Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

One Hundred and Twenty-Third Visitation of Our Lady

June 27, 2009              Last Saturday of June              Priest’s Saturday         Lafayette, Louisiana

Written by Claire Rose:

Today is a beautiful day.  In obedience to Our Mother we are in Lafayette again.

Many Holy Angels and Saints present awaiting…… since early morning in the garden and in the house.  We are blessed by the presence of a Holy Priest, Holy Religious Brother and two Sisters. When Brother M. arrived he said, “There are so many Angels present there’s hardly any room for us."  A confirmation for me.

Our Lady says, “Please announce that I am present with you!”
Holy Mass was celebrated at 2 p.m.  Confessions were heard before and after Mass.
As Father John anointed everyone after Holy Mass, Our Mother was within him, dressed in a white dress and blue Mantle.  She was Our Sorrowful Mother.  Our Mother said, “Oh My beloved children, I love you.  I am with you in all of your suffering and sorrow.  I ask you again to offer your suffering, your sacrifice and your joys to My Beloved Son Jesus for all of My beloved priest sons.  I ask for more prayer, more fasting, more sacrifice offered for My precious priest sons and for all future priests, for priest souls in Purgatory and for the return to the Holy Priesthood of all of those who have left!
My beloved children, little victim souls of love, I encourage you that your prayer and sacrifice is multiplied by Heaven.  Your vows, your promise, your daily offering of self was accepted by Heaven the moment the thought was conceived and accepted in your mind and heart and soul.  I love you My beloved ones.
My priest son, My Religious Brothers and Sisters, all of My beloved children, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Pray a Rosary of Thanksgiving to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity for the Holy Gift of the Holy Priesthood.
Many will receive complete healing today!  
Pray the Luminous Mysteries in thanksgiving for the Life, Death and Resurrection of My Beloved Son Jesus!  By His Life, Death and Resurrection, the Gates of Heaven are open for you all  My precious children."

Our Lady says, “My Beloved and Precious Priest Son, John, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I thank you My precious son for your many years of faithful service.
Oh My beloved son you bring joy to My Immaculate Heart.  I am with you My son.  You have a special place In My Immaculate Heart.  I enfold you in My softest Mantle, My Mantle of Peace, Protection, My Mantle of Divine Love.  In your most joyful moments I am with you in your moments of loneliness I am with you!  Oh My precious son, Oh how your Mother loves you!  I will be with you always!  Yes, My own son you will be with Me, Your Immaculate Mother in Heaven.  Thank you for coming today!  Thank you for your ‘yes’!  The invitation to come here was from Your Mother!  You are a true representative of My Beloved Son Jesus, and where He is, I am!
Thank you for your response to My call to your Heart! 
          Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.  
My beloved priest son Gregory, I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I bless you My precious one.  I bless your Rosary and your medals, I bless your priesthood.  I thank you for your years of faithful service, for your ‘yes’!  
Oh My beloved priest sons, to the world you are a shepherd, but to Me, Your Mother, you are My own little lambs!  You have each been given a flock.  Oh My sons, My priests, you are the flock given especially to Your Immaculate Mother!  You, My sons, My priests are the chosen flock to be living examples of holiness and wholeness!  You are chosen to be other Christs!  No one else has been chosen as you are, My own flock, My own sons!  Although I am Queen of Heaven, I have not been given the gift of the Holy Priesthood!  I come to earth in and through this Mission of Divine Love for you, My priest sons.
I come in obedience to speak to you My priest sons and to all of My children, Words of Love and Peace I bring to you from God, Our Father, Jesus, My Son, The Holy Spirit, My Beloved Spouse!  I come to bring you love!  I come to teach you to love Our God above all and to love and forgive one another!  I come to teach you to live in Peace!
Oh My beloved children, My priests are My Hands in this world!  My Hands are broken and wounded!  Please help Me by your prayer and sacrifice to mend My Hands!
My precious priest sons, I love you beyond anything you can understand!  You have a special place in Heaven!  A wave of Love is sweeping the earth My little ones!  A wave of Love and Prayer for My beloved priest sons!  Our Church will be renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness!  The new Springtime is on the horizon!  As My beloved priest sons are renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness, so shall Our Church be made new again!  Embrace your Cross of suffering and join it to the Cross and Suffering of My Beloved Son Jesus!  Remember, after Good Friday is Easter Morning!
I join you all in your prayer and in your suffering.  Go to Confession often My little ones.  Stay in the state of Grace.  You do not know the day or the hour you will be called to come home!  I am with you!  Call out to Your Mother when you are in need.  I am always near to you!  I thank you all for coming to pray with Your Mother.
All will return home safely!  Each new person today has received an (Holy) Angel of Protection.  This (Holy) Angel will protect Your Faith in My Son’s true Church!
Oh My beloved children, I bless you and your religious articles.  These must be blessed by a priest.
I thank you for welcoming Your Mother into your home, and for welcoming all of My children!  My Statue is to remain here until the last week of July.  I have come to you here My children because of your faithfulness!  Vocations to the priesthood and Religious Life will multiply here in this Diocese because of your prayer.
Thank you My priest son, My Religious and all of My children!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am Mother of all Hearts!  I have many titles!  I am one Mother, 
Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests
Father Michael, I love you!
A blessing of rain I am sending!”
 area had been without rain for months.  Since the Last Saturday of June we have had rain almost every day.
End of Claire Rose, BMBT.    ___________________

June 27, 2009              Last Saturday of June              Priest’s Saturday         Lafayette, Louisiana

Received by a bride from another area, Lin
I am in Louisiana for this last Saturday.  It is a beautiful day.  We prayed the Stations of the Cross for the Souls in Purgatory.  Holy Mass at 2 p.m.  After Mass the priest blessed every person present for healing.  Then we prayed a five decade rosary.  Our Mother spoke to us during the Rosary.  
Our Lady says, “Let Me children know I am here!  I join all My children all over the world and send healing, grace and love upon each and every one of you!
Oh My children I ask you, each one of you and yes especially My small children to pray for priests, yes, for vocations to the priesthood.
Oh My youth, listen to the call of My Beloved Son Jesus.  He calls many of you to serve Him. Listen My precious youth, listen!  Open your hearts to His Call.  He is calling to you.  Oh My priest sons, teach My youth about My Son Jesus!
Oh My children, much healing is happening here today!  Open your hearts to all the healing that is happening here.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  
Oh My children, as you pray for priests much healing is going out to the priesthood, healing of body, mind and spirit.  Open your hearts My priest sons for all this healing!
Oh My child I ask you to continue to write at My request!
The Holy Mass you shared with your brothers and sisters brings so much grace and love and healing to the Holy Priesthood.  You cannot fully understand the Graces present in the celebration of the Holy Mass.  Many priests will have healing from this Holy Mass.  This healing goes to all the priests all over the world!  The joining of My children all over the world in prayer forms a river of prayer that cannot be stopped.  A wall, a wave bigger than a range of mountains moving across the world that cannot be stopped.  You do not understand the power of your prayer, fasting and sacrifice My children, all for the priesthood!
Oh My children, Oh how I love to hear the Rosary prayed in all languages.”
  I cannot name the languages.  
Our Lady continues, “Oh My children I see all the sacrifices being made by you all for the Holy Priesthood.  Encourage your brothers and sisters to pray for vocations to the priesthood, for holy Seminaries and for seminarians to have perseverance in their pursuit of the priesthood
Oh My children, My religious and My priest sons, I ask much of you, especially perseverance in prayer, fasting and sacrifice.  This is needed for vocations and for holy priests.  
Oh My children, My religious, My priest sons, I thank you for answering My Call to pray with Me for priests and for vocations.  If you are here, it is because I have called you here to pray with Me for the priesthood and for Holy priests and for vocations to the priesthood.  I come to you today as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests!  Continue to write My daughter!”  
Our Mother is here all in creamy white with a gold edge around Her Mantle.  She holds up a Rosary of Light in Her Hands.  It is a Rosary of Light and the beads are clear and seem to move like water as we pray the Hail Marys’.  Our Mother prays with us as we pray the Rosary with Her.  
Our Mother Mary says, “Oh My children, as you pray the Rosary from your hearts the evil one has to leave.  He cannot stay where the Rosary is being prayed from the heart!
Thank you My children, My religious, My priests for praying from your hearts.  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  Yes, I love you all!”
Our Mother’s Crown appears on the top of Her Head!  It is a Crown with 7 points.  On the front of the Crown is a Chalice and suspended above the Chalice is the Eucharist with golden white rays coming out from the Eucharist.  The rays go out to all present!  
Our Mother Mary says, “My children the rays from the Eucharist that are coming out to all who are praying with Me are graces and love and peace to each and every one of you!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you all!  

 Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.
C-------- and A----, I love My Crown of Roses.  Thank you for Crowning Me My precious little ones!  I love you!  I love you!  I love you!
A--, I love you!  I am with you!  I am guiding you!
Child of grace, I thank you for writing in obedience to Me!  Thank you for writing My child.  Each of My children will return home safely today.  I am with you!  Each and everyone of you young and old, I love you!  I love you all!  Oh My children, I do not leave you!
Mary Immaculate.”

Our Mother hovers above us.  Her Hands outstretched over all of us.  Out of Her Hands come rays of light!  
Our Mother says, “Rays of Love My children, Rays of LOVE!  Open your hearts and receive all this love and grace and healing!  I love you all!"
End of bride from another area. ____________________

June 26, 2009, Saturday