mother Mary then spoke to a holy brother present: “I thank you for wearing your habit, as it is a strong witness of your love for Jesus and I. I thank you for the sacrifice you made to be here? I love you My son. I thank you for all you do for Me in Theriot on the last Saturday.” This decade is being said in Latin! Our Lady continues, “Oh My children, Thank you for honoring Me. Thank you My children for the sacrifice each of you made to be here to pray with Me. I love you! I love you! I love you!” The next decade of the Rosary was said in Spanish. Our Lady continues, “A----- and M------, thank you for offering your home to pray in. Thank you for your kindness. My children if you are here today praying with Me it is because I have called each of you here. Make no mistake that you have been called.
M----- I am with you! I love you! I see your beautiful heart. Thank you for answering My Call! I have much for you to do for Me! Yes, you will be able to do it.
M---- many are praying for you My child. Yes you and all your family. It is no mistake that you are here today. I thank you for all you do for Me”
Our Lady is now here as Our Lady of Lourdes. She is now Our Lady of Guadalupe, now Our Lady of Fatima, now Our Mother of Good Council, now Our Lady of Sorrows and now Our Lady of the Eucharist with Jesus as a baby on her lap, holding a Chalice with the Eucharist suspended above the Chalice. Our Lady speaks, “To My priest sons, who I hold in My Heart in a very special place. When I hold you in My Heart, you are in the Heart of Jesus, as My Heart lives inside the Heart of Jesus! Oh My priest sons, My children are praying for you here. Many, many graces flow from all the prayers coming from this Mission of Love for the priesthood. Grace and Love beyond your understanding! Open your hearts My priest sons to all the grace and love coming to you. Let it permeate your hearts and strengthen your souls. I love you! I love you! I love you! Oh My priest sons, Oh how I love you! Yes, listen to My Son Jesus whispering in your hearts.
A-----, My daughter, I got you here in spite of you not knowing where the address was. I thank you for coming to pray with me. I see your heart. It is a good heart. I live in that heart. I love you My daughter, Oh how I love you!
M--- My daughter I see your suffering. I know it hurts My daughter. It helps many priests keep on the right path. Thank you for offering your sufferings for Our beloved priests. I love you My daughter! I love you! I love you! I love you! Persevere My daughter, persevere!
Oh My youth I speak to you! You are all on My Heart. There are so many distractions around you! Take time to be silent and listen in your hearts to the still small voice of My Son Jesus. He is calling you My youth! Oh listen! Listen My youth! Listen with all your hearts. I love you! I love you! I love you My youth! I am with you! Tell others about My love for you all! My youth to the best you can, be good examples to your friends. Choose the right path, the path of goodness and holiness and wholeness. Be obedient to your parents and be careful to avoid sin as best you can. Be kind to others. Let My Son Jesus love others through you! Yes, let Jesus use each of you to do good and love others. I love you My youth! Oh how I love you!
A— thank you for coming! Yes I have called you here to pray with Me. Thank you for listening to Me calling you in your heart. I love you My daughter. I hear all your prayers. Don’t be afraid of what I am asking of you. I will guide you My daughter. Have courage, I will guide you!
Oh My children I see much suffering. There are many of My brides suffering at this time. Know My brides it is not in vain. Many priests are on the right path because of your offering of this suffering. I send extra special graces to you all at this time. Much is happening that you can’t see that is righting it’s self. Continue to offer your sufferings My brides and My children, My all, in My Son Jesus’ Name! When you offer all in My Son Jesus’ Name it becomes eternal. I love you My beloved brides and My children and My all! Love lives within you, yes, Jesus lives within all your hearts and yes, I am with you also, inside the Heart of Jesus! Oh My children, My all, I love you all!
My priest sons who are holy, pray to stay that way! Pray for your brother priests who have taken wrong paths. They need your prayers My sons. Oh My priest sons, if you only knew how much your good example does for your flocks. They need your good example My sons to be holy and to stay holy. I love you My sons, Oh how I love you. You belong to Me! You are My special sons. I love you! I love you! I love you!
Oh My children, My religious, My priests, thank you all for coming and praying with Me at My request! Yes, you form a river of prayer with out an end. Yes! Continuous prayer all over the world! You do not realize how powerful your prayer from all over the world is! I love you! I love you! I love you! Continue to pray, fast and sacrifice My children! Persevere My All, persevere! I love you! I love you! I love you all!
Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”
Our Mother is here. She is all in gold! She is holding Baby Jesus on Her Lap! Jesus is holding up His small Hand as though He is reaching out to all of us. Out of His Hand comes golden rays, they come out to each and every one of us. Our Mother says, “Oh My children, the golden rays are Grace and Love coming out to each and every one of you! Open your hearts and receive all! Yes, Love beyond your understanding, Grace beyond your understanding!”
End of bride from another area. ___________

june 28, 2008, Saturday