Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

November 30, 2019                  Last Saturday                  Theriot, Louisiana

Adoration of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament.  As we began the first Hail Mary of the Rosary for priests Our Blessed Mother asked me to announce that She is present. 

Our Mother Speaks:


“Children of My Immaculate Heart, Shepherds and sheep, I love you!  I am with you and within you.  Wherever My Beloved Son Jesus is, I am also.  I call you to live holy lives, My precious children.  The world and all it offers you is passing.  I come to you out of great love for you and your families.  I come to you in obedience.  I come to you because Our Father loves you!  I come to you in Peace.  O My children, I love you!  In this past month (November) many of you have offered more prayer and sacrifice for the Holy Souls in Purgatory as you should.  I encourage you to continue your prayer for the Holy Souls through the year.  I call you to simplify your lives.  Turn to your Mother and I will help you.  I bring you to My Beloved Son Jesus.  Let this become a time of healing in your hearts and souls.  A time of healing in your families.  A time of healing in your Church parishes.  O My children make time for prayer.  Prayer is the balm that calms the soul.  Make time for silence.  Pray together as a family.  I call upon Fathers to remember the sacred duty of a Father, of a husband.  Teach your children about God daily in the way you live and speak, in the way you pray.  Mothers I call you to remember your sacred duty as a Mother, as a wife, as a grandmother.  The family home is a sacred place.  Make room in your hearts and souls, in your homes.  Make room for Our God.  Each home should be blessed by a priest.  Each home should have Holy Water and an Altar where the Family should gather to pray daily.  Each home should be like the Holy House of Nazareth where St. Joseph and I, Your Mother, lived with My Beloved Son Jesus, who was God’s Son.  O My children, if you will listen to Your Mother’s Call your lives will become more peaceful, more fruitful.  Some of you are so busy with things of little or no importance that you have forgotten God; have pushed Him out of your lives.  I call you back to holiness, to Peace, to genuine and Divine Holy Love.  You are so easily distracted from the sacred.  Many, many of My children have gone far astray.  My Heart is pierced often.  So many, many souls, lost sheep, sheep without shepherds, for many shepherds have also gone astray.  You are living in the times that the Prophet Ezekiel spoke of.  My Son Jesus, the Good Shepherd sends Me, His Mother, your Mother to call you home.  Our Holy Mother Church must be renewed, the whole world must be renewed.  Holy Shepherds will lead holy flocks.  Repent.  Be converted to holiness and wholeness.  Come home to Truth.  Come home to My Beloved Son Jesus.  AWAIT IN FAITH!  AWAIT IN HOPE!  AWAIT IN PEACE!  AWAIT IN LOVE!  Jesus will return to you in the same way that He left.  ALL WILL SEE HIM!  ALL WILL RECOGNIZE HIM!!  O My children, Shepherds and sheep, O how I love you!  Each one of you is precious and special to Me.  I am your true Mother.  You are all broken and wounded, My children.  Broken and wounded by your sins and the sins of others.  Broken and wounded by life on earth.  Healing awaits you, My little ones.  Healing awaits you in the Holy Sacrament of Repentance.  The Holy Sacrament of Confession, where your sins are washed away by the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus, Divine Mercy, through the hands and hearts of My priest sons.  For many, many years I have asked you to ‘Pray for Holy Priests!’.  I thank you for your response to My Call to you.  I surround you with many holy angels today, to pray with you and for you, to protect you and your families and friends.  Open your hearts and souls, open your homes, open your Churches.  Open the doors to welcome the Christ Child, to welcome all those I send to you!  I am Your Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests.” Jesus Appeared life size.  His Arms are open wide.  He looked at each person present with deep love.  With His Right Hand, He blessed us with the Sign of the Cross. 

Received and written by Claire Rose Champagne

Another bride L.T. received: 

“Pray for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.  Pray for those who have walked away and chosen earthly things.  Pray for their enlightenment.  My Son Jesus came for all who seek Him.  Be in quiet contemplation of all I have spoken to you.  I love you as only a Mother could.  Not all who physically carry a child are mothers.  A true Mother can not be anything but love.  She cannot help herself but to love and forgive.  To begin each day new in hope of better days to come.  She prays in each moment of her day and gives her all to her family and all of those around her, she loves.  In gentle correction, she is love.  She is guard and protector when she has to be.  No one can replace the love of a true mother, a woman of God.  She is teacher, counselor, protector, nurturer, voice, guide and lover of her family.  A good mother is a guiding light to others.  I love you, My children.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love.”

November 30, 2019, Saturday