Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

February 24, 2018, Saturday

Last Saturday Prayer for Priests,  February 24, 2018 

February 24, 2018   Last Saturday Day of Prayer for Priests   St. Eloi Church

Our Lady Speaks

“Please announce that I am present with you! I was waiting for you My little ones, before you arrived.  I thank you for your faithfulness to prayer and sacrifice.  I thank you for your perseverance.  I fill you today with healing and peace.  Be assured of My Intercession for all your needs.  Continue to dedicate your lives as a gift to Our Father, as a living sacrifice for My priest sons.  I join you today to all those all over the earth who have answered My Call to dedicate the Last Saturday of every month as a Day of Prayer for My priest sons.  You are all under the shelter of My Mantle of Divine Love, My Mantle of Protection and Peace.  I love you My little ones.  I come to you in Peace.  I come to bring you Love and Peace.  O My little ones who have made the victim soul Consecration with your free will, a complete surrender to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity, with your whole mind and heart; your gift of self for My priest sons, has been accepted and sanctified by Our Father, by My Beloved Son, Jesus and by My Beloved Spouse, The Holy Spirit, sealed in Heaven for eternity.  I have given you promises, My victim soul children, a promise formed in Heaven, not an earthly promise.

My priest sons and all of My children, Lent is a time of healing, a time of renewal of your souls.  Offer your little sufferings for a renewal of Our beloved priests and of all Our Holy Catholic Church, where all Truth is.  The one true Church that was established on this earth by My Beloved Son Jesus.  Pray for renewal and restoration to holiness and wholeness.  Consider this time of healing renewal as a new Springtime that is coming upon the earth.  Winter comes before the Spring, My children, when all appears to be dead and lost.  Just as it is darkest before the dawn.  Be alert, My children.  I call you to repent of all of your sins.  Change your lives.  Simplify your lives.  Seek ye first The Kingdom of God!  Examine your lives, your homes, your souls.  Rid yourselves of all that keeps you from being holy.  Make a sincere effort to change.  Turn to your Mother, I will take you quickly to My Beloved Son Jesus!  Come to Jesus with your whole heart, with your whole will.  Go to My priest sons and make a Holy, Sincere Confession.  In Confession you encounter My Beloved Son Jesus.  It is the Sacrament of Divine Mercy.  In the confessional you are washed clean of your sins by the Precious Blood of My Precious Son Jesus!  Come in Peace and in humility.  Be humble and acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, in need of healing, in need of renewal, in need of restoration to holiness and wholeness.

O My priest sons, My children, My Church, you are broken and wounded.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God with all your hearts and souls and be renewed.  Be born again like the first signs of Spring.  I call you to come out of darkness into light.  Be children of Light!  Shed your old selfishness.  Shed your sins.  Correct your faults.  Live lives of holiness.  Desire holiness with your whole being.  Turn to Jesus!  He awaits you in every Tabernacle, at every Mass, in every Adoration Chapel.  The Most Holy Blessed Trinity, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity awaits you!  Come!  I am always present wherever Our God is present.  I am your Mother, in obedience to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.

The new Springtime begins in each of your hearts, it begins in this small and unknown place on the edge of the sea.  But renewal begins with suffering struggle.”

I see a vision of the struggle of the butterfly to be born out of the darkness of the cocoon, that began its life as a worm.

Our Mother continues: “Embrace your suffering.  Embrace your cross.  Embrace your sacrifice.  These are your pathway to holiness and wholeness.  My priests, My children, My Church I love you and I accompany you on your journey of life, your journey to eternal life.  Some of you are on the wrong road, turn around, turn back to Jesus.  Some of you are at a crossroad, choose life, My little ones.  Choose Jesus with your whole being, before it is too late.  I love you and I call you to Come Home to Jesus, Come Home to Truth.  Come Home.  I am with you.  I love you.  I call.  My Son Jesus calls out to you…” (from Our Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests)

Jesus Speaks

“Come Home!  My Arms and My Heart are open to all of you!  My Church, Come Home!  I call you to become One!  One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!  Become One!  Put away your differences.  Put away your pride.  Become One again.  I lived, died and rose again for you all.  I began One Church.  Not one thousand – thousand.  Only ONE, My wounded broken Church, become One again!  I AM COMING SOON!  Come back to Me, you who have gone astray.  Come back to Me!  I await you with open Arms!  I await you with open Heart!  Become One again!  The One Church that I established on the earth, to whom I gave the Keys to the Kingdom!”