Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Visitation of Our Lady


July 25, 2009               Last Saturday of July              Priest’s Saturday                     Lafayette, Louisiana

Claire Rose wrote:  
As we began the Rosary Our Mother appeared as Queen of Divine Love.
“Announce that I am present with you!”
Our Mother’s Veil seemed to contain within the mist of heavenly cloth a multitude of tiny rainbows.  As I gaze upon Her Heavenly Face I realize that I am being shown Her Face more clearly than I usually do.  I watch Her Lips move as She says, “I love you!  I love you!  I love you!”  

Our Mother bows Her Head and all I see is Jesus on Her Crown, The Most Holy Blessed Sacrament of Divine Love, Jesus contained in a Golden Chalice and within a Sacred Host.  Our Mother’s Veil moves in the wind.  Our Mother’s Hands are folded in prayer.  In Her Hands She holds a Rosary of Light. I consecrate all priests and all future priests to Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

“My beloved priest sons, O how I love you.  O My sons I come to earth especially for you My priests, sons of My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart.  I come to call you to a deeper holiness, to wholeness.  O My beloved sons, you are a chosen flock chosen to represent My Beloved Son Jesus in your whole life, with your whole life.  You are chosen to be holy, to be a living example to all of My children.  My children are praying and offering sacrifice for you all over the world My sons.  O My sons you are the flock given to Your Mother’s charge.  I am a loving, patient and merciful Mother!  I am Your Mother.  
Your hands and your hearts are consecrated for holiness and wholeness, chosen from among all men.  O My treasured sons Our God comes alive in your consecrated hands every time you offer Holy Mass! As a simple bread and wine becomes The Body, The Blood, The Soul and Divinity of My Beloved Son Jesus.  Jesus left Himself for all of My children through you My priest sons.  
Remember where Jesus is the Whole Trinity is.   When you kneel in Adoration, let yourself be absorbed in Divine Love!  You are in the Presence of The Most Holy Blessed Trinity, God, Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit!"
During the 3rd Luminous Mystery:
"When you receive Holy Communion you receive The Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Ponder the Mystery you are given!
The Kingdom of Heaven is in your hands My priest sons!  I call you again to holiness and wholeness.  Come home to Your Mother.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  

My Beloved Religious Brothers and Sisters, I love you!  You bring joy to Your Mother’s Heart that is often grieved and saddened.  Thank you for wearing your habits, a true sign of your love for My Beloved Son Jesus and your love for Your Mother.  God will reward your faithfulness, your yes!  I wrap you in My Mantle of Divine Love, My Mantle of Protection and Mercy.  
My precious priests, Religious and all of My children, The Eye of Almighty God is upon you!  You are chosen to hear My call to you to reform your lives, to be converted and live lives of holiness and wholeness.  This life on earth that you have been given is only a preparation for eternity.  Our God is a loving God Who desires that all of His children spend eternity with Him in Heaven.   For this you were all created.
Have you wondered where you will spend eternity?  Your life on earth even if you live 100 years is only a moment when compared to eternity.  How you live your life on earth will determine where you will be for eternity.  Some of you are at a crossroads.  Be careful My children what or who you allow into your life and soul.  The evil one prowls about seeking the destruction of souls of families, especially the souls of priests and of the youth.  
O My children I ask you again to Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray more for My priest sons.  When you pray for Our priests you pray for yourselves and for your children!  Come to Your Mother.  Call upon Your Immaculate Mother when you are under trial or temptation.  I will take you by the hand and take you to My Beloved Son Jesus.  I await your call.  I am always near to you.  Stay focused on My Son Jesus.  His Arms, His Sacred Heart are always open for you all!  
A wellspring of Grace has been opened here, never to be closed.  Vocations to the priesthood and religious life will flourish here because you have welcomed Your Mother and because you have responded to My call.
This property is holy ground.  Much healing will take place here.  Much healing has already taken place here.  From the depths of My Immaculate Heart I thank you My family here who have welcomed Your Mother and I promise you many miracles.  
Today I am accompanied by My holy parents St. Joachim and St. Anne, also by my earthly Spouse, St. Joseph and by the Holy Apostle, St James.  

My child T, thank you for visiting and praying with your Mother.  
Rose, thank you for visiting My beloved priest.  You bring healing to his heart and his soul.  

A and C, I love you My own little ones!
D and S, thank you for nourishing My children and My priest sons!
During the 4th Sorrowful Mystery:
K, thank you for visiting your Godchild and her babies.  Your visit ..…(no words after these 2 words)....

Today I give a special blessing to all the children.  Vocations to the priesthood and Religious Life will be given to some who are present today for My Visitation to you.  This will still require a response from My children.  

Each new person here today is given a new holy angel, an Angel of Protection, an Angel to protect your Faith in the True Church.

O My children embrace your cross.  Do not desire the cross of another.  Each one of you have been chosen to carry a cross in love, one especially for your life’s journey!  Keep in mind, there is no crown without a Cross!
I love you.  I bless you all.  I thank you for coming to pray with Your Mother.  I will be present here for you on the Last Saturday of August.  All will return home safely.
Thank you for your response to My Call.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests
End of Claire Rose___________

From Our Mother to Claire Rose: "My child, please tell P and W that I desire to leave here on this property, the Well of Holy Mary, as a sign of My Visitations here.  I need their permission.  This will be announced next month on the Last Saturday."


July 2009

 Leslie Therese` wrote:

Our Lady says, “My children, My children prayer and forgiveness are the keys to Peace, and these come from deep inside each of you.  Pray for one another with all of your hearts, give yourselves completely to the LOVE that is offered to you in praying for others.  Pray for My sons, My priests!  Pray with all that you are My children. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Pray for the enlightenment of your government and the people of your country and the whole world. The truth will be made known soon.  Pray for your children, pray for all children in this land of supposed freedoms and ask GOD Our Father to have Mercy on you and the whole world, as you are but human and are weak without HIM to guide all that you do and say.  Stand up for Our Father and Love Him above all. 

I Love You My children.  Pray. Pray. Pray, and Peace will come into the world we pray for.  Pray every day as you do now (Rosary) with total abandon to Our Lord God.   Oh… how very much I adore Our Father.  I want to share in this LOVE with all of My children wholly and fully to completion.  I AM YOUR MOTHER THE MOTHER OF THE WHOLE WORLD.  Come to Me in prayer and faith and I will open again a place for you My loves, a place free from worry or burdens, a place free from pain or illness for I love you as you are.

My (Our) Father has asked this of Me and again I said YES.

 Arielle – I love you greatly My little one and in you will shine the love of My Son Jesus and all will see Him.

 G – You will join Me soon My child, Make a Good Confession.  My priests will lead you to forgiveness.  I love you child.

 My children Pray and Live The Lord’s Prayer (The Our Father) daily.  Ask  your priest to help you understand fully the meaning of this powerful prayer for it will lead you to Heaven.

 Kat, Kate, Kay – Our Lord has chosen a path for you and He will lead you through it.  Pray and fast and ask for guidance.  I will be with you as you journey.

L – You are not alone My love… You never were. Continue to pray for your family.  They will learn what to do by your faith and prayer, but most of all by your Love and belief in them.  I Love You.

 CB – You will again welcome Me into your home and all that I send to you will be blessed. My Son Jesus walked on water to show the world who He is and will always be.  Thank you my children for your faith in Him.

 To all – Repent. Repent. Repent,  My children.

 My religious, My precious ones I love you and thank you for embracing your habits.  You who are so especially precious to Me have again blessed Me in your faith and prayer with Me today.  I love you My sweet and gentle lambs.  Continue to pray and fast for your sisters and brothers of the cloth.

 My sons, My sons, you are getting better at hearing My voice, now please listen to My words to you.  Pray for My children.  Give yourselves completely to their welfare.  The time has come for you to give faithfully and without reservation.  Offer More confession to My children.  My children need this sacrament earnestly. Offer confession also to My priests, My sons, your brothers.

Come to me My sons, come and be refreshed in the Loving arms of your Mother.  Lay your burdens at My feet and open yourselves to the truth of GOD'S Love for you.  Open your hearts to Me and I will help you to begin again, I will guide your every step, you have only to ask and it will be so.. for I love you My sons, My priests..I LOVE YOU…


To all of My children again I say thank you for your faith in praying with Me today.  I bless you all with all of My Love and Peace.  I again bless all marriages and children of these whether by blood or Love.  I bless all children.  I bless all wedding bands and today I extend this blessing to promise and engagement rings worn for they are the beginning of your commitment to each other as couples.  I love all of My children and ask you to pray for each other as never before and to pray for My sons, My priests…Your Mother.   Mother of Divine Love…

 A – You will come to Me in true and peaceful Love.  Your family will be sad for a time without you but they will also know that you will be free of pain, worry, grief, loss, fear or anger.  You will be free and fully at peace."

End of Leslie Therese` _________________________


July 25, 2009                           Last Saturday of July                                      Lafayette, LA


Received by a bride from another area, Lin

It is a very warm day here.  We started the 20-decade for priests.  We invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.  We invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for Holy Priests and for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.  Our Lady said, “Claire Rose will announce that I am here.

Thank you My daughter for writing at My request.  Oh My children, thank you for coming!  Thank you for coming to pray with Me at My request.  If you are here it is because I have called you here to pray with Me.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Oh My children you form a river of prayer, a wave of prayer from all over the world for My beloved priest sons all over the world!  Oh My children this visitation is for you.  I ask you for prayer, fasting and sacrifice for My beloved priest sons.  This is needed for all the priests all over the world to be holy and stay that way.  If Our beloved priest sons are holy you will be holy My beloved children.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I need holy priests for your example My children, for you to be holy.

Oh My priest sons I am here for you.  I call your brothers and sisters together to pray for you all!  This gift I give you is for you to have courage and persevere in  your holy priesthood.  For each and everyone of you My sons!  Many, many graces are coming to you My precious beloved priest sons.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Continue to write little one!”

I have been taken to a place of refreshment, light and peace.  I am not sure how long I am there.

Our Lady continues, “J-----, I am with you!  I am asking you to persevere My little one.  I am guiding you!  Listen to the still small voice inside your heart.  You will know what to do.  I am with you.

Rest My daughter.

Father S-----, oh My Fr. S----- I love you!  I am with you!  I see your suffering and your struggles to go forward!  Persevere My precious priest son, persevere!  I love you My faithful son, Oh how I love you!  I use you to show My children how to persevere in holiness and wholeness.  You do not see what you do My precious and beloved priest son, but I do!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Oh My precious religious, My Brothers and Sisters, thank you for praying for Our beloved priests where ever you are and where ever I have put you!  You are an inspiration to My children, your brothers and sisters.  I thank My religious for wearing your habits.  You do not realize the STRONG WITNESS this is to My children.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

Oh My children who have come a long way to pray with Me, I bless you with a special blessing of courage to take home with you this day!  Those of you who are here for the first time I give you a Holy Angel of protection to persevere in prayer for Our beloved priest sons.  This Holy Angel of protection will be with you at all times, especially during prayer.  Oh My children, Oh how I love you! 

Oh My priest sons, some of you are struggling so!  The devil does not want you to persevere in holiness and wholeness.  He knows when you succeed you give this holiness and wholeness to My children.  Be assured My priest sons this Mission of LOVE is for you!  Yes, for you My beloved priest sons.  Your holiness and wholeness brings My children to My Son Jesus, to Our Father and to the Holy Spirit!  This is what it is all about My beloved priest sons, this is what it is all about!  Yes your holiness and your wholeness.  Holy priests have holy flocks.

Rest now little one!

The family of this home that is open for My visit is a family I have chosen for this job.  I thank you My children.  Special blessings come to W-- and P---- for opening their home to Me.  You will not be sorry!  I love you!  Each and every one of you who have gone to special care to receive Me!  Love abounds here!

Oh My children, My priest sons, My religious, I bring many, many graces here to you today.  Love dwells here with you, Jesus, Our Father, the Holy Spirit, I bring with Me to you My all!  Open your hearts My children, My priest sons, My religious to receive all this GRACE and LOVE and PEACE  that comes with Me for all of you!  LOVE, GRACE and PEACE beyond your understanding!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!”

Our Mother is here.  She is Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  On Her Head is a Crown with 7 points.  At the top of the points are small crosses.  Our Mother says, “There is no Crown without a Cross. Each of you My children have been given a Cross that is special for each one of you.  Only My Son Jesus knows what is best for each of you!  No cross is more than you can stand!  I ask each of you My children to pick up your Cross and follow after My beloved Son Jesus!  Yes, go forward My children and trust in My Son Jesus’ TENDER  MERCY and LOVE!

Oh My children, My religious, My all, thank you for coming today and praying from your hearts.  I am with you all in a special way!  Yes, My children, when you pray from your hearts the devil cannot stand it and has to leave.  Continue to pray from your hearts My little ones!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!

            Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.”

On the front of Our Mothers Crown is a Chalice.  Suspended above the Chalice is the Eucharist.  Out of the Eucharist are golden rays that come out to all of us praying here and all over the world!  Our Mother says, “The Rays My children coming from the Eucharist are especially for each and every one of you praying with Me for Our beloved priests all over the world!  I love you My children, Oh how I love you!”

Our Mother’s veil flows softly in the breeze around her!  She is most beautiful!

Our Lady says, “Thank you for writing My daughter in obedience to My request!

D-----, I love you!  I am with you!

L---, Thank you for coming to pray with Me.  I love you! 

Oh My faithful children who come each month, I bless you with an extra blessing.  I am with each and every one of you, giving you My Love!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you all!  I bless all newcomers with an abundance of Love!

M--- I love you.  Thank you for your perseverance.  I see how you struggle!  I love you!  I am with you! 

Oh My children, My precious children, Oh how I love you all, each and every one of you!”

Our Mother’s veil keeps moving softly in the breeze ever so sweetly.

End of bride from another area. ___________

july 25, 2009, Saturday