Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

​​​​​April 24, 1999, Saturday

April 24, 1999 At 1 P.M., we went into prayer in my bedroom. We had seen & felt Our Mother's Presence since early morning. We thought that we should pray alone until 2 P.M.
Blessed Mother spoke to us and told us to go out and greet Her children and to give them Her Love. We did what She asked. We had told very few people that Our Mother was coming, so we were surprised when the house became full. Our Mother asked me to bless the room, myself and all the people present with Holy Water. We began by asking the Blessed Mother, all the holy angels & saints & the holy souls in Purgatory to pray with us & for us. We prayed a special prayer for priests and a Rosary for the Santification of priests. My spiritual Director, Fr. John Izrael, said I must write the message as I received it. It was to be read to the people after the Rosary. Our Lady came to the three of us as She had said to me. She had told me that I would receive a message for priests first, then one for everyone. Jesus' Visit was a surprise.

April 24, 1999 Claire Rose
received during the Rosary:

"My beloved sons. I love you with all My Heart. I am with you. I have come to earth to tell you of God's love for you. You are My favorite sons. I come to you in love. I am Your Mother, Your Patroness, Mother of Divine Love. I call you in love, I call you to repentance, I call you to forgiveness, I am with you. Consecrate yourselves and your parishes to my Immaculate Heart. As a loving Mother I will take each of you by the hand and I will return you to holiness and wholeness. I love you. I love you. I call you My beloved sons. I love you. Listen for My Voice, I will speak to your hearts.
Many souls have been entrusted to you. Many souls are being led astray because you have let yourselves be led astray. Come back to your Mother. Come back to Me. Come home My sons, I love you. I cry over you. Come Home.. You will find in My Heart a safe refuge, a safe haven. Please be assured of My constant prayer for you, for your return to Holiness. The evil one has scattered and misled My shepherds. Come back to your Mother. I love you. I come here in obedience to My Son Jesus to Our Father and to My Spouse The Holy Spirit- I am your Mother. Mother of Divine Love"

At the Finding in The Temple I saw Our Mother all in white holding the Child Jesus out to us-He held out His Arms to us, He was two or three years old. Our Mother said three times "Remove your glasses."

"My precious precious children, I come to visit you to tell you of My love for you. I love you all. All. Those who love Me and know Me and those who don't. I love you all. I ask you to consecrate yourselves your families and your homes to My Immaculate Heart. In My Heart you will find a safe and secure refuge. A safe dwelling place. I call you to repentance and conversion. Be converted be converted. My dear and precious children. You are My little ones. I call you to holiness. Do not worry or be afraid for I am with you. I ask you to give all your worries and cares and all your illnesses to Me. I love the broken hearted. My precious little ones, I love you. Please thank My Son Jesus for all He has done for you. I speak to many of you. I will appear in every home if I must to bring My precious children home to the Heart of My Son Jesus. Give thanks to Him with a grateful heart. I have called each one of you here today by name. I am blessing you. I will answer your cry for help. I ask you to help Me through your conversion of heart and through your prayers. I love you all- Prepare yourselves for Consecration to My Immaculate Heart. Prepare your homes and your hearts that they may become holy dwelling places. Pray the Rosary. Visit My Son as often as you can in The Holy Blessed Sacrament. 
Use holy water. Let your homes and your bodies be fit dwelling places for My Son. I ask you to forgive everyone who has ever hurt you. Seek peace with one another. Also forgive yourselves for the wrong you have done. Make a good confession. My beloved priest sons stand there in place of My Son, Jesus. Receive your forgiveness I love you. I love you. I am blessing you."

At the First Sorrowful Mystery, I became very hot, I could feel drops running down my face and in my eyes. I prayed "Send a soft breeze, cool us with Your Mantle." I heard the sound of the whip behind me, I felt the lashes, but no pain, only weakness. I could still hear those around me praying. I felt the crown of thorns being put on my head, felt the blood run down, but no pain. During the 4th & 5th Sorrowful Mysteries, I could feel Jesus' Wounds in my hands and feet, I became very thirsty and was passing out. I could see Our Mother just in front of me and kept telling Her in silence, "I'm so weak, I'm so sorry, Blessed Mother, I'm going to pass out, I'm so thirsty, I'm so thirsty, I need some water, I'm so sorry, I'm failing You." She said, "My child, ask for water, ask for water," so I turned my head and said, "Water, I need some water." I felt myself falling backward, but I was so weak I could not help myself. At this time others helped me. Someone gave me water and washed my face.
Someone put a chair under me. My head fell back and I saw Blessed Mother leaning over me, all in a light gray dress and veil.
She was bigger than life size and seemed to envelope me and the whole room. I felt like I was dying and for a time that I died. I cannot explain this.

During the First Glorious Mystery, I woke up, I came back, I drank some water, and felt fine. I knelt down
again. Our Mother spoke again, 

"I am the Immaculate Conception. Entrust yourselves to My Immaculate Heart and The Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. I enfold you in My Mantle of Protection and Love. I love you, Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love, 
Love one another with My Love." 
Many angels surrounded Our Mother. She was all in white with a crown of stars.

At the end Jesus came and spoke to me. Words of Love. He was seated on a Throne 
End of Claire Rose's message


A sister bride received during the Rosary, in Theriot, Louisiana.
I see Our Lady coming on a pillar of clouds she is dressed in blue and white saying "I am with you My children. I am placing My blessing on all present and they will take those blessings out to all they meet. I am pleased with all who came in My Honor and My Son's Honor, and the Honor of the most Holy Blessed Trinity." 

Oh! My Mother thank you for coming to us. "My daughters thank you for being obedient and answering My call. We are in a dangerous time, a time where only prayer and sacrifice can change the direction the world is going. I need prayer warriors willing to pray, fast and sacrifice for holy priests. If We have holy priests We will have holy flocks. Families will unite under My Son to give glory and honor to the Most Blessed Trinity. Continue to write My child. Let yourselves be born again through My Son. Rest now, little one." 

I saw Our Lady blessing each person here.
"Pray for yourselves to be obedient to My Son through My Immaculate Heart."
I see angels hovering over the top of us, more than I could count. 

I see Jesus coming now. He is saying how pleased He is to all who came to Honor His Mother. He is with us. "My children, My Mother comes to plead with you to pray. To beg you to pray for holy priests. My Mother always comes to bring you closer to Me. Open your hearts to Her Immaculate Heart. When you are open to Her Heart you are open to My Sacred Heart, My Most Compassionate Heart. In these times your prayers are needed more than ever. This is a spiritual battle, a battle between good and evil. Which do you choose? It is up to you. Only each and everyone of you can make this choice. This day I challenge you to make this choice and to pray for perseverance until the end. Don't wait any longer. I wait for you to come to Me, to open your hearts to Me. To invite Me in and to persevere in prayer." 

I see many blessings flowing to each soul here, of the gift of tears and healing. I see actual flowing of grace as in rays going to each soul here and the souls not present, but who are here in spirit, from Our Lord and Our Lady. It is very powerful and awesome. A river of grace, a river of love flowing to all. 

Jesus spoke: "My Eucharist will flourish and Adoration chapels will be increased. You will know My Love without a doubt. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you that is what your prayers will accomplish. Do not be afraid of what others will think. Re-dedicate yourselves to My Sacred Heart through My Mothers' Immaculate Heart as you have never done before. Pray Pray Pray for Holy Priests. Die to self My children and let Me increase in you and let Me accomplish in your souls what I desire." 

I now see Our Lady, Mother of Divine Love all dressed in a cream color with gold all around the edges of Her Mantle. It is light fabric that flows in the wind softly as if it has no weight. Love pours from Her Hands out to all. Yes out to the whole world. She wishes to bless us in only a way that She, as our Mother can bless us. She again thanks us all for being here and tells us of Her love for us, Her children. I can not begin to tell you how great is this love for Her children. It is beyond all understanding. She again asks us to persevere in prayer to Her most Beloved Son for holy priests for the world. "Rest now little one." 
My brothers and sisters how great is Her love for us. I see flames of love, the flames of the Holy Spirit coming on each and every soul here bringing with Him great grace of Faith, Hope and Love. Seeds of love to carry out to all the world the message of love that prayers bring to the world and even more the grace received by priests to tend and lead their flock to be holy and pleasing to God. "Rest now little one." 

Fourth Glorious Mystery (The Assumption)
I see our prayers lifting up to Heaven as incense before the Throne of God, most pleasing to Him. I see Heaven opening and closing and angels and saints going to and from Heaven in jubilation for our prayers for priests. 

Fifth Glorious Mystery (The Crowning of Mary) 
Jesus spoke: "Many children will recommit themselves to Me today for My greater Honor and Glory." I received an understanding that Mary is the most perfect adorer of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity. She adores God the Father as Her Father, Jesus as Her Most perfect Son and God the Holy Spirit as Her Spouse. 
Jesus spoke, "My children, follow My Mothers example in love and adoration of Me, in The Most Holy Blessed Trinity. Pray for yourselves to be holy as She is holy. This will be most pleasing to Me, then you shall wear a crown in Heaven." 
End of another bride's writing. 

Shirley received during the Rosary:

Blessed Mother spoke:
"Write, My child. I love you, all of you. Please My children, do as I ask and pray for My priests. I love them so... so much. You do not know My children how I suffer for them. They are My Hands here on earth. I do speak to you at this time My child so that My children will know the need for prayers for My sons, who bring My Son to you through the Eucharist at Mass, always alive on the altar; My Sons altar of love for all mankind. Please pray my little ones so that Heaven and earth can celebrate the love of My Son. My Son whom I gave to you as a gift from Me by My Father, through the Holy Spirit, My Spouse.

My dear children, how much I love all of you from the depths of My Being I love you. All of you are My children. I
care about you. Please care for My sons, My priests by prayer and sacrifice. I truly will ask My Father to bless you and your households. They" (the people) "already are in My Arms and Heart." (I saw this in an inner vision.) "From the beginning of time My Son has waited for this time of love which is coming upon the world. It will be because of your prayers and your families prayers. The new era is an era of love as My son, Pope John Paul II has said. Do not be faint of heart, My little ones, all will come to pass as Our Lord, Our God has spoken. We are entering a new era. Love. Love and love will be returned ten fold, a hundred fold to you, and our priests will shine with love and holiness. That is all for this time, My little one. I will return as I have promised. I love you all. Pray, pray, pray for My sons, My priests. Thank you for writing, My little one. Your Mother of Divine Love, Your Mother of Mercy. The two are one. I go now in voice, I am still with you, all of you. Resume prayer now My

At the First Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus spoke to me (Shirley):

"My Blood pours forth for you." (I could see thick blood)
"Please My children answer My pleas for help. I fill the earth with My Healing Blood as you fill the earth with your sisters and brothers blood. Do you not smell the blood shed over the earth. See the darkness of these days. Pray My little ones, My brothers and sisters for priests - for with holy holy priests will come the end of bloodshed and the return of light and love to this
world. An end of abortions, the slaughter of innocents, the end of My old" (aged) "being mistreated and the return of love for
parents and the elderly. I, your Jesus, loves you. I need holy priests for love of you. Please hear My plea, My Mother's pleas for all the world to come full circle," (I thought of the Garden of Eden, before the fall) "to return to My love, My Father's love,
The Holy Spirit's love. We share Ourselves with you and pour graces out upon you and this world. My little ones reach up and snatch them. They are here for all mankind to use and behold." (I could see all kinds of graces being poured down all over the world and people were reaching up for them and clutching them to their breast.)"I love you, My little ones, I will spread your prayers throughout the world. By this, I mean others will pick up your prayers and do the same my children." (I saw people kneeling and praying in church and in open fields, others would see them and stop and join them in prayer.) "My children, My children go and have peace and pray. I thank you all for coming. My Heart is filled with love for you and I place each of you within the deepest recesses of My Divine Heart, My Divine Heart of Love for all of you My children. Go from this place in the
peace and love of My Heart. Thank you again for coming. This is a house of Love for all of you, My children and My priests.
Come here to be healed, to return to Me as you were meant to be, whole, complete in My love and light. Peace descend upon
you now. I love you all, all of My people. Race nor creed are excluded from this My love. You are all My brothers and sisters, so how can not you be each others? I love you. Go in love and peace and love all you meet with My love and My light. Say I love you to all My priests and you will soon love all My priests as I do. Your Jesus of Divine Love and Mercy. Thank you for
writing, My little one. I know how hard this was for you."

End of Shirley's message

There were 88 people present, people of all ages, even babies.

There were 88 people present, people of all ages, even babies. Two ladies came from Texas, one from South Carolina and one from Georgia. The night before Our Mother's Visit we had a call from a sister bride in Bogota, Columbia. She told us she would be with us in prayer, as many others were who could not be
present. God is so good. Several of us attended 5P.M. Holy Mass at St. Eloi's. The two readings, Responsoral Psalm and the Gospel & Father's Homily confirmed much of Our Lady's & Jesus' Messages and our Apostolate to pray for priests. Yes, God is so good.

After Holy Mass, my husband shared that He had also seen Our Mother. He saw Her as we prayed the Rosary, above our house, very big, on a dome of thousands of small angels. The angels were all holding arms and hands as if to transport and hold Our Mother. She was dressed in a blue dress and white veil & mantle. She was moving Her Arms as if to
gather Her children. Then He saw Her without a veil and Her hair was down to Her Feet and glittered with light. My daughter, Leslie Griffin smelled the fragrance of roses during Our Mother's & Jesus' Visit. Her husband smelled blood and also roses. He saw Our Mother in a white veil & mantle and a blue dress with red roses at Her Feet. Perhaps there were others who saw Her or felt Her Presence. We all felt much peace.

April 26, 1999 Shirley & I, Claire Rose, put a short summary of our mission on
the computer with Saturday's Visit & Messages. She will hand carry them to Father Izral, my spiritual director, who is in Greenville, S.C. giving a mission.

About 3:30P.M. we went out on the swing to pray a Chaplet for priests. As usual, I invited the Blessed Mother, Mother of Divine Love and the holy angels & saints and the holy souls in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for holy priests. Almost immediately I began to experience visions. I thought I would be able to remember them, but they became so numerous I asked Shirley to get paper & pencil. I saw:

Our Mother, all in white coming toward us with open Arms, then enfolding us in Her Arms, on Her Head was a Crown of Stars. Then, Jesus came and enfolded us in His Arms in the same way. He was all in white with a gold crown on His Head. Then Jesus' cloak became red with blood and His Crown became the Crown of Thorns.
Our Mother placed a long bright white veil on both our heads with a crown of stars like shining diamonds. These veils completely covered us. Next, I saw a church steeple with a white cross on top surrounded by gold. It was the church steeple of the old St. Eloi Church, built by our ancestors. Then I saw Our Mother on top of the steeple surrounded by the same gold light.
Then I saw Jesus precious Blood washing over us and our bridal veils & dresses became pink with His Blood.

I then saw Heaven opening up, clouds rolled away to make an opening. All was golden light & Heaven was coming down to be here with us. I know this is a poor explanation, but it's the best I can do. Many, many angels (hundreds of thousands) poured out of Heaven on to and all around us. They formed like a channel or river between us and Heaven. I saw God, Our Father, seated on
a Throne, all sparkling white. Jesus coming down, all white, then a huge white bird, like a white eagle. I saw St. Michael, the Archangel and he was killing the devil with his spear. I saw many, many saints. I saw several Popes praying, one at a time at the
Feet of Mary, Pope John XXIII, Pope Pius X and others. Heaven is coming down to earth. I saw many rosaries floating in the air. I saw Our Blessed Mother with Her Arms extended over us. She is dressed in a blue mantle and veil and Her dress is white. I saw a beautiful gold Chalice, there was a pure white Host floating above the Chalice. I saw two gold wedding rings intertwined, I saw an open Bible and the open hands of a priest. I saw the vestments of a priest. I saw Jesus again with a gold
Crown on His Head, wearing a red robe, soaked in blood, suffering Jesus. Then I see Our Blessed Mother suffering, swords
piercing Her Heart. I saw Our Blessed Mother under many titles, many I don't know. I saw the Crown of Thorns being put on Jesus' Head. He said,


I saw Jesus being Crucified and pierced by a lance. Now it's like I am above His Head, looking down upon Him from the top of The Cross. This is so vivid, yet so hard to
explain. Everything is gold, yet Jesus is being Crucified, He is dying, I still see Him, His hair is matted with blood. Jesus & Mary speak with One Voice,

SINK DEEPER & DEEPER INTO SIN." I still see Jesus on The Cross, I'm still at the top of The Cross, looking down on My Beloved Jesus. I begin to see green grass growing and white light all around the base of The Cross, where the dirt & Blood of Jesus was. I see more fresh new growth, light yellow & green and it is spreading, spreading like little rivers as far as I can see in all directions. The Cross is right here, near the swing where we are sitting. The Wind is blowing, blowing stronger & stronger
and Jesus Garments that were red with His Precious Blood are now blowing in the Wind and are becoming dazzling white, but there is Blood going in all directions. The Cross where Jesus is suffering becomes a Monstrance, with a Sacred Host, pure white at the center. The base of the Monstrance becomes a sword. The colors coming from The Monstrance were colors I have never seen on earth before, spinning and going out in all directions. I then saw either God, Our Father or Abraham with a
long white beard moving in the Wind. He is reaching down from Heaven. Heaven has opened up. I see so much movement,
clouds, gold, gold, it's Our Lady of Prompt Succour, Our Lady under many different nationalities, Turkish, Polish, Arabian, Mexico, Oriental, Indian, light skin with light hair, fair skin with dark hair, African, Russian, too numerous to write. She is wearing the most beautiful clothes & Crowns, changing from one to the other. She is pouring out all over the world abundant
colors coming from Her, abundant Graces passing through Her in all directions. Colors I have never before seen. Light and Graces pouring all over the world. Then I saw Her as Rosa Mystica, the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and other Icons. I keep seeing Jesus on The Cross, then I see many little children, all in white receiving Jesus in Holy Communion.

I then saw Padre Pio on The Cross, I saw his holy face very close and very clear. Jesus and Mary are kissing him. Jesus is
kissing Padre Pio on the lips and I realize the symbolism, that Padre Pio gave himself totally, abandoned himself totally to God and his life was lived totally in union with The Holy Blessed Trinity & Our Mother. Could be the greatest saint who ever lived.
The first priest with Jesus' visible Wounds. I understood this so deeply. I love Padre Pio so much and often ask for his help. I then see Padre Pio as a little baby, so clear, like he is really right here in front of me. Jesus & Mary are kissing the baby Pio's face. He has black hair and black twinkling eyes, so vivid. Then I see Jesus' Eyes, into His Eyes, how can I see all this & still
live? There is so much gold color, I am seeing everything in gold, Padre Pio is all gold, his face, his eyes, his mouth. Then I saw Our Lady of Guadeloupe' (the little bird that announces Our Mother's Presence has been singing away). We pray for all our
priests, all our families, all those who came Saturday and their loved ones, we pray for all the priests & Bishops of the whole world and all the Brides. I begin to see Our Lady as Icons again, but in each one She shows me that She is alive & moving. I wonder about the meaning of the Icons, I wondered if it meant the Church would become One. Shirley then asked out loud
what I was thinking, "Does it mean that the Church will become One?" Blessed Mother spoke softly & sweetly through Shirley,
"Division is gone, will be gone, when Heaven opens It's doors for Love, because of prayers being offered up in sweet fragrances of Love. My Dwelling Place will be your Dwelling Place, for all who enter into My Son's House of Love." 
Shirley wrote this as she was writing all I was describing to her. She did not speak out this message, but it confirmed what I was seeing & understanding. I was gone for a time with Jesus & Mary, Our Mother, my body remained. When I returned I saw Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Victory, like the statue of Our Blessed Mother at St. Eloi's, my parish church.
There was a gold Crown on Her Head. This was all so very clear and lasted 1 hour. 

Father John Izral, my Spiritual Director, read & approved the brief history and the full messages of Saturday and Monday, April 24 & 26, 1999. He said he had no questions about any of this and instructed us to give it out to the public. Our Mother has asked that we use every means available to make the messages known throughout the world. We are doing our best to be obedient to this. We are small and incapable, so we entrust ALL to Jesus & Mary, Our Mother of Divine Love. Pray for holy priests.