Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity


March 31, 2001 Priest's Saturday Theriot, LA

Claire Rose wrote: A priest friend called me early in the morning to pray with me. This brought me much peace & courage. I was grateful to him & to Our Mother because I know that She prompted him to call & pray with me. Our Mother said last night to mark three chairs for priests. She said that today 3 priests would come for Her Visit. I was so happy to know this. 9AM My husband blessed inside and around the outside of our house with Holy Water. Pilgrims arrived a little after 10. Their faith fills my heart with joy. Some of us went to put a crown of flowers on Our Lady of the Bayou statue. Her old crown of red roses flew off into the bayou a few days ago. We brought Her a big bucket filled with wild yellow iris from Shirley's house. We prayed & sang hymns to Our Mother. She surprised me by coming & gave us a small message of Love. One of the ladies saw Her. She thanked us for the new crown & for all we do for Her. She always amazes me when She thanks us. She does so much for us that we should be thanking Her all the time, yet She thanks us. She has said that She is present here at all times. She loves us all so much. I am so grateful to Her and to Jesus that They are providing all that is needed for Their Mission for Priests. Jesus and Our Mother are touching people's hearts when they come here. A large group prayed the Stations of the Cross. The roses and other flowers in Our Lady's garden are at their peak today. There are three catalpa trees in this garden that we planted 20 years ago. One is in the Stations of the Cross, one is near the Jesus shrine and one is near the Holy Cross for Priests. All are fully bloomed today. These trees have leaves that are shaped like hearts & fragrant flowers like big popcorn. There are blossoms and rose petals all over the ground. It is a very beautiful day, sun shining and a breeze blowing. We had so much rain just two days ago I had asked Our Mother to send a flock of holy angels to dry the ground with their wings. She did! The puddles of water are all gone. Many of Our Mother's children brought flowers to Her today. One of members made a Chaplet of Divine Love for a priest. A friend of ours was going to Rome so we sent this first Chaplet to be blessed by Our Holy Father John Paul II. We also sent Blessed Mother's Jubliee Bouquet to the Holy Father. Our Holy Father John Paul II has blessed the first Chaplet of Divine Love for Priests and it was brought back to me today. We have given it to the priest who has offered himself as a victim soul for priests. 

A priest arrived and with my pastors permission he heard confessions near the St. Joseph shrine for nearly two hours. A lady who went to confession shared with me that it had been 25 years since she had gone to confession. One who went to confession here last May shared that it had been 45 years since she had gone to confession. She said her life has changed since that blessed day. Pilgrims are sharing healings & miracles in their lives, some physical many spiritual. Our Lady's Presence & Visits are filling us all with a holy Love for one another. A community of friends seems to be forming. In many places around the world little groups are forming and praying together on the last Saturdays for priests. There is a young priest in Africa who is meeting with a group every Saturday at 2pm to pray for priests. Our Lady's mission is multiplying around the world.

At 1pm singing began. Soon two more priests arrived. And three holy nuns are present. For the first time, three holy priests and three holy faithful nuns are here for Our Mother's Visit. At 1:45 I invited the little children to come pray with me in my room. We prayed several "Hail Mary's" together. Our Mother came as Mother of Divine Love and said that She was so filled with Love and Joy at seeing these little ones in prayer. She thanked each one for coming to pray with Her today. She said She would touch each one present and that today She was giving each child who came an extra angel. Our Mother said there is a future priest among the little boys. 
2PM I blessed everyone present with Holy Water in obedience to Our Mother. 
We began the Rosary for the Sanctification of Priests in the usual way with The Sign of the Cross. I then invited Our Mother to come under all Her Titles but most especially as Mother of Divine Love to pray with us and for us. I invited the Holy Angels and Saints and the souls being purified in Purgatory to please pray with us and for us as we offer this day & prayer for holy priests, for unholy priests, for more priests, for the return of priests who have left & for priests souls in Purgatory. 
First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation
Our Mother asked me to announce Her Presence. She came as Mother of Divine Love all in flowing creamy white with a gold edge on Her Mantle. She is surrounded by multitudes of Holy Angels & Saints. Today I see many priests among the Saints.
I consecrate to Our Mother's Immaculate Heart all priests, all those who are praying around the world for priests, also our families, parishes and homes. I give to Her all our petitions, those written & those in our hearts. I thank Our Mother for coming to us and for loving us. I thank Her for the beautiful priests & holy nuns who have come. I thank Her for sending those She chose to help us especially with the Holy Cross.. I thanked Her for the beautiful day & for all the flowers in Her garden & those Her children brought. Our Mother asked me to thank everyone who brought flowers. I forgot. I'm sorry.

Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation
For the three priests who are here:
"My Precious and most Beloved Sons,
I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for coming here today to pray with Me your Immaculate Mother. Thank you for praying with Me for your brothers. I love you. You have been called by My Son Jesus. I thank you for responding with your very life. I love you. I love you. I love you. I can not express to you the depth of love that I have for you. I love you. You are each chosen to be here today. Each one of you is precious, beloved. I love you. You are each so different yet deep in your heart you are the same for you wear a special crown reserved only for holy priests. I am your Mother. I love you. I love you. My beloved Divine Spouse is with Me today as each of your hearts is healed...."
Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity
Our Mother continues: "healed of hurts inflicted on you even sometimes by your brother priests. I love you My precious sons. I will crown you when you arrive in Heaven with My own hands and I will say to each of you, 'well done My good and faithful servant.' I love you. Thank you from the bottom of My heart for blessing My House with your presence. Thank you for loving My children who dwell here. Thank you. I bless you, each one in a deeper way today. I love you. 
Your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love."
Fourth Joyful Mystery Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
I see tears in Our Mother's Eyes. I see priests who are chosen from the moment of their conception to be presented and anointed as priests. I see some say no. I see some say yes, then leave. I see some holy priests spend their life in service, I see some in grievous sin. I am pierced, my heart hurts for I have grieved Our Mother so many times in my life. 'O Mother forgive me!'
"My precious child, I love you. All your offenses are gone, forgiven, for they have all been confessed. I cry today for My priest sons who are consecrated and who have gone astray. The world and all it offers has pulled them into sin, some very grievious. I love you My beloved sons. I love you. I call you to return to My Immaculate Heart. Be converted My sons. O My beloved sons, I call you to holiness. I love you."
First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden
Our Mother continues: "Remember, My beloved sons what My son Jesus suffered for you. Some of you even mock My beloved sons who love Me."
Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning with Thorns
I was feeling Jesus' Suffering in each of these mysteries and could barely stand to hear and see what Our Mother was showing me. She continues: "In many parts of the world My beloved holy sons are persecuted and martyred for being faithful to My Son Jesus. Do not grieve My Heart any longer My beloved sons. Come home to Your Mother. Come...give to Me your heart. I love you."
I saw many holy faithful priests being persecuted, humiliated, falsely accused, in prison, and being killed, hacked to pieces. But at the same time I also saw priests who had every good thing, who were living like kings yet were in horrible sin. Both caused me terrible suffering. I cannot explain all I saw and felt. 

Our Mother then asked "Please increase your prayers for Our Holy Father John Paul II. I love you. Your Mother."

I became so weak I thought I was going to die. Our Mother told me to sit. A precious priest gave me his chair and knelt in my place for the rest of the Rosary. Our Mother continued to speak through the Glorious Mysteries. 
"My precious and most beloved children, I love you. Thank you for responding to My Call. I have chosen this house for my very own. I have come here for a special purpose for My priest sons and to honor this home, this family. By My Visitations here I honor all homes, all families consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. I come here for My priest sons and for all My children, to honor all My children.
So many families are in crisis. Turn to your Mother My children. I am here for you.

Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for My priest sons.

I am calling all My priest sons and My children to come here, who can. Come to the Holy Cross for Priests. Thank you My beloved children for loving Me and My Son Jesus. Thank you for all who have helped in My Mission. Extra-ordinary graces and blessings are being given each one of you present today. I love you. Those who desire to come here but cannot will be generously blessed. I love you, My children. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love."

Our Mother also asked me to share two messages She gave me before today. One is from June 7-8, 2000. The other was on March 10, 2001 the day She sent the carpenters, Her Josephs, She calls them, to begin the wooden form for the Holy Cross for priests. 
end of Claire Rose________________

March 31, 2001 Theriot, Louisiana Priests Saturday
Leslie Therese` received:
I see Mary, Our Mother in silver. Her Veil is sterling silver lace and I think how heavy it must be. 
I do not know who this message is for. "My child, I love you. You were chosen to come here by Our Lord. Tell all what you have seen today in this special blessed place. This little simple place has been chosen for My sons, My priests to come to Me to receive My comfort and Love to bring a renewal to My Son Jesus' House. I love you My child and will reward you greatly here on earth and later in Heaven." 

"I have forgiven you all. It does not matter what the world thinks of you only what I do. Let go of the past and move to the future for I am always at your side guiding you in My direction."

"For My priest sons who are here. My sons, welcome, welcome, welcome. Thank you for coming here today to pray for your brother priests. I will renew your faith by coming here today. I will reawaken the love you have for My Son Jesus. I am always here for you My sons. Come to Me at any time. I am here to freshen your body and spirit with My Love for you. I will wash you clean of all sin."
I see Our Blessed Mother in bright yellow. Thousands of flowers, pink, purple, yellow, blue, all colors surround her. Our Mother speaks again to priests:
"Great are the caretakers of My Son Jesus' garden, (His Church) and blessed are those who care for His flowers, (people). You are My Heart and My Love for you shines forth as bright as the sun. Look to Me for all you are in need of. I love you, My sons. I carried you within My Arms when you needed Me. I will always be here for you and I will always carry your burdens as My own. I am renewing your body, mind, spirit and souls today. You have much work to do. Listen for My Call to you. Many will be saved because of your yes this day. I need your help to shake the walls of My Son's house and bring it to renewal. Thank you My sons for all you do in My Name. Go and share with all you meet what is happening here for you and your brothers."
I see Jesus in white and cream with a shadow of His Cross behind Him. There is a glow from His Sacred Heart and His Arms and Hands are spread open to encompass us all.
"I too am here with My Mother for the salvation of My brothers. Come to us for renewal and unconditional and unending Love."

I started to ask Our Mother Mary to bless...She knew my thoughts before I could even ask. "I bless all articles brought here today and shower blessings on all who brought or made them."
"My children, Thank you for coming. I am again blessing all wedding bands today. I am sending all here home with special graces for what is to come. Pray pray My children. Lend your goodness to all. Share and do all you can for the spreading of this mission. Pray daily for Our priests. Offer up all things in My Name for holy priests and most especially for those who have lost their way, to come to Me here and find their way back to My Son. Thank you again for all you are already doing for Me and in My Name. I love you My children as only a Mother knows."
"Let the children play and sing it brings great joy to Heaven. Pray like children in innocence and purity. Teach them to pray for priests in each little thing they do. Teach them to be modest. Praise them in their purity. Teach them gratitude and holiness. Pray for the children of the world to think of others and not only of themselves. Pray for the schools they attend to teach your children to care for and have compassion and feelings for other people and children."
"Susan, welcome to My Love, My child."
"Joy, I love you, My child and I await your coming home to Me."
"My loving daughters, you are My Heart and I carry you there. Continue to pray for My sons and do all you can for them. I love you Marguerite, welcome My child."
I see Our Mother touching everyone in and outside the house. There are crosses everywhere. White shadow crosses. There are droplets of water being poured out upon us all. Each one shines like a diamond. I was told that these are special graces. Our Lady speaks:
"Thank you to all of My Josephs. Continue to care for and keep safe all of your families. Bless your homes with Holy Water inside and out. Keep safe and holy the Sabbath."
I see Hosts (Eucharists) all over above everyone. Our Lady speaks: 
"My daughters, keep holy your marriage and your children. Teach them of My Son's Church and of His Love for them. Teach your children the history of this great Love He has for all of His people."
I see Our Lady of Guadeloupe. She is watching us all pray with Her and She is smiling. Graces are being poured from Heaven. Blessings and healings also. Our bodies are being filled with Love and blessings. I felt the fullness of these blessings and healings.
End of Leslie Therese`__________________
We asked a priest to bless all religious articles in obedience to Our Mother.

March 31, 2001 Last Saturday of March Priests Saturday

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I blessed the whole house with holy water. People came around 1:30 p.m. and put their petitions in the petition box. We started the rosary for priests around 2:00 p.m. I invited all the holy angels and Saints and souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us. I invited Our Lady to pray with us and for us.

At the first Joyful Mystery, The Annunciation, Our Lady speaks, "I am here My children. I am with you." I see Our Lady all in white. She continues, "My children, Oh! How I love to hear the rosary in many different languages. Thank you My children. Thank you for coming at My request to pray for My priest sons. If you are here it is because you have answered My call to pray for priests. Pray now My daughter."

At the second Joyful Mystery, The Visitation, I see Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love. She has on Her Crown and is Queen of Divine Love. Our Lady speaks, "My child I come to you today as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. Thank you for praying for My priest sons. It releases the grace necessary for My priest sons to be holy. The devil has made a war on all priests to make them fall and be unholy and unpleasing to My Son and the Most Holy Blessed Trinity." 

At the third Joyful Mystery, The Birth of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Your prayers release the grace necessary to keep them holy. Continue to pray for our priests. Spread this message to others and encourage them to pray for their brother priests." I am very aware of everyone praying around me. Our Lady's Crown is very beautiful. It is gold with seven points and in the front is a chalice with the Eucharist above it and gold rays shine forth encircling the Eucharist." 

At the fourth Joyful Mystery, The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, I now see Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is very bright and life size and standing in front of one of the prayer warriors who is praying the rosary in Spanish. Our Lady is smiling at her and touches her gently. Our Lady's appearance now changes and She is Our Lady of Divine Grace. She is in a blue mantle and veil and a white dress. She is as tall as the room and She spreads Her mantle and it encircles all of us and even further to all the world and all the priesthood. 

At the fifth Joyful Mystery, The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, Our Lady is crying. She is crying for Her priest sons who are in error. Our Lady says, "My children pray, pray, pray. Some of My priest sons are teaching error. They are not teaching the true catholic teachings. Pray for these sons of mine. Pray for them to get back in line with the true teachings of My son. Many prayers are needed for this My precious children, many, many prayers."

At the first Sorrowful Mystery, The Agony in the Garden, Our Lady says, "I love you My children. Oh! How I love you. Oh! How My Son loves you. My daughters your prayers are very powerful. The devil can not stand My rosary. It is your powerful weapon, your protection of prayer against the evil one. It protects your families and all the world."

At the third Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning with Thorns, I see a prison cell. It is dimly lit. As we pray the rosary the cell becomes brighter. I do not know where the prison cell is in the world. Our Lady speaks, " My daughter it is a cell in China and in it is a priest who is suffering because of the Faith. Your prayers help him bear his sufferings. Continue to pray now little one."

At the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, The Carrying of the Cross, I see the devil cringing as we pray and as we continue to pray the rosary I see him fleeing. Our Lady speaks, "My children you do not know how powerful your rosary is. Have courage My children. Do not give up. Persevere til the end. You will not be sorry. It is music to My Ears to hear the rosary in different languages." Our Lady's demeanor became so gentle and loving when She said this. Our Lady is here as Mother of Divine Love. She is so very beautiful. Her garments are a cream color and Her mantle has a gold edging. She is so beautiful. Her garments move in the breeze. Her garments are so soft and flowing. Our Lady continues, "Thank you My daughter for being obedient and writing."

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord, Our Lady says, "Oh! My children, Oh how I love you." I am very aware of all of us praying. I feel great peace and love all around us. Again I see Our Lady as Mother of Divine Love with out Her Crown. Rays come out of Her Hands to all of us and then to all the world. I hear the birds singing very loudly.

At the first Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection of Our Lord, Our Lady speaks, "Oh! My children, Oh how I love you. You are so precious to Me. I join you to all those all over the world who have come together today to pray for priests at My request. There is a cry of prayer all around the world today for our beloved priests. Thank you My children for answering My call. I love you. My Son loves you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Your prayers are heard by all of heaven and will not go unanswered. Many graces are being released from heaven today as a result of your prayers. The fruit is starting to happen. You will began to see the fruit happening before your eyes. I love you My children. I love you. My children I love to hear the Ave's in song."

At the fourth Glorious Mystery, The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, Our Lady says, "Oh! My children these graces go out to all you meet today. You bring My grace and love to others as you go out today. I love you. Yes I see the new persons today. My daughters thank you for answering My call. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." I see Our Lady blessing all of us and blessing our rosaries. She asks to always have our holy articles blessed by priests. I see Our Lady of Guadalupe, She is so bright today. I have never seen Her this bright before. She has a circle of small red hearts in the shape of a big heart all around her. She then appears as Our Lady, Mother of Divine Love, then Queen of Divine love with Her Crown. The rosary was said in three languages by our group today, English, French and Spanish. 
The end of a bride from another area.

March 31, 2001, Saturday