Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Forty-First Visitation of Our Lady

August 31, 2002     Priest's Saturday     Last Saturday of August     Theriot, Louisiana

Written by Claire Rose
It is with great joy that we welcome 4 more brides who have consecrated themselves as victim souls for priests. Two are in Ohio and two in California. We now number 216 with several more in preparation and discernment. At this time last year there were 14. May God be praised, thanked and glorified for this multiplication from nothing.

Yesterday (August 30) we received a huge box in the mail from Warsaw, Poland. Inside was a beautiful statue of Our Lady as She Appears in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. Our Mother's Hand on the statue was broken off, although it was very well packed in a sturdy box. There was no damage whatever to the box. I believe it is symbolic of Our Mother's Words to us since the spring of 1991 that Her priests are Her Hands in the world and that Her Hands are broken. Over and over She pleads, "Help Me to mend My Hands." Many of the statues we have received through the years have broken hands.

Today is a beautiful sunny day. There is a hint of autumn in the air. It is warm but there's a breeze from the south, from the Gulf. Pilgrims arrive early today. Many bring flowers, mostly roses for Our Mother. There are quite a few roses in the garden. My husband blessed inside & outside our home with Holy Water. Five Religious have come and one priest who heard the Confessions of many. About 1p.m. it was beginning to storm outside. The wind was blowing harder; there were dark clouds and lightening all around & it began to sprinkle. One of our Consecrated brides was kneeling at the foot of the Priests Cross praying for our protection. I went to stand near the base of the Cross & prayed that the storm would miss us. There were many pilgrims outside and the house was very full. It rained for a very short time. I later learned that the weather just north of us was very bad and that some of the fields of sugar cane were flattened. We thank God and Our Mother for their protection. 

For the first time Our Mother asked me to call the children to come into the Visitation room where She comes to us on the Last Saturdays. I saw the whole house and grounds completely filled with multitudes of Holy Angels, more than I have ever seen. We began prayer with the children by making the Sign of the Cross. I explained to the children that when we make the Sign of the Cross it opens a line or stream of communication between us and God. I explained that it's like when we want to call our favorite friend, we pick up the phone & dial their phone number, their phone rings & they answer "hello." I invite Our Mother to please come and pray with us and for us. I told the children that Our Mother has asked us to pray for priests and that 3 Hail Mary's from their heart will help save a priest. Our Lady came all in dark blue. She is happy to see us but today She is very sad. She asks us to pray more. We prayed 3 Hail Mary's together. Our Mother said, "When Jesus lived on earth He came to teach us how to love others and to be kind. Some people didn't believe Him." Our Lady then asked me to show the children a picture of Jesus after He was whipped. She continued,"When we hurt each other, we hurt Jesus just like this picture of when Jesus died for us. If you are good someday you will go to Heaven with Jesus. When you are bad or make a sin, you can go to Confession to a priest. Going to Confession is like taking a warm bath when you are dirty. Sin makes your soul dirty and Confession makes you clean. When you say your morning prayers always ask Jesus to help you to be good. When you say your evening prayers talk to Jesus about your day. If you have been bad tell Jesus that you are sorry and ask Him to help you to do better the next day. If you want to go to Heaven you must be good. I love you, My little ones." We prayed 3 more Hail Mary's. I invited the children to kiss the Cross that has a relic of the True Cross. Most of them did.

We began to pray the Rosary. Our Mother came on a cloud of Light. There was a night sky with stars behind Her. The new moon like a crescent was at Her Feet. She was dressed in midnight blue. There were stars of gold all over Her Mantle with an edge of gold. Her Arms and Hands were extended toward us. She was accompanied by multitudes of Holy Angels. I saw no Saints with Her today. Suddenly Our Mother's dress and Mantle became white and the dark sky behind Her disappeared. She was Queen of Divine Love, an edge of gold around Her Mantle and Her Crown with Jesus in Holy Eucharist at the center. Her Arms and Hands were still extended toward us and She was so filled with Love I could not think, only receive Her Love.
Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation
Our Mother spoke to the priest who was present:
"My little -----, my little lamb, Today I come to tell you of My Love, My beloved priest son. I love you. I love you. I love you. I have given new life to your tired and wounded body My own son. I have renewed your ministry as a priest when others would have sent you away to pasture. I love you My son. I give to you My own Heart of Love, of Joy and of Peace. I thank you that you have been sharing your healing with so many. I am using you My son. I have more for you to do. I will show you. I will always provide all your needs, do not ever be afraid. I love you. All Grace will be given you as it is needed. I thank you for being here to hear the Confessions of My beloved broken children. I need you My own son. You are My Hands in this world. Pray more for your brother priests. Speak to them when I give you the opportunity to do so. I will open all the doors needed for this mission for My beloved sons is the closest to My Heart. I love you and fill you My son. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love.

I will be known as Lady of the Bayou, Lady of Theriot. I am the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. I am the same as I appeared to 3 shepherd children in Fatima. All missions will come together here My children. It is near the midnight hour, far into the 11th hour.
Funeral bells are tolling...
Funeral bells are tolling...
Funeral bells are tolling for AMERICA!
Do you hear them? Do you SEE My children? Do you understand that My Son can bear no more?
Our Father has enough!

The cry of the innocents is heard in Heaven! The blood of the innocents cries out! IN SILENCE!
In SILENT SCREAMS all over this land that has been so blessed by God. So blessed that many have pushed God aside and some no longer believe that He exists! O My beloved children there will be wailing and knashing of teeth. Some will say to the mountains, 'fall on us.' There will be no place to run to, no place to hide. I love you My children. I come to earth to warn you in Love. I come to bring you joy, hope, peace and love. 

I ask again that you turn to Your Mother in your every need. I ask again that you consecrate your hearts, your families, your homes and your parishes to My Immaculate Heart. This will assure My Motherly protection. I love you. My Immaculate Heart is the only sure and safe Refuge. My Immaculate Heart is secure within the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. 

Today I plead with you for conversion of your heart. Repent of your sins. Make a holy and complete Confession to My priest sons. Today is a day like the Wedding Feast where many were invited, called and chosen but few - so few responded. Be ready, My children. Be alert, for satan and his cohorts prowl the earth like lions that are hungry. They seek to devour your souls My children. Repent and turn to My Son Jesus. Seek forgiveness while there is still time. Remember it is always darkest just before the dawn. DO NOT BE AFRAID. Put all your Trust in My Son Jesus. Trust in His Mercy and His Love.
I ask you again to please pray and offer sacrifice and all suffering for the healing of the souls and bodies of My priest sons. My priests are My Hands in this world and My Hands are broken. Please help Me. Help Me My children. Help Me to heal My Hands. Help Me to heal My priests. Help Me to multiply My holy priests. Much sacrifice is needed for the need is very great. Be merciful and patient with those who persecute and make fun of you. Love them no matter what they do to you.
I come to you in total obedience to the Holy Blessed Trinity, My God - My All. There are those in Our Church who would try to limit God's Power. There is no limit to God's Power My beloved children. I love you. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray without ceasing. I bless you all today and all your families. I bless those who desire to be here and cannot. I love you all."
I then saw Our Mother spread Her Arms and Mantle over us. Her Mantle was huge and just went on and on like waves of softest silk. 

Third Sorrowful Mystery the Crowning with Thorns
I was given and saw the Second Secret again.
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery the Carrying of the Cross
Our Mother continued to speak: "I hold out to you My Immaculate Heart. Please I ask you pray for and offer sacrifice for My beloved son and your leader on this earth, His Holiness John Paul II. He is the greatest Saint of this time, of your times. He, like My Son Jesus went out to the flocks. His Cross is very heavy, yet he goes on and on and on. I speak to this son of My Immaculate Heart. My Hand is upon him and he is fulfilling the mission he has been called to do. I have come here to this small and unknown place at the edge of the world in response to his prayer to Me." 
(In September 1987, while in New Orleans speaking to the priests at St. Louis Cathedral, at the end of his talk our Holy Father prayed to Our Mother of Divine Love. Three months later on December 8, 1987 Our Mother appeared to me in the night as Mother of Divine Love. I had never heard of this title.)
"I have come to establish here a mission as I have never established in any other place, a Shrine for priests. Here within My Immaculate Heart many, many, many priests and Bishops will receive healing of their bodies, minds and souls. When My Son Jesus walked upon this earth as a man many believed Him and many more did not. Yet He loved unto the Cross."
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery the Crucifixion
All of a sudden I felt a tremendous weight on my back and my knees began to hurt and burn like fire. My whole body was hurting. Our Mother asked me to pray on my knees this Mystery. I saw the face of the priest that my suffering would help.
First Glorious Mystery the Resurrection Our Mother told me to sit down. I did.
Our Mother spoke: "My beloved daughters, I love you. I love you. I love you. You bring joy to My Heart. I thank you for your many years of faithful service. I love you and I remain always with you. My beloved little brother, I love you. I love you. I greet you today with joy in My Heart. I am always with you My son and am opening new doors for you. Continue to pray and wait. I love you. In time you will understand. I am with you."
Second Glorious Mystery the Ascension
Our Mother continues: "My beloved priest sons, I love you. I call you from this small and unknown place. I am here for you. My Son is here with Me. Oh My beloved sons why are you afraid of Me, who am Your own Mother? I need you My sons. I encourage you My sons, who are holy and overworked, overburdened. I come to bring you hope. I come to fill you with peace and with abundant love. I love you. Open your hearts to Me My sons My little ones. To the world you are a shepherd to Me you are My own little lamb. Come My sons come to Your Mother. I long to hold you close to My Immaculate Heart. Rededicate yourselves and your lives to My Son Jesus. Be again the vessel you are called and chosen to be a holy pure vessel of love, a chalice of purest gold. Oh My little sons do you hear Your Mother's call to you? You must live in the world among My sheep and My other shepherds but you must not be 'Of the world'. Renew again your focus on My Son Jesus. Make a new commitment to start over as a new born child filled with Grace as on the day of Baptism." (I saw a beautiful baby being baptized in a long white dress.) "Oh My own sons, you are in My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the dawn of a new day, a new civilization, a new era, a time of love where Divine Order and Divine Love will again rule the world. The evil will be defeated in a final battle. Await this time with expectant Hope! Yes funeral bells are tolling but remember always after death is new life and Resurrection. I leave you with a blessing of love. I thank you for coming to Your Mother. I thank you for praying for My shepherds. I thank you for responding to My call. I have extended these Visitations of Love to you my own children in obedience, for you are responding to My call. Peace be on to you and all those you meet. Love one another with My Love one-day at a time. 
Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love"
Fifth Glorious Mystery The Coronation
Our Mother spoke:"On your knees for this last mystery, my child. A priest will repent and convert on his deathbed." I saw his face. It was the same priest I saw at the 5th Sorrowful mystery.

End of Claire Rose___________________

August 31, 2002 Priests Saturday Last Saturday of August

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. I blessed the whole house with holy water, and then the people present. Some people came early to put their intentions in the petition box. We started to pray at 2:00 p.m. I invited all the Holy Angels and Saints and Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us, for all the priests of the world. I invited Our Lady under all Her titles to pray with us.

At the first Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady says, "I am here little one. Announce that I am here." I did. She then says, "My dear children, Oh! How I love you. Thank you for coming today to pray for priests. I join you to all the people all over the world today who have come together to pray for priests at My request. Continue to pray My child."

At the third Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Our Lord, I see Our Lady as Queen of Divine Grace. She is all in blue and white with Her Hands outstretched to us. She says, "Oh! How I love the singing of the Ave's. I pray with you My children. All of Heaven prays with you. Your prayers go up to Heaven before the throne of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. They are needed so badly in this time of need. Pray! Pray! Pray My children! Your prayers are more powerful than you can began to understand." Our Lady is smiling. She smiles at us as we pray for Her beloved priest sons.

"To My priests:
My beloved priests, My sons, I love you. I wait for you to come to Me, to come to My Son Jesus. He waits for you My precious priest sons. Convert your hearts. Forgive sins. Encourage your flocks to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Tell them of the glorious Sacrament of the Eucharist and to use it frequently. In this way they will stay close to My Son. Teach My children how much My Son loves them.

Oh! My wayward priest sons, come back! Come back to My Son Jesus. He waits for you to repent and have conversion of heart, to go back on the correct path. My sons, you are in great danger of loosing your immortal souls. Eternity is a very long long time. (I understood this to mean forever.) I do not want to loose you My sons. Jesus does not want to loose you My sons. Come back! Come back!
Pray now little one." And then a few minutes later Our Lady speaks to Her priest sons again, "Do not take your salvation for granted just because you are priests!"

"Oh! My priest sons, pray for your brother priests and encourage your flocks to pray for their brother priests. Only through prayer will change happen." I see Our Lady as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is very beautiful. She stands in the midst of us, praying with us. Her garments are creamy white and they flow softly in the breeze. Her crown is very beautiful. It has seven points on it, with a chalice in front and above the chalice is the Eucharist with golden rays extending out from the Eucharist. The golden rays shimmer at different lengths. Our Lady says, "Pray for the Holy Father. Pray for him to have the strength he needs to finish his work on this earth for Us." (I understood the 'Us' to mean the Trinity and Our Lady.) I am very aware of the people around me praying.

At the fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Our Lady speaks to Her children, "Oh! My children, My precious children. Oh! How I love you. Please thank My Son Jesus for letting Me come to you and to ask you to pray for priests and to encourage others to pray for priests. You will not be sorry My children, you will not be sorry! You will see the beginning of the fruit of your prayers in your lifetimes. Holiness in My priest sons will prevail. My Son did not die in vain. Have courage My children! Have courage and persevere in prayer. Your prayers My children, your prayers lift up My priest sons to persevere and to go forward in their love of their vocation. I love you My children, I love you."
As we continue to pray I see the devil cringe and leave immediately. I have seen this before during our praying of the Rosary. Our Lady says, "Continue to pray My child."

"Oh! My children, I am your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. I love you. My Son loves you. I am always with you. My Son and I never leave you. You are Our objects of love. We look forward to seeing you one day with us in Heaven. Only if you are holy can this happen. Only if you have holy priests can this happen. Only if they are holy can they lead you to My Son Jesus. Persevere My children, persevere in prayer! Your Mother, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests."

Our Lady continues, "Oh! How I love to hear the Rosary in different languages prayed together. I see Our Lady go to each person here and touch them gently and lovingly as only a loving Mother would, ever so sweetly. She is in creamy white and Her garments flow softly as She moves about. I see a multitude of Angels above us, all different sizes. I now see Crosses, all different shapes and sizes all around us. A Cross falls on each of us present, fitted to each individual soul. This is very hard to describe. I had prayed to Our Lady that someone else present would see something. They did. Our Lady then says, "Thank you My daughter for your obedience in writing."
End of bride from another area. ___________________________________________

Leslie Therese` wrote:

As we prayed the Apostles Creed of the Rosary Our Lady spoke to me;
"Go to your place My child." For the past few months Our Mother has asked me to be in another room instead of with the people. When I got to the room, Our Mother spoke to me again:
"Listen My child I will speak to you again in the months to follow, I know that you have questioned this. I want to put to rest your worry. I will take care of you My children. I have chosen the angels that guide and guard your lives. Trust in Me... Trust in Me. Call upon Me whenever or wherever you need My love and blessings. Pray for guidance in every decision or conflict. I will guide you back to love. I know your heart. Do not give up My child all will be Gods Will in the end."
To the priest present:
"To My precious, precious child Emile. Thank you My son for hearing My children in Confession here today. You have come a long way in this, your journey as a priest. Thank you My son for obeying My request to tell all you meet of what has happened here in this place. I love you. My son. My Heart. My Voice."
To the nuns present:
"My daughters every month I see your most darling faces. Even if I could not I would feel your presence here. Thank you for trying your best to get your sisters here. Keep trying My daughters. I will make you strong enough to do what I have asked of you. Continue to pray for your sisters to return to the truth. To embrace their habits and to show forth Gods love for His people. I love you My darling beautiful daughters. Continue to pray also for My daughters here who pray for you daily."
To everyone present:
"My children do not doubt that My Presence here is for all who come to Me. I love all of the world's people. Even those who many consider unlovable... I love them just the same. Teach your children forgiveness. Bring them to Mass. Bring them to Confession. It is important for them to confess so that they will know the difference of right and wrong. Children learn by example, remember this My sweet parents. If you teach Love, they will learn to Love. If you teach Hatred, they will learn to Hate. This can clearly be seen all over the Earth. Open your ears and listen to what you are saying, teaching your children. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray to God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit to help in all your needs. There is nothing too small or too great that cannot be healed with prayer. Do not forget My children, no matter what goes on around you if you carry the Father in your heart all will be well in the end. Trust in Me...Trust in Me... Pray for those who have died in sin. Pray especially for My priest's sons who have died in sin or live in it. My sons have been led away from their true calling, some have even been married, or left the priesthood. Pray for them to completely understand what it is that they have done, and to separate themselves from what the world is offering them and to come back completely and wholly to God's Call to them to serve as priests in His Church. GOD is perfection. Priests are Human. Only one can make mistakes. Forgive them if they are sorry and guide them back to GOD, who called them to begin with through their Mothers Voice gently whispering within their hearts. Pray My children that those who have been mislead will hear My Voice calling to their hearts. PRAY also that those who have always heard will never become deaf to My Voice. I love you My children and thank you for coming here each month to pray with Me for My priest sons. Pray also for John, he has a decision to make. Pray that it is the right one. The one GOD has lead him to. The one I have whispered in his heart. Pray daily My children for your priests, and for all the priests of the world. I love you My children."
I see Our Mother today dressed all in creamy white. Her mantle is trimmed in gold. As I see Her She opens Her Mantle and is gathering all of us inside. She is wrapping the whole house, everyone outside and inside. I then see the State of Louisiana under Her Mantle. The United States is right in front of Her then under Her Feet. Then I see Jesus walking with Mary, Our Mother. 
Jesus spoke:
"Thank you My children for obeying My command to you to pray for My priest brothers. Continue to pray."
This next was repeated to me three times so I wrote it three times;
"Yea though I walk through the valley of darkness...I will fear no evil for You are with me. Yea though I walk through the valley of darkness...I will fear no evil for You are with me. Yea though I walk through the valley of darkness...I will fear no evil for You are with me."
Our Mother spoke again:
"My child Marie, I have her with Me here today. She has been set free.
Jean, all will be done in GOD'S plan and in HIS time. Thank you for all you have accomplished in My Name, and for the sake of others. I love you, all will be well.
Joanne, I am calling you into service. Pray My child for guidance and wisdom.
John, I welcome you and your family here today in love. I come here only in love. 
J. Pray for GOD'S mercy upon him. Pray that he is sorry and confesses his sins so that he can move forward in his journey to Heaven." (I understood that this person is worried about someone who has died. He is in Purgatory.)
"Sarah, I have called you once before My darling daughter to come back to GOD'S church. Your family will not be complete until you do." 
Our Mother spoke to a brother present:
"My precious, precious brother. M-----, My little dove I love you. You are very special to Me. Make no mistake of that My son. I have something for you to do My son. Do not give up. Pray for guidance. Help your brothers to find their place in GOD'S Church, many are confused, help them. Pray for all of your sisters and brothers and all of My children who pray with us today, here, and all over the world."
End of Leslie Therese`_______________

august, 31, 2002, Saturday