Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday of April 2010

April 24, 2010       Last Saturday of April              Priest’s Saturday          Theriot, LA

Claire Rose received and wrote:

Today is a beautiful day!   We are blessed by the presence of a holy priest, and four holy religious, two sisters and two brothers and about 100 pilgrims.  In obedience to Our Mother I blessed myself and all the rooms and people with Holy Water.  We always light blessed candles for this precious occasion. 

At 2 p.m. we began the 20 decade Rosary for priests and for vocations to the priesthood with the Sign of the Cross.  I invited Our Mother to come with all the Holy Angels and Saints and the souls being purified in Purgatory to pray with us and for us.                      

At the First Joyful Mystery Our Mother speaks:  “Announce that I am present with you! Let My little children come!  Let My little children come to Me!  Come My precious and most beloved little children – Come to your Immaculate Mother.  I have come from Heaven to you here My priest sons and all of My little children.  I have come to ask a very special favor of you all.  This little place was chosen by Heaven long ago My children – long before any of you were born!  It was chosen out of all the places on the earth – as a consecrated place – chosen as a place of healing for My beloved priest sons.”

At this very moment Fr. Simon comes into the room and is seated.   He had been hearing confessions.  Our Mother continues:  “My precious priest son, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I thank you My precious son for coming today to pray with Your Mother for your beloved brother priests.  I thank you for hearing the confession of My precious children.  I cover and enfold you in My softest Mantle. You will be with your Mother in Heaven My son. You are a true son of My Immaculate Heart.  I treasure you.  J`ai taime mon enfant – mon petit! J`ai taime beaucoups!

My children the favor that I have asked of you here is that you pray and offer sacrifice for My beloved priest sons.  I ask for your prayer and sacrifice for more vocations to the holy priesthood.  Our beloved Church – the true Church ofMy Beloved Son Jesus, is undergoing a cleansing!  O My children, My priest sons and all of My children I come today to thank you for your holy perseverance and faithfulness to prayer and to offering sacrifice and suffering.  A wave of Divine Love is sweeping the earth My little sons.  Our beloved church is being cleansed.  It will be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness!  This restoration to holiness and wholeness has begun with My beloved priest sons. O My children when you pray for My priest sons – you pray for yourselves and for your children. You must have holy shepherds to lead you to holiness.  I come to earth from Heaven to bring to you the Love and Peace of The Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  Just as My Son Jesus emptied Himself from the Cross at Calvary, His Sacred Heart is wounded by the grievous sins of His brother priests.  Our Church – the Bride of Christ must be cleansed and purified.  If any of you had any doubt of My Mission here in this small and unknown place, the daily news should wipe away your doubt.”

First Luminous Mystery, Our Mother continues:“Our Church, the Bride of Christ will be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness through the restoration to holiness and wholeness of My beloved priest sons.  She (the church) will be pure and holy again!  She (the church) will be stronger than She has ever been.  This is My Holy Promise to you!  The world will follow the Church!  My Arms and My Immaculate Heart are open to you all.  Come My little ones, My Priest Sons, My Religious Brothers and Sisters and all of My children.  Consecrate yourselves, your families, your homes, your parishes, and your Dioceses to My Immaculate Heart!  Come to your Mother!“

Second Luminous Mystery, Our Mother continues with two private messages for priests.  I will share some of them: “My Beloved and treasured priest son, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  O My son, you are Mine!  Do not doubt yourself or your holiness, My son.  You pierce Your Mother’s Heart when you doubt.  You are pleasing to Me and to My Son, Jesus.  I see your daily struggle My son.  I am with you in your struggle.  Your humanity is your cross, My treasured son.  I carry you in My Arms.  Continue to surrender your free will to My Beloved Son Jesus.  You are a broken and wounded vessel of love My son, a treasured vessel.  If you were not broken and wounded My son, you would have no compassion for the many who turn to you in trust.  O My son, I love you.  Healing is a slow and painful process.  You are being made into a saint, My son.  The pathway is long and painful.  But-see-I make it easy for you!  Offer your suffering and your doubt in yourself as an offering for your brother priests.  I thank you for your response to My call.  I love you.  Keep in mind I am with you and within you every moment!  My little lamb, I love you!  Your Mother. Mother of Divine Love.”

“My precious and most beloved priest son, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you My own son.  I thank you for receiving My words to you through My daughter’s heart.  Ask for My guidance My son.  Ask and you shall receive!  I ask you to use Holy Water often, bless yourself and your home.  This is important My son.  You have prayed that I speak about the problems, the sin, the ‘scandal’ in Our beloved Church.  In response to your prayer, I speak of this today.  You will notice that I repeat what I have said so many times.  You must be strong and persevere in holiness and wholeness.  Frequent Confession will help you My son.  The evil one seeks to destroy you and your priesthood. Open your heart to Your Mother.  Do not doubt yourself!  I have been trying to teach you Wisdom and Discernment.  Open your heart to Me in fullness.  Ask for My Help!  I am always near you, with you and within you.  I hear your every heartbeat.  Remember My son, Patience and Humility walk hand in hand and on this pathway, you die to self over and over as you are healed and  set free to be all that God has called you to be!  When your heart is fully open you receive Wisdom and Discernment and through these holy gifts, you will come to Peace and Divine Union that will continue to transform your soul, your life and your priesthood.  Continue to carry your cross, your daily cross in love and in trust.  My priest son, you must remove from your life anything or anyone who is not of God.  I love you My son with pure and holy love, a love that brings true joy and Peace into your heart and soul.  This is My gift to you.  Remember the deepest weeds are the last to be removed from a soul.  You are close to the Face of My Beloved Son, Jesus, the Wounded Holy Face.  He Who Is has suffered for you and with you, out of Purest, Deepest Love!  I bless you My own son.  You are chosen to be a living example of holiness and wholeness, yes, you, a broken and wounded vessel, My son.  This makes you more compassionate to those many who turn to you.  I love you.  I pour out much Grace upon you.”  I saw Our Mother above this priest, who was kneeling, bowed down in prayer and grief.  Grace like streams of water and light came from above Our Mother and through Her Immaculate Hands and Heart just poured over and into the priest, like golden white Light.  So beautiful until all shadows were removed and the priest was pure white Light!

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, Our Mother continues:

“Kneel My child.  Pray these Mysteries on your knees!”  During the last Hail Mary I saw Our Mother at the Foot of the Cross.  There were seven swords piercing Her Heart.  Then I saw St. Theresa, the little flower – then Mother Francis Cabrini.

First Glorious Mystery, Our Mother continued:  “Come My little children!  My priest sons, My little lambs and all of My children, come and let your Mother love you.  Let Me teach you to love one another.  You must change your lives, avoid sin at all costs, crucify your flesh.  You must forgive one another and live in Peace.”

Second Glorious Mystery, Our Mother continued: “Make frequent and sincere confessions.  Grace, much Grace awaits you in Divine Mercy of the Holy Confessional.  Forgiveness is freely offered to you, receive with an open heart.  I speak to you and come to you to encourage you to preserve in holiness and wholeness.  Keep your hearts open to My Beloved Son Jesus.  

I come to you in His Holy Name and in obedience – to teach you of His Mercy and His Love.  I come to draw you to the endless Spring of His Mercy and His Love for you all.  Take courage My little ones, Our Beloved Church will experience a new Springtime – it has only just begun – the best is yet to be!  I bring you hope and Peace.  I fill your hungry hearts with a floodgate of Grace from Heaven.  The doorway is open My little ones! Come and receive!  When you go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – when you receive Holy Communion you receive the Most Blessed Trinity!  You are a living Tabernacle where God dwells!  Seek Him in one another!  All of life is precious for it is pure gift from God.  When you are weak then God is at work in you, lean on Him and let Him be your strength.  O My children oh how I love you.  Keep My words in your hearts. I bless you and your Religious articles.  These must be blessed by a priest!  I thank you all for your presence today and I join you to those all over the world who have set aside this day and for some of you your lives – as prayer for priests.  For 11 years I have spoken to you from this small and holy place.                                                             

Thank you for your response to My Call to you! All will return home safely.                      

Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests, Lady of  the Bayou"                       

End of Claire Rose___________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


April 24, 2010            Priest’s Saturday                  Theriot, Louisiana     

Leslie Therese wrote:  I see Our Mother as we begin the Chaplet for priests. I am overwhelmed at Her extreme beauty. She is dressed in pure white, with pearl-like beads at the edge of Her Veil. Her veil is held back by two baby angels.  St. Michael is behind Her on the left, Jesus is on Her right slightly in front.  He is wearing a Red cloak over a cream colored robe.  Our Mother Speaks: “Yes My little ones you are who was chosen.  God had need of your compassion, empathy, and real true Love for all people. NEVER will you be alone. NEVER… I will always surround you with all of My love.  Yes I am with you.  You are surrounded in Angels who will also protect you.  Give your all to Me.  Surrender yourself here in My Sorrowful, Immaculate Loving Heart… Surrender your all to My Son Jesus.”    

As we prayed the Offering Prayer before the Rosary began, Our Mother came to Me again.  She is draped from the top of Her Head to the ground in diamonds, pure, white, crystal clear diamonds.  They sparkle and shine around Her Face, Her ever changing Face. This is the same Mantle that I first saw Her in.  Our Mother continued: “As beautiful as these are, so is the beauty of My children’s hearts.  Thank you My little ones for again coming to visit Me here in this little Holy Place.  Yes Our Lord has touched this place as no other before with love, truth, and peace but also with an abundance of His Holy Joy.  I bless all of you My children with all that I am all that I will ever be.  Never before have I felt so peaceful as I do today.  I know true love from you here and I am blessed and complete.  I so love you My children.  My Love and My Heart I give over to you. You are like a healing balm to each other and so you heal the souls of many who seek your guidance and prayer.  I hear all that you ask of Me. I am again presenting your petitions to Our Father, Myself along with My Son Jesus.”

Jesus speaks, “Welcome again to you My dearest friends.  You bring much joy to My Father through My Mother.  We are well pleased by your faith in coming.  I Love You. Listen well My brethren to Our Fathers Words of Love through My, Our Mother.          Be Quiet and listen…”

Our Lady speaks again, “ Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  My children pray.  My Son Jesus is here with Me always.  He never leaves My side.  I am here to share His Love with you.  I LOVE all of My children.  All of you have a place in My Heart.

For Fr. Simon, “Jui’s tappelle Mon petit amore. (I call you My little love!)  Merci! (Thank you)  Merci! (Thank you) for listening to My children in confession.  Merci Beaucoups!  My little love for all you do for Me.  I see all you have given with a complete and full love in My Name.  I am blessed by your continuous yes.  Oh how very much I Love you!     

For My Religious, My little precious doves, My little children of the cloth you fill My Heart with your sweetness and love.  I am part of the love you give so freely on behalf of My Son Jesus.  Thank you always for wearing your habits as a sign of this Love.  I am as blessed as My children are blessed in abundance by you.  You are so very special to Me and I want you to know how very much I Love You.  You will have a special place in Heaven beside Me so that I may always be blessed by you!  As you have blessed My children.”   

I see Our Mother on a throne.  She is below Our Father God and Jesus.  There are many thousands of priests, religious brothers and nuns.  Some are singing praises, some are kneeling in Adoration, some are dancing and rejoicing.  The feeling I receive is they have no more pain or suffering.  They all want to praise and do more for God. This is hard to explain. 

Our Mother continues:  “L—You know how very much I love you My child.  Do not fret your children do remember what you taught them.  Did you not think I would protect them My darling? They are already Mine, thank you for teaching them about Me. They do remember, keep it simple My little one.  Give all to Me.  Who better to understand then Me, your Mother? Let go My child Let Go, your worry is unnecessary.

T—I want you near Me as never before.  I reach out to you My little one.  I want to always be next to you.  Show this love that you have to all of your children and grandchildren everyday.  Just a word of love from you will heal whatever ails your family. Continue to pray, ask for guidance and it will be shown to you as Our Father wants it to be…  You will travel and share what has happened in your life with many who are desperate to hear.  I love you most especially My little one.  Oh how very much.     

S—I am so filled by the love you have for your children.  I am with you every moment. Yes even in your motherly frustration.  Remember always what you learned from your mother, and she from her mother and so on and so on.  We learn many things from our mother but the greatest of these has been love.  Sit with Me in a moment of silence and I will refresh you with this LOVE.  Listen for My calling to you.  Listen!”

Third Sorrowful Mystery, Our Mother continues:                                   

“A—Oh, how very much I love you.  Never doubt, Never, that you did your best, you gave your all when you loved and continue to love your children.  I will help you.” I see Our Mother bending to kiss the top of this woman’s head. She is crying and pouring grace into this woman.                                                                                                       Our Mother continues: “Tom?—You are My heart and I love you too.  Yes I am here for you too.

K—Thank you for your voice and talent.  I love you My child.  Oh! So much!               J—My son, listen…listen to My voice.  Listen to My words. I have much for you to do.  I am filling you with much Grace and love My little Joseph.  Pray with and for your family and the many friends who seek your assistance.  Oh, how wonderfully blessed I am by your willingness to open yourself to the needs of others.  I am blessed by your yes. Thank you My son, Thank you.                                                                                                              My children, My children continue in prayer for My priest sons.  Pray more often.  My Joseph’s continue to bless your homes with Holy Blessed Water daily.  Again I bless you My little children as I have done before with an angel of protection on your first visit here.  I again bless all marriages and children of these.  I bless all wedding rings and other outward signs of your devotion to each other.  I bless all of you My children with My love and peace.      Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love and Peace.”                         

End of Leslie Therese`__________

April 24, 2010         Last Saturday of April               Priest’s Saturday
Received by a bride from another area, Lin
On this last Saturday I am in the hospital.  Several other brides who pray with us on the last Saturday are ill also.  I then realized that in a little way how the suffering of our brides all over the world were helping priests, seminarians and especially the Holy Father.  I am praying the 20-decade Rosary for priests from my hospital bed.  Thank you God that I can pray!  I started the Rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m.  I invited the Blessed Mother, all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made Holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests, for vocations to the priesthood and for perseverance for seminarians and especially for holy seminaries.  Oh Mother Mary, I feel your presence so strongly. 

Our Lady says, “I am here little one.  I am here for My priest sons and for My children.  I love you all!  I am asking all My children and all My priest sons to pray for the Holy Father Benedict XVI.  He is being persecuted at this time.
Oh My children and My priest sons, you must realize how powerful your prayers and sacrifices that are offered from your hearts are!  Yes, when they are offered in My Son Jesus’ Name, they become eternal.  You cannot fully understand this My children until you are with Us (Jesus & I) in Heaven!  You must take My word for it My little ones!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!
Continue to write My daughter.  Thank you for your obedience.”

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Divine Grace.  She is all in blue and white.  Her Hands are outstretched and out of Her Hands come rays of white light.  Our Lady says, “My children, I love you!  The rays of white light coming out from My Hands is Grace, Divine Grace.  It is coming to each and every one of you who are praying with Me for Our beloved priests from all over the world at My Request.  It is a time, My children, My priest sons when this is needed more than ever before.  And as you pray you sanctify not only Our beloved priests, but also your families and loved ones!  Oh My children, when you offer your selves as a living sacrifice, a victim soul for all the priests of the world in My Son Jesus’ Name through My Immaculate Heart everything you dobecomes a prayer. Yes, even your heart beat and your breath becomes a prayer.
It is now the Hour of Mercy My children! Pray for Mercy from My Son Jesus’ Sacred Heart at this special time for all the priests of the world and for yourselves and your families.  Oh My children, when you pray for Our beloved priests, I pray for you and your families and place them in the Heart of My Son Jesus through My Immaculate Heart.  I have asked you My children to set this day aside, the Last Saturday of the month, as a day of prayer for priests.  If this is done, the sanctification of the priesthood will occur!  Vocations will flourish!  Seminaries will become holier!  Priests will become holier through great humility and love.  You will see Jesus’ love shine through them to the flocks.  And yes My children, all through your prayers and sacrifices offered for the priesthood.  Your prayers and sacrifices offered in Jesus’ Name through My Immaculate Heart for the priesthood are more powerful than you know!”

Our Mother is here now as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  On Her Head is a golden Crown with 7 points.  On the top of each point is a small cross.  On the center of the front of the Crown is a Chalice with the Eucharist suspended above it.  Out of the Eucharist come rays of golden light.  Our Mother says, “Oh My children, the rays of golden light are Grace, Divine Grace, coming out to all of you!”  I am asked by a nurse to do a special task.  Our Lady says to be obedient as the obedience is a prayer also. I then come back to praying the Rosary for Our priests.  Our Lady continues, “My child, all that is happening to all Our brides all over the world is creating holier and holier priests.  My children, you cannot understand the magnitude of your prayers and sacrifices for the priesthood.  Only in Heaven will you begin to understand this!  I thank all priests, all religious and all My children who are praying with Me at My request for Our beloved priests from all over the world.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you all!

                                Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
S----, I see your heart and your love for your family and the sacrifices you have made for them.  It does not go unnoticed!  
C------, C----, & J-----, I am with you.  My Son Jesus is with you.  He carries you all at this time.  Keep your hearts open so He can fill them with His Grace and Love, Grace and Love beyond your understanding!
A-----, M--- & H-----, I love you.  I am with you.  My Son Jesus is healing all of you.  
C------, My son, you have come a long ways on your journey to My Son Jesus.  Keep your heart open to His Love My son.  You will grow and grow closer and closer to Him.  Let it happen My son, let it happen!”
End of bride from another area. _______________

april 24, 2010, Saturday