Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Message to Consecrated Brides of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity

September 29, 2008
Feast of St. Michael, St. Gabriel & St. Raphael

Received by a bride from another area.

(Our Lady) “Little one your consecration as a victim soul for priests through My Immaculate Heart and Hands is your consecration to My Immaculate Heart and is true for all brides, male and female, who have made their consecration as victim soul for priests.” Thank you Blessed Mother. (Our Lady) “Little one, I am with Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity, male and female, in a special way. I guide each and every soul. Each soul is precious to Me and to My Son Jesus. You are each performing an unselfish act through your consecrations as victim soul for priests and for the priesthood. Most of you My brides, male and female, are hidden and holy in each of your walks in life, as your walk in life is for the greater honor and glory of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Your lifetime consecration as a victim soul for priests makes your life a living prayer, yes, that especially includes your daily duty as it is all for the greater honor and glory of God! Even your heart beat and your breath! All is holy and most pleasing to the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. LOVE lives in each of you. Many of you suffer persecution and ridicule from the people around you! Oh My children, none of this suffering is wasted. Persevere in this walk of love! Oh My precious children persevere! Remember you do not walk alone, although sometimes it feels that way. Know that Jesus and I are with you each step of the way! We love you and We never forsake you! Yes, LOVE lives inside each and every one of you! You are never forgotten! Each and every one of you lives in My Immaculate Heart, and My immaculate Heart lives in the Sacred Heart of Jesus! His Heart is unlimited and without end! He is LOVE! Our Father is LOVE! The Holy Spirit is LOVE! LOVE ABIDES IN EACH OF YOU!
Thank you for your ‘YES’ all My brides, male and female. Thank you for your answering Our Call! (Our Lady and the Trinity) Remember the Church, My Son Jesus’ Church, is the bride of Christ.
Little one thank you for your obedience in writing. I love you! Mary Immaculate.”
I was asked by Our Lady to put this on our website as an encouragement to all brides. It is to go on a special page and notice of it on our home page.

End of bride from another area.

April 15, 2008 Tuesday Theriot, La U.S.A
Given by Our Mother during the viewing of Holy Mass on EWTN:
Lin received:

From Our Mother, “Our new beginning is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as never before, to withstand and endure times to come. I Love you! You are Mine! You belong to Me! Consecrated Brides will know the Holy Spirit in a way they have never known Him before. He will come to them and administer to them in their time of need. All will be as I have said!
Your Mother, Mary Immaculate”
I received the understanding that we will receive more of the suffering of priests. We will be able to endure because of the Holy Spirit’s Help, His Grace!
Then Claire Rose received the following:
From Our Mother, “My Beloved ones, My little brides, you do not know the value of your consecrated life, your consecration as victim soul for My beloved priest sons. You are each a great treasure in Our Church, but together My beloved brides, My beloved victim souls for priests, you become with Your Immaculate Mother, the Wave of Love that is sweeping the earth. It is simply your love for My Beloved Son Jesus that has inspired each one of you to make this life offering as victim soul for priests. But remember that He (Jesus) first loved each one of you. Each and every one of you was called and chosen by My Beloved Son Jesus! You are each precious and special and your response to My Son Jesus’ Call brings about the New Springtime, the New Beginning in Our Beloved Church. This visit to America of My son His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will open doors that have been closed. The doors of unity among those who profess My Beloved Son Jesus will open to be reconciled to the One True Faith, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Out of you My little seed of love shall come a renewed priesthood. One that is renewed and restored to holiness and wholeness and through this renewal of the Holy Priesthood shall come the renewal of My Church, the one true Church of My Beloved Son Jesus the Christ, established here on the earth by His Birth, Death and Resurrection from the dead. He has opened the gates of Heaven for us all!”

Sunday February 10, 2008 First Sunday of Lent
Received by a bride from another area

This morning as I went into prayer, Father Herbert’s presence was so strong in me. I don’t know how to explain this. I felt so much love. And then came Pope John Paul II and his presence was so strong. I felt as though they were right in front of me, speaking to me with their mouths. At first I heard no sound. I prayed for their precious souls in case they were in Purgatory and then as though their voices became one, “We have much to do little one. This Mission will flourish. It is God’s Mission! And that is why it will flourish. Through time, God has sent His Mother to help His children through a bad time in the Church. He (Jesus) has sent His Mother to clean house in His Church, His Bride. Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity continue to pray and offer your sufferings and sacrifices for the priesthood. We are with you, praying with you and for you for the priesthood, yes, for vocations and for holy priests. We need you our dear brothers and sisters to continue the work you have started for the priesthood and to spread the word to all those around you to do the same. Because it is so simple everyone can do it, yes anyone, the sick, the aged, the young, the old, youths and small children. Spread the word brothers and sisters, spread the word!”

And then they continued, “Lin and Claire, get your messages on. Encourage the people, your brothers and sisters and brother priests on your home page often. Yes, both of you can do this. All the above need encouragement! Yes, in spite of all your personal trials! All the more people need to see your courage in spite of your trials. Did we each not have our trials? Do not all of your brothers and sisters and brother priests have their own trials, yet we ask with all our hearts to have courage and to pick up each of your crosses and go on with new determination and courage. We are encouraging you to go on.

With love in Jesus through His, Our Mother’s Heart.
Father Hebert and John Paul II”

End of bride from another area. _________

Hi Claire,
Received the following on Monday 3/3/08.

Blessed Mother you have asked me to write. Here I am Mother Mary! Our Lady says, "Little one Jesus and I are asking a lot of you right now! Much is being asked of Our beloved priests at this time. We ask much of Our Brides at this time. It is Lent! do the best you can little one. Your life is a prayer, your heartbeat, your breath, all is a prayer for priests little one! Your suffering is great at this time. Persevere little one, persevere! Ask all Our Brides to persevere at this time, as their sufferings are great. Little one type the message I gave you! You are to remain last. Encourage Claire to get her messages done. Do not go before her!" O.K. Blessed Mother. Our Lady continues, "Little one your children suffer because this is your greatest suffering. I know this little one because of My own Sufferings as a Mother!" Oh ouch Blessed Mother. Our Lady continues, "Yes, Ouch! little one, Ouch!" Oh My Mother, and Your sufferings at this time are for all your children! Our Lady says, "Yes little one, yes! Especially My beloved priest sons. They suffer much at this time. I thank you and all Our Brides all over the world who offer all for Our beloved priests. You will all be with Me one day in Paradise! At that time all suffering will end! Have courage My daughter and all My Brides all over the world. This is the time to persevere, when it is the hardest!" Thank you Mother Mary with all my heart for Your encouragement! Our Lady, "Persevere My daughter, My little one, persevere! Your children and their families are going to be o.k."

End of bride from another area.

18th Anniversary of the 'Brides!'

Foundation Day May 13, 2010

To All Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

May 12, 2010

Received by a bride from another area
I was in prayer and was feeling lonesome for the rest of our brides as tomorrow, the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord, 5/13/10 was the Foundation Day for Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity, and I wouldn’t be able to be in Theriot, La to celebrate with them physically.  I came to find out from my spiritual director that it was also the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and later from another bride that it was the feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.  I knew I would be celebrating the Foundation Day in my own area and was thrilled to know of the other Feast Days.
As I was praying I received the following from Jesus, “I am with all My ‘brides’ (male and female) in a special way and especially on your Foundation Day!  
You will all be joined as one even though you all live in separate places on your Foundation Day!  This will occur on all future Foundation Days!  You will notice this joining!  
Open your hearts to receive all the LOVE and GRACE that will be poured into them!  
Open your hearts My ‘brides’ (male and female) and grow with the Holy Spirit to fullness you have never known before!
I love you My ‘brides’ (male and female), My consecrated ‘brides’!
You will know without a doubt this fullness of LOVE in your hearts!
End of bride from another area.

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