Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Last Saturday of February 2000 Theriot, Louisiana February 26, 2000 Claire Rose wrote: At 12:00P.M. I asked my husband to bless our house in side & around the outside with Holy Water. Pilgrims began to arrive earlier than other months and were praying outside. At 2P.M. Leslie Therese`, Lin & I (claire rose) walked out of my bedroom where we had been praying. Our house was filled with beautiful people who had come to pray a Rosary for Priests with us. As instructed by Our Mother, I blessed myself, the whole room & people present with Holy Water. We began the Rosary in the usual way, with The Sign of The Cross. I then invited Our Blessed Mother, all the holy angels & Saints & holy souls in Purgatory to please pray with us & for us as we offer this Rosary for holy priests, for unholy priests & for priests souls in Purgatory. First Joyful Mystery (The Annunciation) Our Mother came in a white whirling wind, like a mist or cloud. It was gentle. I saw Her briefly in a white dress with a light blue mantle and white veil. Our Blessed Mother asks me,"Announce My Presence." I did. In silence, I consecrated all the priests of the world and those still in Purgatory to The Sacred Heart of Jesus through The Immaculate Hands and Heart of Our Blessed Mother, Mother of Divine Love. I also consecrated all of us present, those who were praying with us in other places, our families, friends, parishes, all those who had asked us to pray for them. I gave to Our Mother all of the petitions in our box and those in our hearts. I lifted in prayer all those we had ever met and would ever meet in our lifetimes. I simply surrendered all especially this little mission of love to Our Mother's Immaculate Hands and Heart. I asked Our Mother to please join us together with those who are praying with us in other places at this time for priests, as if we were in the same room.Third Joyful Mystery The Birth of Our Lord Our Blessed Mother speaks, "My Precious and Most Beloved Sons, I love you, I love you. I love you with all My Heart. I come here in obedience. I come here to call you, My sons, to call you to holiness. I love you. I come to you in Love and in Peace. I come here for the benefit of your souls My sons, and for the benefit of the souls placed in your charge. I love you. This is My 11th Visitation here for you My sons. Where are you? Why are you afraid to come here My sons? I come to you in Love and in Peace. A day is coming, My beloved sons when you will no longer hear My call. Open your ears and your hearts to Me, Your Loving Mother. I love you with all My Heart. I call you My sons to repentance. I ask you to change your lives. I invite you to become more holy. I will help you. Turn to Your Immaculate Mother My precious Sons. I love you. I am a gentle caring Mother, Mother of your souls. I have asked My Son to give more time. More time for you to turn around. My dear sons, some of you have strayed so far away from My Son and from Truth. My Heart is broken and grieved over the loss of souls, your souls and the souls of those placed in your charge. Turn to My Son Jesus. Turn to Your Mother while there is still time." First Sorrowful Mystery The Agony in the Garden Our Blessed Mother continues, "Do not abandon Us My sons as you go in every direction but the right direction. Be still! Be still! Turn around. Abandon all that is evil in your life. Seek after Truth. Pray, ask pardon of your sins. Ask and it shall be given to you My precious sons. Abandon and walk away from all evil. I come to you in Love and in Peace. It is the desire of My Son that I call you to holiness. Remember that you represent My Son Jesus in all you say and do and in every part of your life, the life that is known and the life that is hidden. Nothing is hidden from God, My sons and nothing is hidden from Your Immaculate Mother's Eyes and Heart. Do you wonder why I cry? I also speak to My sons who are holy, those closest to My Immaculate Heart, for some of you are being persecuted daily, even by your brother priests. Have courage My sons and persevere in holiness and in faithfullness to My Son and to your Mother. All you do for Us is seen and is deeply appreciated. Your crown is in Heaven, not on earth. Walk in holiness and in Love and in Peace. Persevere under trial. I am with you. You are safe in the refuge of My Immaculate Heart. Be obedient to My Son in the sacred calling of the holy priesthood. Never compromise to please men. My Son sees and knows all things. I bless you My sons, especially those who desire to be here and cannot come. Abundant Grace is being poured out here on all."Third Sorrowful Mystery The Crowning With Thorns Our Blessed Mother continues, "A door has opened between Heaven and Earth never to be closed again. Where are you My priests? Where are you? I call you. I am blessing you. Can you not hear Me calling you? There is no evil here. Why are you afraid? Prayers are being offered here for your holiness, for your ministry, for your healing, for your souls." Fourth Sorrowful Mystery The Carrying of the Cross Our Blessed Mother speaks again,"Increase your prayers for Our chosen son, your leader, John Paul II." Fifth Sorrowful Mystery The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord Our Mother says: "Look to My Son on the Cross." I looked at The Crucifix and Jesus was alive. In my heart I said, "Jesus, I love you." I saw Blood come from Jesus' Mouth as with great effort Jesus said, "I love you." Then I saw in front of me, Jesus seated on a throne. Jesus then spoke, "A darkness is coming upon the earth My beloved child, My bride. Become closer and closer to My Mother, to Her Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart and thus you become closer to My Sacred Heart of Compassion and Mercy, My Heart of Love. Stay faithful My sweet doves. I love you. Do not ever worry or be afraid. I am with you wherever you are. Do not be afraid for I hold you safely, safely. I love you. Jesus, Divine Love." I can see the darkness rolling toward us like a big wave or clouds of darkness. I believe it is spiritual not physical, which is far more serious. I can also see beyond and through the darkness, to a time of Peace, Love and Light. This is the first time in these 11 public Visitations that Jesus gives me a public message. Glorious Mysteries Our Blessed Mother spoke again, "My precious and most beloved children. I thank you with All My Heart for coming here to pray with Me for holy priests. I love you all so much. Thank you. You bring much comfort and joy to My grieving Heart. One day you will understand all I am saying to you here. I love you. I thank you for all you do to bring others closer to Me and to My Son Jesus. I will always take you to My Son. I have no desire but the desire of His Sacred and Wounded Heart of Love. I am blessing you all. I am blessing your families and your communities. I am blessing your priests. I thank especially today those who had a difficult week. I invite you to offer your little sufferings for My beloved priest sons. I thank the holy religious who are here today. Because of their presence a flood of Grace has been released from Heaven upon you (the religious present) and upon this chosen place today. Thank you for your faithful lives of holiness and of service. I love you all. All of you My little children. I love you. I ask My Son to bless your religious articles and wedding rings today. Consecrate your selves, your families and your homes to My Immaculate Heart. I thank you for praying for Our priests. I promise you holy priests. I need you My little ones to be an army of Love. Only a great Army can help win this war against the holy priesthood. Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray without ceasing. Consecrate your priests and your parishes to My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will Triumph! Be at Peace. Love one another with My Love and the Love of My Son. Many healings will occur here. Healings of body, of mind and of soul as no other place on earth was chosen in this way for priests. Healings will be abundant, for My priest sons are the most skeptical of all My children. I promise this. Your prayers are sweet to My Son and bring Him much comfort. Be assured that I am present here in a special way. I love you. Peace and Love for your hearts today. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love." As soon as Our Mother finished Speaking, I feel pain all over my body and I ask Her if I can sit down. She answered, "Stay on your knees for this last Mystery. A priest will repent of his sins and you will meet him." At the beginning of the Rosary Our Mother had told me that I would kneel for the whole Rosary today, but I had so much pain that I had forgotten. May God have mercy on me. End of Claire Rose There were well over 100 pilgrims today. _______________________________________ Last Saturday of February 2/26/2000 Received by Lin, a bride from another area. I was told by Our Lady that I would no longer be hidden. This terrified me, but I was obedient to Our Lady. I was present in Theriot, LA for Our Lady's visit this Saturday. We started praying the rosary at 2:00 p.m. I saw a vision of Jesus and Mary just above us. Our Lady was in a blue robe with a white garment underneath it and Our Lord was in a red robe with a white garment underneath it. Our Lady began to speak. "I am with you My children. I am pleased to see two religious here for My visit. Thank you for coming to pray for our priests. I have great sadness in My Heart for the sins of Our priests. Pray for Our, My sons." I am very aware of all the people praying around me. Our Lady continued to speak, "My children, My dear children, thank you for coming here today to pray for Our priests, My beloved sons. They need your prayers for good guidance from their Bishops. Pray for holy Bishops. Our priests need holy Bishops to guide them. Holy Bishops to guide them to be holy and good examples to their flocks. I come today to ask you to spread this mission, to listen to the Holy Spirit's direction, to go where He sends you with this mission to pray for priests. Be obedient and continue to write My child." Yes My Mother! (Our Lady) "My children I love you. Your prayers are being taken to Heaven. Your prayers are heard in Heaven. The Blessed Trinity hears your prayers in Heaven. You do not realize the impact your prayers have, especially when they come from the heart. Stay kneeling My child. Many graces go out to all here today and go home with you today to all you meet. Many graces go to those who join you and cannot be present but are praying with you. Do not be afraid of what others think. Continue to pray for priests and encourage other to do the same. So many of My children ignore My Son. He waits for them to return to Him, to acknowledge Him as their Creator and Redeemer. Too many of My children seek THINGS to satisfy their longing for My Son. They simply need to turn to Him and that longing will be satisfied. Only He can give them the peace, love and joy they are longing for. My children you need holy priests to guide you! Pray for all parish priests to be holy so that their flocks will be holy. Your prayers must start in your homes for holy priests. They will then spread first, in your hearts in your homes. Much grace is being released in Heaven at this time for this purpose. If this is done peace will return to homes. Families will unite in prayer as an army, a front, against the evil one and his companions." I see a vision of the evil one and his friends fleeing as our prayers waft toward Heaven. Love being released in grace to all mankind because of our prayers. I see a great peace coming upon the earth, coming from Heaven. I then see a vision that I have never seen before. A vision of hearts, thousands upon thousands of hearts united in an unlimited Heart, the Heart of Jesus. All the hearts were encompassed in Jesus' Heart. LOVE permeating all the earth. Our Lady began to speak again, "My children open your hearts to My Son. Allow Him to live within you, to use you to love others through you. Only each and every one of you can say yes. It takes each individual to say yes!" I understood this to mean each person had to make their own decision to say yes to Jesus before He could come into their heart. I realized how important it was for each person to say yes to Jesus, so He could come into their heart. Our Lady spoke again, "My children say yes to My Son. Stand up for your faith. Pray for Our priests. I need an army of prayer warriors to pray for Our priests. Will you take this challenge I give you today My children? Stay sitting My child. Oh! My children I love you! Oh! How I love you. My Son loves you. The Most Holy Blessed Trinity loves you. Tell Brother I love Him." (This was for the religious brother who was present.) "Tell Sister thank you for coming today. Tell her I love her." (This was for the nun who was present.) I see a vision of the Blood of Christ pouring over all of us. I see Our Lady in blue and white coming on a pillar of cloud. The same as I saw Her on the last Saturday in April of 1999. She sits over the top of all of us. I see Her now over Claire Rose. I see a showering from Our Lady of many many graces flowing down to all of us. They are flowing like rain over all of us as we pray, permeating each and every one of us. Our Lady begins to speak again, "My children these graces come to you today because of your prayers and will go home with you today to all you meet. Spread this Mission to pray for priests My children. Please help to spread this Mission. Tell your friends and family to pray for priests and My Son and I will do the rest. I love you My children, My Son loves you, The Most Blessed Trinity loves you. Go now in peace, the peace and love of My Son. That is all for now My child. Continue to pray. Your Loving Mother Mary Immaculate Mother of Divine Love At the 4th Glorious Mystery The Assumption, I see a vision of angels all above us. I then see a vision of Our Lady sitting next to Sister(religious present). I knew there was no chair next to Sister, and I kept wondering how Our Lady could be sitting there. And then I realized that Our Lady could do whatever She pleased if it was in accordance with Her beloved Son. Just before Our Lady leaves, I see a vision of all of us under Our Lady's Mantle of Love. It was Our Lady's garment, her mantle, yet it was LOVE. It is very difficult to explain this in earthly terms. End of Lin. _______________________________________ February 26, 2000Received by Leslie Therese in Theriot, Louisiana I see Our Mother Mary in white and palest blue. Our Lady spoke, "My child thank you. Thank you all for not giving up. Mary Anne, thank you for what you have done in My Name. Many more of you are coming, thank you for your faith in Me. You will all be blessed today in a special way. The time is now to pray, pray, pray. My sons and daughters need all of your prayers. Without My priest sons there would be no more Masses, no more Eucharist, no more Blood of My Son Christ Jesus. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY My children that this never happens. There are places that this is happening already. Pray for My Son's Church to be brought back to these poor people. Do not take for granted your churches. Keep them alive with your prayer and daily deeds. Thank you for coming My Josephs. Continue to bring your families here, and for keeping them strong and together. As the head of your households pray and care for your families as I have chosen for you. You are the strength, without you your homes would soon fall apart." I see Mother Mary all in white. She is so beautiful. She said, "Kiss your rosary." Our Lady spoke to priests: "My sons, I am calling you here to this place. Do not be afraid. I will protect you. I will refresh your Love for your Father God and bring you back to Him new and whole. Do not be afraid. I am here to help and I have been welcomed here for you. I am always present here. A golden light of Love, forgiveness and understanding shines forth for you here. Come My children and be refreshed in My Love for you. I await you with the open arms of a Mother, Your Mother Mary." God Our Father then spoke, "I Love you My sons and await your return to Me. Come here to this place. I have chosen this place especially for you. I have made it a Holy Place. Come and pray. No one and nothing loves you more than I do. I chose you when you were in your mother's womb to be My special sons. Listen to the call of your Mother." Again I am told, "Kiss your rosary." Jesus then spoke, "I will bless this rosary for you today. My Love will touch those who touch it." I put my hands out for Jesus and Mary to bless the Rosary I was praying with. The Holy Spirit also blessed this rosary. Jesus Spoke again: "Thank you. Give all of your troubles to Me and I will renew your faith. Do not let the world take you away from Me. Be strong. Believe in My Love and no one and no thing shall ever break that faith. I Bless all the beautiful voices. Praise God for the beautiful flowers and all the beauty of the earth." I saw the Host above us all and then the Holy Spirit. Angels are here again. Listen when we sing and pray. They join us. Mary walks about the rooms blessing each person here! She says, "Thank you all for coming here. I Love you and hold you each in My Heart, within My arms, with all My Love." Our Lady told me to touch the lady who was sitting behind me. "Touch her." (I questioned, "but she will think I am crazy.") "Nothing you do in My Name will be thought of as crazy here in this place. I love you My child and forgive you everything. The journey is a long one but the rewards are GREAT! Sit and pray and look around you." I see rainbows, pulsing hearts and crosses above us all. I see Our Mother Mary in silver and white. Our Lady speaks, "I will touch the children here. Bring them to Me. Teach them to pray and devote special time to Me. Teach them to listen to Me. Children learn what they see and hear. God loves all of His children." Fifth Glorious Mystery The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
I see Jesus standing in white robes with a Cross around His Neck. He is still carrying His Cross for us. Jesus speaks, "Send Me all your burdens and I will make them My Own and you will be set free in My Love for you." End of Leslie Therese` _______________________________________

February, 26, 2000, Saturday