Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

June 30, 2018        Last Saturday of June      Day of Prayer for Priests

Our Mother Speaks:
“My Beloved Priest Sons and all of My Children,

I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I am with you and within you!  I have asked you to please pray, pray, pray for My beloved priest sons.  If you will honor My Request, I will pray for all of your needs.  Many of you have responded to My call to you and I thank you.  I call upon you to help Me by spreading My Plea to your families and to your friends far and wide.  My Mission for My beloved priest sons has gone across the world.  Now is the time to help Your Mother to multiply My Messages of Love.

The war planes that were heard on the last Last Saturday represent the war that the evil one has declared and is carrying out against Our Holy Mother Church both from within and without.  Much prayer, suffering and sacrifice are needed.  An Army of Prayer, An Army of Love for the Holy Priesthood is needed!  I gather you together My little remnant.  Help Me!  Help Your Mother!  Open your hearts!  Open your hearts!  Open your hearts to Your Mother’s Plea!  To My Call to you!  To pray and offer your suffering, offer sacrifice for My priest sons to be holy shepherds.

My priest sons who are holy, I thank you.  My priest sons who are in darkness, I call you to become sons of Light!  My children are like sheep who need holy shepherds to lead them to holiness and wholeness.  My Immaculate Heart triumphs when My priest sons are holy.  My Immaculate Heart is pierced when one of My priest sons commits a grievous sin.  I love you My beloved sons, I love you, each of you.  Each of you has been called and chosen for a special purpose; set aside from the world, yet you must live in the world as a living representative of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  You, My priest sons have been called and chosen for the highest mission on the earth.  Ponder these mysteries within your heart.   

I remind you today that I have come to this small and unknown place on the edge of the sea in response to a prayer prayed to Me by My chosen son, Saint Holy Father John Paul II, when he was in New Orleans” (Oct. 1987) “during his meeting with My priest sons at St. Louis Cathedral.  My children of these coastlands, when the first Christian explorers came to this land it was claimed in the Name of God, in the Name of the Most Holy Blessed Trinity.  A land created by God to be holy and fertile, to produce abundance.  God’s children were here, and God’s children came to settle this holy land, a holy people.

My children as you see the deterioration of the land taking place, you see the deterioration of Truth and morals throughout the world.”  At this moment I have a vision of Holy Father, Pope Benedict.  He is suffering very much.  He appears to be dying.

Our Mother continues: “Countries are divided.   The Church is divided.  Families are divided.  My Son Jesus established One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  I call you to become One again!  Repent and be converted, My children.  Make a holy and sincere Confession.  Remain in the state of Grace.  Live in Peace with one another.  Pray your Rosary daily.  Be living examples of Love and of Peace.  I love you and I thank you for your help and response.  I have many Titles, I am one Mother, Your Mother.  Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests”

June 30, 2018, Saturday