Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity

Forty-Fourth Visitation of Our Lady

November 30, 2002 Priest's Saturday Theriot, Louisiana
Written by Claire Rose
My husband, our son and I returned yesterday from a week's mission trip to Mexico with our Spiritual Director and 80 others. Six Consecrated brides were on this blessed journey. Our Mother was with us the whole time. I saw Her and Jesus almost every day. We received much more from those we went to visit than what we brought to them. This journey was different than when we went in August. God allowed me to serve Him in a different way this time. This was a very blessed Thanksgiving week. Our Mother had told me a couple of weeks ago that this Last Saturday would be a beautiful day. Naturally I thought She meant the weather. Yesterday, (Friday), was gorgeous. This morning when I woke up I saw it was raining and I moaned, "O Mother, I thought you said it would be a beautiful day! I don't understand." Our Mother said, "My beloved child, I give you a little discomfort and suffering and all you do is complain." 
I covered my head under the blanket and told Our Mother I was sorry. Needless to say the day was very beautiful, rain, mud and all. My husband blessed in and out of our home with Holy Water. A holy priest came and he heard Confessions for over 2 hours. Five Religious were also present. Many pilgrims came from several states. Just before two we gathered at the Cross with the children. I began with the sign of the Cross. Blessed Mother has asked us to pray three Hail Mary's each day for a priest. Our Blessed Mother is with us. She is wearing a veil with a ruffle around Her Face especially for Her little ones. She loves each one very, very much. She is holding out Her Hands to us. Her Hands are Immaculate and perfect. She is asking us to put ourselves and our families into Her Immaculate Hands. I see all of us in Her Hands. She is taking us and putting us into Her beautiful and Immaculate Heart.
She is so beautiful today! I see little gold twinkles in Her Dress-all over-like little gold stars.
Our Mother says: "Get ready My children. Begin to prepare your little hearts because soon it's going to be My Son Jesus' Birthday. It's going to be a beautiful Christmas. On Christmas we celebrate My Son's Birthday. And My Son Jesus loves youso much that you get the presents on His Birthday! Isn't that beautiful little children? I love you, My little ones. I love you. You are precious to Me.
To the parents and grandparents, keep your children innocent. Watch the games that they play with. Be careful of what they see. Guard their eyes. Guard their little minds and purity. Guard their little hearts. You have a great responsibility My parents and grandparents. Keep your children pure and holy. I love you. I love you. I love you. I am with you, My parents and My children. I am with you. Turn to Me; turn to Me whenever you need Me. Just call Me more and more. Many of My little ones will see Me here. I love you. I love you. I am touching your hearts. I am touching your souls. I desire that you stay innocent and pure. To those of you that have fallen, turn to My Son in the Sacrament of Confession and there you will be washed clean. Stay pure My little ones, it is so important.
My parents and grandparents, you have been entrusted with the lives and souls of your children. 
Consecrate them, yourselves and your hearts to My Immaculate Heart. My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Do not be afraid. I love you. I love you. The children are little and innocent. They are joyful and they play. Offer Me your little sufferings for My priest sons. For those of you who are praying 3 Hail Mary's every day for priests, I ask you to increase that to 6 Hail Mary's and thereby you will save 2 priests. I love you. Your Mother, Lady of the Bayou, Mother of Divine Love"
(A young mom contacted me a few days later to tell me that two of her little children had seen Our Mother, one was by the Holy Well, the other by the Holy Cross.) 
2 P.M. After blessing the rooms & everyone in our house with Holy Water we began the Rosary for priests. 
Our Mother came all in white holding out to us a Rosary of Light in her Hands.
Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation
A message for the priest who is present: "My beloved, My precious son, I love you. I thank you with all My Heart for your response to My Call to your heart. Open your heart more and more My own son as I draw you closer and closer into Mine. I am filling you My son as your healing takes place. As the weeds are removed I fill the empty spaces with the flowers of the finest gifts. All the holy virtues will multiply in you My son and your ministry as My chosen priest will increase and will multiply. Many of your priest brothers will receive healing through your anointed hands. I anoint and bless you with My Son Jesus today." (I saw Our Mother and Jesus standing in front of Father. Jesus was anointing Father on his forehead.) "I love you. Guard and protect My little visionary, one who loves with My Heart of Love. All will be provided for My mission. All will be provided in abundance and many shepherds will receive an increase in holiness and many, many flocks of My Son's sheep, My own little lambs will be saved and brought to the right pathway, the pathway of Love, the only Pathway that leads to Heaven's door. I bless you more this day than any previous Visitation. These children of Mine will be touched deeply by your life. I love you. I love you. Thank you for taking such good care of your mama. She is special to Me. Thank you for surrendering Her to Me. Thank you for all that you have done for My poor children in Mexico. I know they touch your life and your heart, this too will be brought to a new level. I give you Peace, Joy but most of all I give you Love. I pour into you all the best gifts from My Beloved Spouse, the Holy Spirit through My Immaculate Hands and Heart. I love you. You are Mine. Peace My son as I crown you," (I saw Our Mother place a Crown, then a special hat like a Bishop's on Father's head.) "as you follow in the footsteps of My Son Jesus." 
5th Joyful Mystery the Finding in the Temple Our Mother continued:
"Remember each moment I am with you. Wherever you go, I go. Wherever you are, I am. My son each time you offer Holy Mass offer it as if it would be your first and your last. Prepare your heart and your soul for the coming of My Beloved Son Jesus."Our Mother then spoke to me:
"My daughter live each day, each moment in My Love. Live each moment as if it were your last moment. Prepare your soul for the Coming of My Son Jesus."
1st Sorrowful Mystery the Agony in the Garden, Our Mother continued:
"Kiss your cross. Embrace your cross. Every day is a new beginning, a new chance for conversion."
Our Mother then gave me two private messages for priests.

"My beloved, I love you. Do you recall your first love? Return My son to your first love. O My son I call you. I brought you home in My Arms so many times. Come home My son while there is still time. You do not know the hour or the time that My Son will come for you. Prepare your heart and your soul.+ I call you here for your healing My beloved one. I love you. You are My own. Come home to your Mother's Arms and Heart, the only safe and secure refuge."
I see tears in Our Mother's eyes.

"My beloved, where are you son? Have you forgotten Me? I love you. Come home to My safe refuge My son I love you."

4th Sorrowful Mystery the Carrying of the Cross, Jesus Spoke: "I am pierced to the core for you My own Bride, My Shepherds and My Sheep."
5th Sorrowful Mystery the Crucifixion Our Mother continued: "Pray this last Sorrowful Mystery for Father __. " I saw tiny angels near Jesus' Suffering Face. They were crying, wiping their tears. I asked Jesus to "hide Me, My beloved, hide Me behind a veil." 
Jesus Spoke again: "You are My Feet My own beloved bride. You are My Hands. You are My Ears. You are My Eyes. You are My Arms. You are My Heart. Love is poured through you from Me."

1st Glorious Mystery the Resurrection "You may sit My child. Shall I give you a confirmation through My priest son?"Whatever You want my Mother. (Later Father said that Our Mother did ask him to tell me to sit just before I sat down.) A man was leading this Mystery and I thought of a man named Joseph who was chosen and called years ago to be a part of this mission for priests. Our Mother read my thought. She said, "Yes My child I have sent to you many Joseph's to take the place of the one who abandoned you." Thank You, My Mother, thank You for Your Love. "My child, the cross is your Veil. My Mantle is your habit. I love you."
2nd Glorious Mystery the Ascension "For my priest sons, My beloved sons, I love you, I love you, I love you. I call you in love. I come to you here in obedience to God, to God in all Three Persons. My sons I treasure you. You are My Hands and My Heart in this world. I need you. My children need you. I call you to be holy for your example of holiness speaks louder than your words My sons. I weep, I weep, I weep and My Heart is pierced when you go astray. I offer you My Heart. Come home My beloved sons. I desire to renew and refresh your souls, your bodies and your hearts. Come home. Come home, I love you. Prepare your hearts. Prepare your souls. Prepare My children who are in your charge. I love you. Your Mother.
My Son has extended these Visitations of Love for you My beloved sons. You are the beginning of the new Order, the new era of Love. All begins with you My sons.

All of My Visitations to this earth have been to prepare My children for this time, each Visitation building one stone upon the other to construct the New Temple, the new era, the new Temple of Divine Love. The golden dome and the Holy Cross come together here in My Mission of Divine Love for My priest sons. O My beloved sons, My beloved children Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Open the doors of your hearts. Open the doors of your homes. Open the doors of your Churches! My Son is coming SOON! I have come to this place to call you, to prepare you! Be ready. Be alert for the evil one goes about in many disguises to take you away, to deceive and devour you. Be converted My beloved ones, My shepherds, My little lambs and all My sheep. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!
Confess your sins to a holy priest. Be ready for you know not when My Son will come. He comes in Love as I do to call you to love one another. Put away past hurts. I want to heal your wounds, your hurts." 
5th Glorious Mystery, the Crowning of Our Mother as Queen of Heaven and Earth "Live in Peace and in Love with My Son, with Our Father and with one another. I bless you. I remain with you always. Today many have felt My Presence this will help with healing your hurts and wounds. Let go and go forward. I love you. Your Mother, Mother of Divine Love
Thank you for praying with Me for your brothers. Please pray more for the need is great. O young mother, just love your children as I do. Thank you for coming to your Mother."

After the messages were read a pilgrim came to me and said when she heard the part of the message about the golden dome and the Holy Cross coming together here she immediately thought of the Muslim faith and the Christian faith coming together. I thought of the Jewish faith when Our Mother said this because She has asked that the Church to be built here have an eight sided building with a golden dome at the center of the Cross. I have been told that all Jewish Temples have 8 sides. So perhaps it is all three, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. I am not a learnered person, nor a theologian. I am just a poor vessel that Our Mother is using to speak through. I leave all in Her Immaculate Hands. I do not fully understand Her beautiful Messages of Love. I just try my best to live them in a very ordinary life. And I fail very often.
End of Claire Rose_______________

Leslie Therese` received:
At the Cross, Our Mother speaks to everyone:
"My heart aches for My little children. My parents be aware of everything your children do. Encourage them to goodness. My Josephs pay special attention to your sons. Teach them to respect others, especially their mothers, the representation of Me here on earth. Because of a great disrespect of the job of motherhood many have become confused."
I see Our Mother in pale blue and white. She is pregnant. She is lovingly rubbing Her stomach. She speaks again to everyone.
"This child within My body is the Savior of the World. He has come to bring you to His Father through His witness of complete love. Come to Him My children come and share in the feast of Heaven. Do not be afraid My children, I am watching over each of you. Continue to pray for My priest sons daily. I love you My sweet precious ones. All of Heaven rejoices at your presence here to pray for My priest sons. Come to Me here My children to be made whole again. Teach your children to pray with reverence and love." I understood this to mean that if they are too young, teach them to pray by saying it for them out loud to them every day.
Our Mother continues:
"They will learn what ever you teach them. They will learn what they see. Come to Me My children in prayer each day. I love you and thank you for coming here today in faith and love. I hear what is being said in your hearts. Many are being blessed in ways they do not fully understand at this time. In time they will. I am blessing all wedding rings again this month because many of you are asking Me to continue to bless them. Your marriages will be made stronger by your faith. I bless all mothers and fathers; your job is a very important one. Pray. Pray. Pray. I love you so much My children and I await each month your coming here to Me. My Love will spread far and wide over the earth as My people receive My Words. To those of you who read My Words across all the miles of the earth, I bless and love you My good and faithful children. Pray for My priests. Pray for your countries and your people to come back to God's church, to God's Word and His Truths and not their own. Pray for Peace My children. Pray. Pray. Pray for your friends, your neighbors. Pray for your families and especially your enemies. Pray that their hearts are so filled with My Son Jesus that there is no room for hate or envy of any kind. Pray. Pray. Pray… I love you My children…Your Mother."
I see Jesus first as a small child then as a Man.
Jesus spoke:
"As I walk among My people I see much confusion. Let go of this world and embrace the next. I bless you all with My Peace and the Love My Father taught Me to share with His people. Tell D… I love her and he is with Me today walking among My people. He is a good helper, thank you for bringing him to Me. Tell L… thank you for all her work in dressing My priests. I see all that you do in this world in remembrance and celebration of Me. I love you child of Mine." 
I see a needle and thread and hands sewing with them.

Our Mother speaks again to the brothers present:
"My own sons how I love you. I thank you for coming here to bring joy and light to My children's hearts. Thank you also for your many prayers and sacrifices for My priest sons. Continue to pray for your brothers and sisters in religious habit. Tell your brothers and sisters of My Visits here. Tell them I love them and I miss their presence here. I love you. I love you. Yes, I love you."
Our Mother speaks to the nuns present:
"My Own Heart is filled at your presence here. I love you My daughters. You are good and holy. You bring much happiness to My Heart. I give you My Love. I see your dedication in all of your daily lives of prayer. I love you. I can see into your souls I am happy there. M… I see you too. Continue to pray My daughters for My priest sons and all of your sisters and brothers."
Our Mother spoke to all of Her children in habit:
"My sons and daughters pray for conversion of all who come here. I am sending you home with special blessings of love to share with all of My children. I love you all My chosen children… Your Mother…"
Our Mother speaks to Her priests:
"My special sons, there are two of you here today. One My children recognize, the other of you they do not, but I do. I know you are here My child and I am thankful to God that you have come to Me your Mother for special blessings and a renewal of your vocation. I am cleaning and mending all of the wounds and bondage that has kept you from Me all this time. I love you My son. Breathe in the love I have for you. I am here for you My son. I am here for all who seek My Love. Come let Me hold you in My Arms and free you from all earthly trials."
I see Our Mother wrapping a man into Her Mantle. She is glad that he has finally come.
Our Mother continues to the other priest present:
"My son thank you again for coming to hear the confessions of My children. The job you have is an important one. I will help you. I bless you My son. My beloved one. I bless your heart and soul with My Love for you. Your yes continues to feed My children and I thank you. Come to Me always in despair or fear, come direct to Me. I will wash clean all that has soiled you. I love you My Heart. Oh! How I love you. By your love I am complete." 
End of Leslie Therese`_________

November 30, 2002 Priests Saturday Last Saturday of November

Received by a bride from another area, Lin.
I am in California for this last Saturday. I blessed the whole house with holy water. I blessed the person present and myself with holy water. I invited all the Holy Angels, Saints and Souls being made holy in Purgatory to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. I added all the petitions in our petition box. I then invited Our Lady to pray with us and for us for all the priests of the world. We started the twenty-decade Rosary for priests.
At the First Joyful Mystery, the Annunciation, Our Lady says, "I am here little one. Announce that I am here." I did. She continues, "I come as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of priests." Our Lady is now sitting next to a person praying the Rosary and She is smiling. Her garments move softly in the breeze. She says, "My children from all over the world thank you for answering My call to pray for priests today at My request. I love you. Oh! How I love you My precious prayer warriors! Continue to pray for My beloved priest sons. Encourage others to pray for your brother priests. Thank you for singing the Ave's My daughters. Oh! How I love to hear the Ave's in song. I love you My children, I love you. Your prayers are heard by all of heaven. A river of prayer coming from all over the world by you My children, My precious prayer warriors. You are beginning to see the fruit of your prayers. Persevere My children Persevere! I love you. It is starting to happen My priest sons! Conversion of heart in the priesthood! Daily conversion!"
Jesus is now sitting next to a person praying. He is praying with us and for us to His, Our Father. He says, "My children, your prayers are incense rising before My, Our Father's throne in love. All of heaven is praying with you for priests. Many graces are coming from heaven because of your prayers. I love you My children. I love you. My, Our Father loves you. The Holy Spirit loves you. All of heaven loves you. Continue to pray."
Our Lady says, "Thank you My daughter for your obedience in writing. I love you.
Oh! My priest sons, some of you are still on the wrong path. Preach the truth My sons. My children need and want to hear the truth. The truth of My Son Jesus! This will sanctify their souls and bring them home to Me and My Son, Jesus. Encourage your flocks to receive the Sacrament of Confession. Help them to heal their souls, hearts and bodies. Many ailments are caused by souls who are not at peace because of sins unconfessed. Love them My priest sons! Love them with My Son Jesus' love. Your self-sacrifice will bring your flocks home to Jesus and I. Persevere My priest sons! Persevere! I love you."
I see a path of all different colored stones. The path is without end. Our Lady says, "My child, the different colored stones are all the different souls from all over the world who are praying at My request." Dear Lady, they now look like lights. "Yes! Little one, their prayers are the light in the world. Their prayers lift our priests closer to My Son Jesus and I. Many many graces come from heaven for Our beloved priests because of their prayers."
I see the devil. He is cringing as we say the Rosary. As we continue to say the Rosary, he leaves completely.
Our Lady says, "My children, you do not know how powerful your prayers are, as they are prayers from your hearts. I love you My children, I love you. Encourage others to pray for priests. Sew the seed I have planted in your hearts to pray for priests. Oh! My dear children, you will not be sorry. My children thank you for saying the Mysteries of Light at My son John Paul II's request."
I see the Holy Father, John Paul II standing next to Our Lady, Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is smiling at our Holy Father and says, "He suffers greatly My children. Your prayers help him so much. He prays for all of you My children every day. He is indeed My special son. He has given his life totally to Jesus and I. Oh! How he loves you My children. Oh! How he sacrifices for you all. Prayer, fasting and penance My children. I call you to make self-sacrifices following the example of My Son Jesus and My special son, John Paul II. You will grow quickly toward My Son Jesus when you practice these three things. Start with little self sacrifices My children. Follow your hearts. I love you My children. Oh! How I love you. You are Mine, My precious prayers warriors, you are Jesus and Mine. Conversion My children, daily conversion of heart. That is what it will take to grow in My Son Jesus' love. Prayer is the beginning. Continue to pray My child." She looks at us all lovingly as only a loving Mother would.Thank you dear Mother, thank you. I now see Our Lady as Queen of Divine Love, Patroness of Priests. She is wearing Her seven-pointed Crown with a chalice on the front with the Eucharist suspended above it with gold rays emanating from the Eucharist at different length. It is most beautiful. Our Lady glows. She is most beautiful. Her garments move softly in the breeze. She says, "My children, thank you for answering My call to come together today to pray for priests at My request. I love you, your Mother, Queen of Divine love, Patroness of Priests."
End of bride from another area, Lin.__________________

November, 30, 2002, Saturday